The Final Warning

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The knife is pressed hard against the neck of American freedom. No one can be trusted. Especially nowadays. Especially in the White House.
Stories from across the United States intertwine as the nation finds itself, quite unwittingly, pressed up against the void of its future. Trump is out, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, the global Islamist movement is on the rise - the world is a very different place - some would say worse, but not Adam Sukova, America's new president working to restore trust with the American electorate. President Sukova has hope, copious amounts of it, which is exactly why his charismatic White House intern does too. But when Deception, Islamism and conspiracy run amok, the besieged President and his young intern are launched, terrified, into the front line of a desperate effort to forestall the greatest ever threat to America and its people, its democracy, its faith. To ensure the nation's survival, the pair must ask themselves, 'What are we fighting for, exactly?'


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