Empath Find Emotional Intelligence and Strength in Hard Times

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This book consists of two titles, which are the following:


Book 1: Empaths… empathy… sensitivity… what’s the difference?

Some people have developed a knack for feeling compassion or empathy for other people. To others, it comes naturally. And to some, it’s an intense gift that has ups and downs, pros and cons that allow them to help others but also become fatigued when they don’t watch themselves.

Are you an empath? Or do you just have a lot of empathy?

In this guide, you’ll figure out some of the major distinctions, as well as specific types of empaths, like earth empaths, physical empaths, relationship empaths, dark empaths, and food empaths. You will also receive some advice about how to lead your empathic children in the right paths of life.




Book 2: Being an empath can be a good thing, but it also comes with some problems. In this book, we’ll address both sides. These factors of being an empath will have an incredible impact on your life.


For example, we will discuss some tips for raising empathic children. We will point out the three types of empaths, so you can identify with the one that suits your personality most. Additionally, we’ll talk about why emotional empaths usually stay alone or why they feel lonely. At the end of the book, some encouraging thoughts are given to help you cope with the difficulties of life, and to help other empaths.


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