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All about family travel, slow travel, gap year travel and living abroad with kids. Epic Education Radio is interviews, stories and strategies for people who travel with kids and for those who plan to. Tune in each week to hear inspired family travelers discuss specific destinations and describe how they handle issues like education, money, accommodation, parenting, technology and more. We talk about the gear, websites, apps and other resources we use, and answer questions from those who have yet to hit the road. If family travel or living abroad is important to you, then this podcast is designed to make your journey better, cheaper and more meaningful.


  • EER072: Marathon Travel, Baby Travel  Vegan Travel with Kids

    EER072: Marathon Travel, Baby Travel & Vegan Travel with Kids

    18/10/2016 Duração: 49min

    If you're Vegan, travel with kids might be considered challenging in some parts of the world. But for Matt Urbanski, it's not an issue at all. He and his wife Julie have been exploring the globe, following marathons and other races to run. And they're brought their 8-month-old son along for the trip. VEGAN TRAVEL WITH KIDS Chatting from the Chamonix Valley in France, Matt describes how they started their travels and how the new habits they've formed after their son, Paavo joined them 8 months earlier. For example, if you and your spouse are long-distance runners and you don't have a jogging stroller, how do you both run every day? Matt also has great advice regarding personal finance, and talks frankly about vegan travel with kids and running a business on the road. Listen in! And please share! IN THIS EPISODE 03:22 Origins 05:30 Traveling with a baby 10:30 Habits & Routines (baby, eating, running) 17:50 AirBnB Kitchens 21:03 Money & personal finance 31:49 Gear 42:39 Recommended destinations

  • EER071: How to Work and Travel the World with Kids

    EER071: How to Work and Travel the World with Kids


    Do you want to know how to work and travel the world with kids? I know I do — I'm (still) working on it. Sabina King and her husband Keith have figured out a way that works for them. HOW TO WORK AND TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH KIDS In this Epic Education Radio interview, I talk with Sabina about their life as digital nomad family long before the term "digital nomad" was even coined. You see, Sabina and Keith have been working and traveling the world with kids since 2010. Listen in as we hear about her online businesses, her travel essentials, her views on education and finding domestic help when living in Bali. She also talks about how they work and travel the world with kids and details their new attempt to "stay still" for a year. IN THIS EPISODE 02:20 Intro 04:07 Having a baby in Costa Rica (Citizenship) 05:38 Living & finding domestic help in Ubud 09:15 A year in Canada (after 6 years abroad) 10:40 Roots in Poland/USA 12:24 Working & running a business during family travel 14:39 Routines 25:24 Views on

  • EER070: Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues

    EER070: Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues

    04/10/2016 Duração: 51min

    Travel with health issues is a big concern for some people. Traveling for kids with serious health issues can be an even more challenging subject. For some people, health problems stop their travel dreams. For the Tatransky family, they found a way around it. FAMILY TRAVEL WITH HEALTH ISSUES Lucie and Karel Tatransky have three kids. Two of them have congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a medical condition that can mean life or death if their parents aren't prepared. So did Lucie and Karel give up on their dream to travel with kids? No. Instead, they prepared. Now they're driving around Europe. Listen in as Lucie describes how they travel, what they carry with them to be fully prepared for family travel with health issues. She also discusses education, her work and resources for travel. IN THIS EPISODE 05:40 Kite surfing in spain 06:33 Intro 08:22 Origins 11:17 What they sold, and what they brought 16:38 Family travel with health issues 21:32 Their work & working on the road 30:45 Working with kids around/Tim

  • EER069: Working  Family RV Living in the United States

    EER069: Working & Family RV Living in the United States

    27/09/2016 Duração: 37min

    Family RV living was once considered something not done by choice, but more and more families are choosing this live for a year or much longer. FAMILY RV LIVING For the Gebbia family, it started out as a joke. Then they realized: "hey, we can really do this!" Since then, they've left their home in Florida (USA) and have driven across the United States and elsewhere. Together Chris and Heather Gebbia work and homeschool their two sons as they take in more of the country than many of its citizens. Listen in as we discuss working and family RV living, including how they work, how they homeschool, how their kids socialize and make friends, as well as many of the items in their rig and the apps, websites and other resources they use to make their family RV life work IN THIS EPISODE 05:48 Intro 09:07 Full-time Families 11:14 Benefits & Challenges of full-time RV Travel 14:56 Cell/Data coverage 16:07 Their work and working online on the road 23:00 Their homeschooling style & socializing as an RV family 31:5

