Sexy Short Stories Explicit For Adults

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Tales of sexual situations that will lead you to have fun with the protagonists!
Three inspiring stories that can make you experience new and very hot things.
Each of these three stories is set in different places, with different characters and the stories are not connected to each other, not even for the details. They deal with betrayal, transgression, virginity and lots of explicit and extreme sex, in three stories of eros to read in one breath.
Story 1 – The beach club
Story 2 – Swinging
Story 3 – Redemption
Story 4 – Sex slave
Warning: this book is forbidden to minors under 18 !!!!
The stories contained in this book contain descriptions of explicit sex and are therefore intended for adult audiences only.
Reading is not recommended for all those people who might feel offended or hurt by issues such as homosexuality, bisexuality, bdsm, fetish, sex toys and more, as well as clearly explicit and sometimes vulgar language used within stories included in this volume.
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