Making Friends With Toby And Bryan


Our hosts Toby, Sarah and Bryan have a provocative, open-minded, unfiltered discussion with a new guest each episode. Learn about the lives, secrets, and stories of everyday people.


  • MF - Episode 12 - Noras Valentines Day

    MF - Episode 12 - Nora's Valentine's Day

    09/02/2014 Duração: 01h11min

    It's a special Valentine's episode! Today we sit down with a familiar friend, Nora St. Charles! To celebrate this special holiday, we tear apart a Cosmo quiz for your listening pleasure!

  • MF - Episode 11 - Janice

    MF - Episode 11 - Janice

    02/02/2014 Duração: 01h21min

    Today we sit down with Janice. We discuss her travels on the high seas, her adventures in beekeeping and we take a little bit of time to learn what kind of porn Bryan enjoys most.

  • MF - Episode 10 - Chay

    MF - Episode 10 - Chay

    26/01/2014 Duração: 01h11min

    Today we sit down with Chay. We discuss his passions, his work and realizing his dreams of being a pro DJ.

  • MF - Episode 9 - Coco

    MF - Episode 9 - Coco

    19/01/2014 Duração: 01h15min

    Today we sit down with Coco. We discuss her fears and anxieties, kiwi accents and her motivation for going vegan.

  • MF - Episode 8 - Heidi

    MF - Episode 8 - Heidi

    12/01/2014 Duração: 01h10min

    Today we sit down with Heidi. We discuss her writing and her "chalktivism" project, Chalk With Me. Check out her project at

  • MF - Episode 7 - Meagan

    MF - Episode 7 - Meagan

    05/01/2014 Duração: 01h03min

    Today we sit down with Meagan. We discuss genetic counselling, the healthcare system and her life-changing diagnosis and battle with leukaemia.

  • MF - Episode 6 - Kathleen

    MF - Episode 6 - Kathleen

    29/12/2013 Duração: 01h17min

    Today we sit down with Kathleen. We discuss her work as a geologist, rock jokes, the important parts of life and the qualities of good relationships.

  • MF - Episode 5 - Liang

    MF - Episode 5 - Liang

    22/12/2013 Duração: 01h42min

    Today we sit down with Liang. We discuss growing up with asian parents, how she got into marketing and her polyamorous lifestyle.

  • MF - Episode 4 - Eleanor and Rachel

    MF - Episode 4 - Eleanor and Rachel

    15/12/2013 Duração: 01h30min

    Today we sit down with Eleanor and Rachel. We discuss their Etsy shop, OnanaKnits, rebranding hard drugs and meeting crazy people on nude beaches. Check out their Etsy shop at

  • MF - Episode 3 - Athena

    MF - Episode 3 - Athena

    08/12/2013 Duração: 01h10min

    Today we sit down with Athena. We discuss why she got into nursing, thought processes and respectful communication skills.

  • MF - Episode 2 - Cole

    MF - Episode 2 - Cole

    01/12/2013 Duração: 01h16min

    Today we sit down with Cole. We discuss how she got into technology, the experience of learning she was different and what is, quite possibly, the most bad-ass euthanasia plan ever.

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