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Living Jesus is a radio broadcast of kathleen whitten ministries, based in San Antonio, Texas. kwm exists to manifest Jesus through living encounters with His Word. Join kathleen as she shares unrestrained boldness for Jesus, uncommon honesty about life, indiscriminate passion for everyone and unusual relevance for today. Listen to Kathleen's radio broadcast on KDRY 1100 AM on Saturdays at 1:30 pm and Sundays at 8:30 pm.


  • In The Arms Of Our Father

    In The Arms Of Our Father


    Your relationship with your Heavenly Father is unlike any other relationship in your life. We can not grasp the depth of His love for us and how completely He knows us.

  • Cherish the Word

    Cherish the Word


    We are what we pay attention to. Are you feeding your Spirit or your flesh?

  • To Do Or Not To Do

    To Do Or Not To Do


    Are we human beings or human doings? Kathleen discusses getting to know Jesus by His Word and our action vs inaction.

  • Do His Will

    Do His Will


    Kathleen discusses how we live our faith. Hearing and understanding is not enough - faith without works is dead.

  • Pulling Jesus In

    Pulling Jesus In


    We do not have to be separated from the love of God given to us in Christ Jesus. How do you deal with the turmoil in your life?

  • Gods Investment Plan

    God's Investment Plan


    How do you make the big decisions in your life? Kathleen discusses God's plan for these important times.

  • Grow Up In Love

    Grow Up In Love


    What kind of love do you have in your heart? Our desires to please people instead of doing what pleases God is taking the easy road. How hard is it to love those who love us? A frank discussion of the kind of love God has for us and we are to have for others.

  • Living Your Real Life

    Living Your Real Life


    Kathleen discusses how to live the real life God intends for you. Where do you find it and how do you get there?

  • The Lamb of God

    The Lamb of God


    Kathleen discusses the peace that only God can give us through His Son, Jesus. God always knows what is in our hearts and minds even when we don't know ourselves. When you lose your peace, remember God gives it to you as a free gift through Jesus.

  • How To Change

    How To Change


    Kathleen discusses how we change for God while living in this world.

  • Through The Spirit (01/09/12)

    Through The Spirit (01/09/12)


    Jesus looks for those who would worship Him in spirit and truth NOW. There are no barriers or qualifiers to prevent us from worshiping Him.

  • Empty Yourself (12/12/11)

    Empty Yourself (12/12/11)


    Jesus emptied Himself to become man in order to save you, understand you, free you from fear of death, and to show us how to empty ourselves.

  • The Gift Of God (12/05/11)

    The Gift Of God (12/05/11)


    Kathleen discusses God's gift to us in Jesus. Our lives are to be lived in a joyful relationship with Christ in the here and NOW. How do we live this out in our choices and truthfulness with ourselves and others?

  • Living In The Spirit (11/28/11)

    Living In The Spirit (11/28/11)


    It has been said, “To be disappointed in yourself is to have believed in yourself.” Think about that. Do you believe in yourself? Or do you believe in God? Kathleen discusses concepts vital to our spiritual life, in which God increases in us, and we decrease.

  • Living Joyfully (11/14/11)

    Living Joyfully (11/14/11)


    Kathleen discusses how to live joyfully in the midst of anxiety, uncertainty, chronic pain and the continuing challenges of this world.

  • Motivation of the Heart (11/7/2011)

    Motivation of the Heart (11/7/2011)


    Have you ever felt like you were not doing enough simply because you can't do everything that needs to be done? Kathleen discusses sin, righteous anger, and God's desires for us.

  • Do Whatever He Tells You (10/31/11)

    Do Whatever He Tells You (10/31/11)


    Are your struggling with direction in your life? Join Kathleen for a lively discussion of concepts drawn from the Miracle At Cana.

  • Just (10/24/11)

    Just (10/24/11)


    God knows that our will and desires will begin to match His perfect plan and direction when we follow Christ and permit ourselves to conform to His Image.

  • The Relationship (10/17/11)

    The Relationship (10/17/11)


    Christianity is about the Person of Jesus. We are made (by God, Our Creator) to know Him through the Person of Jesus (His Son.) Any approach we make toward God (with a true heart to want to know Him) He rewards.

  • The Holy Spirit (09/26/2011)

    The Holy Spirit (09/26/2011)


    Join Kathleen as she leads us into a discussion of a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit.

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