  • EER068: From Homeless to Executive Assistant—One Single Moms Travels

    EER068: From Homeless to Executive Assistant—One Single Mom's Travels

    20/09/2016 Duração: 48min

    You don't think of an executive assistant working out of a backpack or an RV, but for Amber Rose, that's exactly what happened. FROM HOMELESS TO EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT When her son Riley was still small, Amber Rose was evicted from her house. She also lost her car. Homeless and struggling, she was forced to live with friends and family while she and searched for ways to work online so that she could stay at home with her boy and save the money that would have gone to daycare. Slowly she began to build work and a profile as an executive assistant. Listen in as she tells me about moving into an RV...even though she had never even been inside an RV before. We discuss travel gear, educational and homeschooling resources, becoming an executive assistant, and more. Listen in! And please share. IN THIS EPISODE 05:40 Intro 8:14 House sitting & Dog sitting 9:59 Origin story 17:00 Working as an executive assistant 29:58 What's in their bags 35:45 Online resources 41:19 The SCHENGEN visa rules for non-EU citizens

  • EER067: How to work from anywhere with kids

    EER067: How to work from anywhere with kids

    13/09/2016 Duração: 51min

    Would you like to work from anywhere and travel with your kids? Today's guests have figured out a way that works for them. HOW TO WORK FROM ANYWHERE WITH KIDS In April of 2014, Rob and Tracey Tullis left their life in Canada and flew to Colombia with their young son. Over two years and many countries later, they have learned to work from anywhere and a life of indefinite travel, using house sitting and online business skills to make their way. Listen in as we discuss education, travel gear, online businesses and how they work from anywhere and travel with their son. IN THIS EPISODE 05:48 Intro 13:12 Their house sitting routines 15:48 Favorite online travel tools 21:12 Educational approach and favorite online tools 28:00 Money 35:21 Working from anywhere & balancing work & family 41:30 Romania's amazingly fast wifi 44:09 Their travel Gear

  • EER066: House sitting, camping in New Zealand and Australia  more

    EER066: House sitting, camping in New Zealand and Australia & more

    06/09/2016 Duração: 49min

    Camping in New Zealand. Living in Australia. Moving to Bali and Italy and other exotic locations. This wasn't part of the plan...at least at first. Phil and Amanda North did have a family adventure planned for after retirement. In fact, they had spent years planning and preparing for that family adventure, and when the time was right, they were ready to begin. ...only it wasn't the family adventure they had planned for. CAMPING IN NEW ZEALAND: ADVENTURE RE-IMAGINED Their North's dream was to sail the oceans together. They had already bought a boat, planned their itinerary and rented out their house when the call came. The boat they bought had unforeseen damage — it would cost too much to repair. Their family adventure plans were shattered, so they did what anyone would do: they started on a new adventure. Three years later they're still traveling the world. Listen in as we talk about house sitting, homeschooling, making friends on the road and many other aspects of their exceptional family adventure. IN

  • EER065: Living in an RV with kids

    EER065: Living in an RV with kids

    30/08/2016 Duração: 55min

    Michael and Crissa Boyink have been living in an RV with kids since 2010. Covering much of the USA, they've seen 40 states so far, and have no plans of stopping any time soon. LIVING IN AN RV WITH KIDS Back for their second show, I consider the Boyink family like "returning champions." They are still living in an RV with kids, but their oldest — now 19 — has moved out on his own. We talk about traveling with teens and watching them become their own people. They also describe their company and how they find extra work and reduced costs through working at the campgrounds and RV parks where they stay on this brand-new episode of Epic Education Radio. IN THIS EPISODE     05:02 Intro     08:09 Work Camping and Camp Hosting explained     14:36 Michael's work     18:03 Finding work on campgrounds     22:25 The types of RV'ers they've seen (ages, faiths, etc)     26:26 RV travel with teens     39:34 RV'ers and Walmart parking lots     40:35 Faith, campground and redefining what "church" means for them     52:40 R

