Empath Important Strategies for Sensitive People

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The following topics are included in this 3-book combo:



Book 1: Being an empath can be a good thing, but it also comes with some problems. In this book, we’ll address both sides. These factors of being an empath will have an incredible impact on your life.


For example, we will discuss some tips for raising empathic children. We will point out the three types of empaths, so you can identify with the one that suits your personality most. Additionally, we’ll talk about why emotional empaths usually stay alone or why they feel lonely. At the end of the book, some encouraging thoughts are given to help you cope with the difficulties of life, and to help other empaths.





Book 2: Why are some people empaths?


What is the science behind this?


And why are some empaths more susceptible to addictions?


These and many other questions will be addressed in this brief guide. On top of that, you will learn more about narcissism versus empathy, how to become a more empathetic spouse, the dangers of social media, healing methods for empaths with traumatic memories, and what the difference is between empathic parenting and “rescue” parenting. All of these topics will help you understand empathy, empaths, and yourself better.


This is a great treasure of knowledge about human psychology.


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