Field Guide To Emotions: The Essential Guide To Mastering Your Emotions, Learn Powerful Strategies To Manage Your Emotions And Eliminate Anxiety

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Field Guide to Emotions: The Essential Guide to Mastering Your Emotions, Learn Powerful Strategies to Manage Your Emotions and Eliminate Anxiety.
Stress and anxiety have become a normal part of life for us and unfortunately, it plays a big role in affecting our emotions. Sometimes, we feel like we're losing control of our lives because of all the struggles and obstacles we face in our everyday life and this causes us extreme anxiety. While feeling anxious is a normal feeling while dealing with problems, it can be crippling if not managed. It is important to learn how to manage your emotions because it is the compass in your life that could lead to your living a peaceful and more harmonious life.
This audiobook will teach you valuable information about your emotional body and how it interacts with your mind, body, and energy. You will discover helpful ideas and techniques on how to deal with everyday problems that wreak havoc to your emotions.
In this audiobook, you will discover the following:
- The Emotional Body
- Research On Emotions
- Your Mind and Its Impact on Your Emotions
- Embracing Your Emotions Through Awareness
- Behaviors That Influence Your Emotions
- Managing Your Emotions Through Breathing
- Techniques to Feel at Peace When Your Life is Chaotic
- Developing Emotional Intelligence
- Achieving a Deeper Understanding of Your Emotions
- Redesigning Your Life to Eliminate Anxiety
This audiobook can serve as a perfect complement to other methods you are already trying to master your emotions like therapy. It will provide you with the needed knowledge and skills to embrace and deal with your emotions so you can live a peaceful and happy life.
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