Damn Yankees

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Everyone has an opinion about the Yankees. More than an opinion in most cases, but an opinion at the very least.
—From the Introduction

Love them or hate them, the New York Yankees have been an American institution for nearly a century. With their rich history and colorful cast of characters, the Yankees never fail to inspire or provoke. In this exciting compendium, some of today's most acclaimed writers—including Pete Dexter, Colum McCann, Roy Blount Jr., Dan Barry, Jane Leavy, Charles P. Pierce, J. R. Moehringer, Daniel Okrent, Frank DeFord, Bill James, and many more—step up to the plate to take their cuts. The result is a collection of original essays as idiosyncratic and expansive as the team that has inspired them: ruminations on Babe Ruth's gravestone, Derek Jeter's swing, and the upper-deck vantage of the Oldest Living Yankee; dual allegiances; mortal rivalries; and every other subject that spans from the hilarious (the Yankee wife-swap of the '70s) to the sublime (the grace of Catfish Hunter).

Superbly written, deeply insightful, and full of both passion and humor, Damn Yankees is a completely fresh look at baseball's most enduring franchise by a Murderers' Row of writers as stacked as that of the 1927 Yanks.


  • 001 Damn Yankees

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  • 002 Introduction

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  • 003 Chapter 01

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  • 004 Chapter 02

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  • 005 Chapter 03

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  • 006 Chapter 04

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  • 007 Chapter 05

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  • 008 Chapter 06

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  • 009 Chapter 07

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  • 010 Chapter 08

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  • 011 Chapter 09

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  • 012 Chapter 10

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  • 013 Chapter 11

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  • 014 Chapter 12

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  • 015 Chapter 13

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  • 016 Chapter 14

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  • 017 Chapter 15

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  • 018 Chapter 16

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  • 019 Chapter 17

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  • 020 Chapter 18

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