The 3-Hour Diet (TM)

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Fad diets -- especially low-carb diets -- do not work long-term. Just look at the science. These trendy "plans" usually end up making you fat. Why? They cause you to lose precious fat-burning lean muscle. And that slows down your metabolism and speeds up your weight gain. But with the 3-Hour Diet™ you will lose two pounds every week, starting first with belly fat.

The key is to reset your metabolism with Jorge's revolutionary Visual Timing™ formula that has already helped millions of his online clients. This secret allows you to eat anything by ensuring you automatically eat every three hours. Based on the latest science, this plan will also reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for stubborn belly fat. No foods are off limits with the 3-Hour Diet™. It's time to lose weight and bring back the joy of eating.


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