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  • #7 - JFB Dubstep Mix

    #7 - JFB Dubstep Mix


    Panda presents a special guest this month: Brighton's two-time UK DMC champion JFB. Just a few months ago he scooped the UK DMC 2011 title for the second time after winning it in 2007. The story of JFB starts back in 1996 when he started out playing Drum and Bass on local pirate radio stations. Implementing scratch techniques in his sets, he soon started playing out in clubs around Brighton and later in London. Receiving many residencies around the country, JFB improved rapidly and finally won his first prize, the Vestax Scratch Championship at London's The End club. Touring around the UK and Europe, JFB met Beardyman with whom he started the night Battlejam, an innovative event concept which brings improvised video DJ skills and rhymes together. Meanwhile, JFB still worked on his own productions and used the tracks in his sets. His production work has been just as succesful as his DJing, as he now has tracks signed to Hospital Records and recently released his official remix of Fatboy Slim's legendary tra

  • #6 - Reid Speed Dubstep Mix

    #6 - Reid Speed Dubstep Mix


    The Panda Dubstep Mix Show presents Reid Speed. This American dubstep, drum and bass and electro producer and DJ is the founder of Play Me Records, one of the labels making splashes in the dubstep genre right now. Reid started out years ago in the New York City underground working behind the counter at the legendary Breakbeat Science store while in college at the School of Visual Arts. Drum and bass at the start, she was soon seduced by the sounds of 2-step and speed garage and began DJing full time, producing tracks and throwing her own events. Recently garnering new acclaim as the founder of chart-topping Play Me Records. In just over 2 years, Play Me Records and Play Me Too have taken the Beatport charts by storm, with 6 #1s, more than half the releases charting in the top 10, and nearly every release charting in the top 100. They have broken more new artists and launched the careers of artists like Cyberoptics, J. Rabbit, Tremourz and Bare. 2010 saw Play Me Records voted Dubstep Label of the Year by Beat

  • #5 - Sinister Souls Dubstep Mix

    #5 - Sinister Souls Dubstep Mix


    The Dubstep Mix Show on YouTube present Sinister Souls. This Dutch duo consists of Adriaan de Koning and Fred Huurderman from the cosy city of Utrecht. They get their inspiration from breakcore, drum and bass and techno and apply it straight to the dubstep genre; you can hear the result of this in this mix. Sinister Souls music has been signed to Dubstep labels including SCUM, Rottun, Mindtrick and Section8 as well as mainstream labels such as Q-Dance. In this mix, Sinister Souls bring us 20 of their and latest tracks, remixes and exclusives in a 40-minute mix. Leave your appreciation for these guys in the comments! TRACKLISTING01 - Sinister Souls - Limbo 02 - Sinister Souls - Ascension 03 - Sinister Souls - Free From Earth 04 - Sinister Souls - Crackdown 05 - Sinister Souls - Mech March (Balkansky Remix) 06 - Sinister Souls - Ascension (Loop Stepwalker Remix) 07 - Sinister Souls - Indoctrinate 08 - Sinister Souls - Borderline 09 - Sinister Souls - Critical Reject 10 - Sinister Souls & Balkansky - Ogunv

  • #4 - FS Dubstep Mix

    #4 - FS Dubstep Mix


    The Dubstep Mix Show on YouTube presents FS. This American producer and DJ from Brooklyn, NY has started to continunally hit the Dubstep charts with absolute smashers such as "Yup", "Touch O Klass" and "Shake Dat Ass". FS started writing music at the age of 10, playing the piano and guitar. Fascinated by electronics, he built his own electronic mixer out of spare Atari parts. In his late teens, he went on to produce many local NYC artists and signed with major labels including Polygram and Universal. From there, FS rolled into writing music scores for the television and film industry, with his tracks appearing in shows such as CSI, Weeds, Entourage and The Real World. Luckily for us, he jumped into Dubstep from there, and we can now enjoy the fruits of his labor. Which you'll hear plenty of in this mix. Out now is the single "YUP" from FS's Touch O Klass EP which this week hit #1 on Beatport's Dubstep chart. Get it while it's fresh: ► ◄ In this mix, FS brings us 9 of his mos

  • #3 - Sine Here Dubstep Mix

    #3 - Sine Here Dubstep Mix


    The Dubstep Mix Show on YouTube present Dubstep artist Sine Here. This newcomer on the scene hails from the UK and started playing as a Drum & Bass DJ when he was 14 years old. Meanwhile, he practiced with producing tracks for a while and when he first heard Benga's album "Diary of an Afro Warrior" he jumped into Dubstep. He quickly changed from producing D&B to producing Dubstep and months later his first tunes weere signed on Hype Regiment and Play Me Too Records. His sound is characterized by huge trancey atmospherics with brute force bassline riffs. Here is.... Sine Here! Leave your appreciation in the comments! TRACKLISTING01 - Sine Here - I Feel You 02 - The One Hundred - Break Me Down (Tek One Alternative Remix) 03 - Kromestar - Stranger 04 - Sine Here - Destruction 05 - Phear Phace - Rambo 06 - Depone - Gangsta Shit 07 - Widelows - Terradactyl 08 - Enigma - Badness 09 - Badklaat - Ouija 10 - Lonestar - Device 11 - Requake - Arma Bass 12 - Sine Here - The Forest 13 - Grumblex - Pork Cylinders

  • #2 - Dubba Jonny Dubstep Mix

    #2 - Dubba Jonny Dubstep Mix


    The Dubstep Mix Show on YouTube present the Dubstep duo Dubba Jonny. Originally formed in Bournemouth, UK in in November of 2009, they are of the new YouTube generation of artists who receive most of their promotion right on here. After producing some tracks, the duo quickly left their mark on the underground dubstep scene with a series of massive online hits, which received plays from many of the biggest names in dubstep. They have now signed a series of tracks to labels such as Velcro City, home to successful Drum and Bass artists InContext and Deep Focus. Their single 'Home' became a large online and club hit and will be out on there soon. They are now in the mix selecting 15 of their best tracks and blending them in just over half an hour! Enjoy and leave your appreciation in the comments! TRACKLISTING1 - All In - Dubba Jonny 2 - Epic Tune - Dubba Jonny 3 - Cocaine - Rockso 4 - Expired - Dubba Jonny 5 - Burning (Dubba Jonny Remix) - Firetruck 6 - Forgot about Dre (Dubba Jonny Refix) - Dr Dre feat. Emine

  • #1 - High Rankin Dubstep Mix

    #1 - High Rankin Dubstep Mix


    The Dubstep Mix Show on YouTube presents Dubstep dandy and local bounder High Rankin. He is one of the scenes more eccentric artists. His music brims with character and personality that engulfs the listener as well as causing the obvious dance floor riot! He has an excellent moustache and will fight anyone who disagrees. A man of unhindered honesty, it seems, as the above is the first story of business that he utters throughout this short trip around his musical lifetime. But High Rankin's introduction to the world of music was far more simple than his introduction to the one of business. "It seemed like the easiest way to pull chicks as I couldn't play the guitar, and I thought it would be cool". See, simple. But when you get down to the nuts of bolts of what High Rankin is actually about, there's not only an inimitable personality behind everything that he does, but an unfaltering ethic and politik stemming from the most simple elements of his musical back and foreground. TRACKLISTING01 - High Rankin - The

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