  • EER064: Apartments, hotels, family travel accommodation  more

    EER064: Apartments, hotels, family travel accommodation & more

    23/08/2016 Duração: 42min

    Finding the right family travel accommodation can be tricky, as many hotels, resorts and holiday apartment rentals are geared towards couples and romantic getaways. Mark Wyld travels with his family a lot, so he does his research. FAMILY TRAVEL ACCOMMODATION & MORE Mark and his family live in a small town outside Melbourne, Australia, and travel extensively within their home country as well as all across Europe. In this Epic Education Radio interview, I talk with Mark about how he plans, the type of work he does, and the benefits of starting early. Listen in as we ponder the future of family travel accommodation and a few travel routines that help him have the best trip possible. Please share! IN THIS EPISODE 04:23 Intro 05:43 Origins 07:20 How they manage work, planning and travel 13:00 The sites and search engines 18:00 The girls' favorite destinations 24:14 Being an early riser 26:12 Mark's travel gear 27:01 Mark's 3-3-3-5 rule with travel clothes 30:02 Accommodation preferences and the pros and cons

  • EER063: Travel Photography and the Best Hotels for Kids

    EER063: Travel Photography and the Best Hotels for Kids

    17/08/2016 Duração: 50min

    What are the best hotels for kids? Eric Stoen has a few he could suggest. From luxury family resorts in Mexico and the African continent to quirky boutique hotels in Europe and beyond, Eric takes his kids everywhere, and is an exceptional travel photographer and family travel blogger. THE BEST HOTELS FOR KIDS (ADULTS TOO) In this Epic education Interview, I talk to Eric about some of his favorite family resorts and child-friendly hotels for kids. In addition to family hotel recommendations, we also talk about camera equipment, his top travel gear picks and how he secures the best hotel deal for a family of five. Eric also describes how he minimizes the stress of travel day, and his love of one-on-one travel with each of his kids. Listen in! And please share. IN THIS EPISODE 04:04 Introductions 06:10 Traveling one-on-one with kids 11:20 What happens when a kid gets lost 13:18 Making the travel process as easy as possible 15:33 United 1K and Global Entry explained 19:45 What he looks for in a hotel 22:34 Hotel

  • EER062: Unschooling in Europe in a VW van with 3 kids

    EER062: Unschooling in Europe in a VW van with 3 kids

    11/08/2016 Duração: 34min

    Unschooling in Europe can be a challenge, as each country has its own laws regarding the practice. In countries like Germany and Sweden, it's completely illegal, where in other countries like Austria and Spain, the state has certain requirements for the family who chooses this child-led approach to education. UNSCHOOLING IN EUROPE IN A VW VAN After a decade living in the UK, German couple, Torsten and Nedua have decided to hit the road with their three kids, unchooling in Europe along the way. Like the Tupy family from episode #28, they have chosen to travel the world by VV van. In this episode, hear how Torsten and Nedua prepared for their journey, and their thoughts on unschooling in Europe.         IN THIS EPISODE     00:00 Intro     07:12 Their preparation process     11:29 What they brought with them (and how they decided)     15:09 Thoughts on unschooling in Europe     17:35 The acceptance of unschooling in Europe     24:03 Time management & funding travel     29:34 Wild swimming

  • EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

    EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

    26/07/2016 Duração: 44min

    Planning family travel can be challenging, but as Cindy Bailey can attest, giving yourself enough time to plan family travel can be very important. For Cindy and family, they gave themselves four months to uproot from suburbia for two years —perhaps longer. She says six months would have been better, but she learned a lot about planning family travel in a very short time. Planning Family Travel: Long or short-term In this Epic Education Interview, I talk to Cindy about all the steps they took to leave their home in the United States and begin a life of family travel. Speaking from Lovina Beach in the north of Bali, Indonesia, Cindy has lots of actionable advice and useful travel tips to share. We talk about travel gear, homeschooling and travel resources, banking and many other planning family travel tips. IN THIS EPISODE 05:15 Intro & the trip 09:00 Travel origins & transition from suburban life. 15:23 Recommended credit cards & services 15:04 20:06 Habits, routines & economics 26:30 Budgetin

