Genius Of Dogs: The Complete Guide To Raising Obedient Dogs, Discover Effective Strategies And Techniques On How To Train Your Dogs Effectively

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Genius of Dogs: The Complete Guide to Raising Obedient Dogs, Discover Effective Strategies and Techniques on How to Train Your Dogs Effectively
There is more to owning a dog than just feeding and playing with them. If you want to be a responsible dog owner, you should be able to care and train them properly to avoid any bad behavior in the future. Starting your dog on the right foot is the key to getting them to do the right thing and behave properly. Proper training and teaching for your dog is very important.
In this audiobook, you will discover how to stop your dog from biting, howling and barking and being aggressive. You will learn the different ways of dealing with the unacceptable behaviors of your dog. It will teach you tricks and useful tips on how to effectively train your dog and stop any behavior problems it may have.
This audiobook will discuss the following topics:
- Biting Behaviors
- Whining, Howling and Excessive Barking
- Problems With Chewing
- Jumping on People
- Pulling and Tugging On A Leash
- Inappropriate Urination
- Not Heeding the Owner's Call
- Chasing People, Objects and Other Things
- Escaping And Roaming
- Dog Fighting
- Begging
- Keeping Your Dog Out of the Garbage
- Aggressive Behavior
- Digging Up Holes in The Yard
- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Dogs are man's best friend. They are not just pets, they are our family. So much like you want your family to be on their best behavior, you want your dog to do the same. You want a happy dog that in turn will make you happy as well.
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