But We See Jesus

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Christianity is Jesus Christ. It is not the teaching, doctrine, system, or organization of Christ. Rather, it is Jesus Christ himself. We need to see him as God sees him. Yet this can only come about by revelation from above. The Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus to us. And when we do see him as God sees him, we will fall down and worship. Such, then, is the intent of this series of messages, whose overarching theme is best summed up in the author's choice of title to the entire series: "But We See Jesus" (Hebrews 2:9a).
All 19 messages were delivered by the author before a Christian audience in Richmond, Virginia, over a three-year period, commencing in the year 1992.
May God use this volume to inspire his people to see the Savior and Lord we have, so that we may truly worship him with all our hearts and love him with all our heart, mind, will, and strength. Jesus alone is worthy!


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