  • EER060: The challenges and benefits of homeschooling and travel

    EER060: The challenges and benefits of homeschooling and travel

    19/07/2016 Duração: 42min

    Many can name some of the benefits of homeschooling. Jen Miller certainly can, but she's also well aware of the trials and obstacles that present themselves face when one chooses an unconventional approach to education for their child. Add in four children and a life of full-time travel, and you can begin to imagine just how big — and important — the job can be Enter Jen Miller. I've been reading Miller's work since 2012, when I started researching our own leap into homeschooling and full-time travel. Jen and her family haven't stayed in one place for more than six months since 2008, and she has educated all four children the entire time. The Challenges and Benefits of Homeschooling Speaking from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Miller talks about her own homeschooling routines and how they've changed over the years. She is "anti-school," and has spoken at length about the importance of finding the right learning style for your own children, but here I ask her about the benefits of homeschooling and how they have imp

  • EER059: Living in San Miguel de Allende with Kids

    EER059: Living in San Miguel de Allende with Kids

    12/07/2016 Duração: 52min

    Visiting Mexico with kids is great. Living in San Miguel de Allende with kids seems to be even better. Bryan and Scottie Elliot have been travelers for a while, but they've now based themselves in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with their son, Elijah. San Miguel de Allende with Kids After stints in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, the Elliot family decided to move on to Mexico, and have discovered that living in San Miguel de Allende with kids is a very nice thing indeed. Listen in as we talk about living in San Miguel de Allende with kids, as well as travel gear, time management and work routines, as well as the merits of owning less and buying better. IN THIS EPISODE 04:50 Intro & origins 10:08 The "Muse" and the the Four-Hour Workweek book 12:10 Time Management when parenting & building a business 16:25 Why they chose San Miguel de Allende 20:00 Living and learning Spanish in San Miguel 26:48 Gear and packing advice 36:33 Buying quality gear when you only have a few things 38:43 Don't let having t

  • EER058: Family Travel and Cultural Identity

    EER058: Family Travel and Cultural Identity

    05/07/2016 Duração: 42min

    Travel and cultural identity are tightly intertwined. For Andrew Tolentino, he found out first hand last year. In October 2015, Andrew and I met for the first time over a crappy internet connection. I was in Atlanta visiting family, he was sitting on a beach in Boracay, having recently left his home in New York to embark on the family trip of a lifetime. Moving to the United States from the Philippines when he was four years old, Andrew was now back in the homeland of his parents for the first time in 44 years, this time with his wife and daughter. Family Travel and Cultural Identity Now we meet again, this time with me in Spain and he in London. Ten months and multiple countries later, Andrew and I talk about travel and cultural identity, homeschooling, "Living the dream" and the difference between traveling and vacationing. IN THIS EPISODE 06:01 Introduction and his immigrant story 11:52 "Re-embracing" travel and cultural identity 19:41 Education, schooling and full-time travel 26:37 "Living the dream" and

  • EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids

    EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids

    28/06/2016 Duração: 39min

    Visiting Mexico with kids can be loads of fun. Running a business and living in Mexico with kids is even better. At least that's what it sounds like when I talk with Crystal Blue. Based in Tulum, Mexico, Crystal and her daughter River have traveled all over the world — and continue to travel multiple times a year with their business: Enlightened Global Adventures. Life in Mexico with Kids Listen in as Crystal tells me about how their travels, their social life, the role of the Spanish language in their lives and how she use travel and the local school system to educate her daughter. IN THIS EPISODE 03:44 Introductions 05:11 Their home base in Tulum, and how their company & education work together 07:40 What worldschooling means to them 12:14 Learning and using Spanish 15:27 Social life in Mexico with kids and while on the road 20:30 The origins of her business and working in Mexico with kids 29:58 What's in their bags

