The Paradox of Vertical Flight

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Good morning! Today is Jack's eighteenth birthday. Here's what's happened so far—

He woke up from a dream about dissecting frogs and measuring the bubbles produced by llamas. He just missed a call from Bob, his grandmother. He's not sure she'll remember he exists—which makes him sad, because he really loves her. He's thought about jumping out of the window. Not because he wants to die, mind you, but some attention would be nice. He's had a nonsensical conversation with his roommate, who is still asleep. While in the dorm bathroom, he popped a zit and listened to some guy (who should not be singing) singing in the shower.

Jack's cell phone rings a second time. He recognizes the number. Jess. He never thought he'd hear from her again.

Guess what? Jack's day is about to get epic.


  • 01-The Paradox of Vertical Flight

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  • 02-Prologue

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  • 03-Chapter One

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  • 04-Chapter Two

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  • 05-Chapter Three

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  • 06-Chapter Four

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  • 07-Chapter Five

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  • 08-Chapter Six

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  • 09-Chapter Seven

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  • 10-Chapter Eight

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  • 11-Chapter Nine

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  • 12-Chapter Ten

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  • 13-Chapter Eleven

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  • 14-Epilogue

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  • 15-Credits

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