  • EER056: Unschooling, Family Travel  Location Independence

    EER056: Unschooling, Family Travel & Location Independence

    21/06/2016 Duração: 37min

    Location Independence meets Family Travel Location independence is something that many parents want. For Caroline King and her family, a life of family travel and location independence happened as much out of necessity as out of desire. Living in her home country of Sweden, Caroline faced the country's "skolplikt" (compulsory education) system, which required that her kids attend Swedish schools, but the businesses that she and her husband run had them traveling around for up to four months out of the year, and they wanted their young sons with them. Working, Worldschooling & Location Independence Listen in as Caroline talks about how they changed their businesses, moved out of Sweden and turned to a life of family travel and location independence. Now based in Prague, Czech Republic, Caroline and I discuss running location independent businesses, using unschooling and worldschooling methods to teach their children IN THIS EPISODE 04:55 Travel origins & trouble with the Swedish government 09:40 Locat

  • EER055: Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids

    EER055: Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids

    14/06/2016 Duração: 46min

    Moving to Mexico. Living in Panama. A few years ago, these were just ideas for Dan Sherman and his family. Then in 2014, they left the United States to begin a life of living and traveling in Latin America. The plan was to live in Panama for two years and then return to the United States, but it didn't take the Sherman family long to realize that they liked living abroad and wanted more of it. No, they're not retiring in Mexico, but rather they're part of a large and growing group of Americans in Mexico that have chosen to live there. Moving to Mexico & Living in Panama with Kids Listen in as Dan talked about their neighborhood, their experiences with local schools and their relationship with the Spanish language...and each other. Dan has lots of great advice on managing money from abroad, and some very important tips about setting up your financing before moving to Mexico, moving to Panama or moving anywhere outside your home country. IN THIS EPISODE 05:00 Beginnings in Panama 06:47 Putting the kids in

  • EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

    EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

    06/06/2016 Duração: 38min

    Many parents want to work online. Many of those same parents want to travel in Southeast Asia with kids. Sheralyn and Paul Guilleminot have found a way to do both! You might remember that Sheralyn has been a guest before: her last interview was published almost exactly a year ago. Now fast-forward 12 months to today, and team Guilleminot are still on the road, with a lot more experience and insight to share. Working Online in Southeast Asia with Kids Speaking from their present base near Hanoi, Vietnam, Sheralyn tell me about working online in Southeast Asia with kids, and about what they've learned as a digital nomad family. Listen in as we discuss writing for a living, education, the social life of traveling families, working online and our favorite places to visit in Southeast Asia with kids. IN THIS EPISODE 5:22 Intro & Travel Origins 7:25 Advice on where to go in Southeast Asia 10:21 Penang 12:22 Green Space and fresh air in SEA 19:55 Social life for parents & kids 23:14 Moving to Playa del Carm

  • EER053: Living in Moscow, Helsinki and Tokyo with Kids

    EER053: Living in Moscow, Helsinki and Tokyo with Kids

    30/05/2016 Duração: 37min

    EER053: Living in Moscow, Helsinki and Tokyo with Kids Living in Moscow with kids isn't something I'd even considered before I met Tony Fitzpatrick. A father of two from New Zealand, Tony moved to the Russian capital with two primary school-aged kids and had a blast. In this Epic Education Radio Interview, we discuss living in Moscow with kids, as well as moving to Finland, making friends in local schools in Japan, and lots of Tony's other adventures. Enjoy! IN THIS EPISODE 03:18 Intro and origins as a travel family 07:35 Living in Moscow and Helsinki with kids 14:20 Adjusting to local Finnish schools 16:34 Moving from NZ to Russia 20:15 Making friends in local Japanese schools 24:03 The Finnish school day  26:55 Routines & Resources 32:14 Other recommended family travel destinations 32:40 Dubai desert safari "The best hundred dollars I've ever spent." 34:15 South Korea, Norway and England  

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