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  • Shooting Expired Slide Film

    Shooting Expired Slide Film

    09/10/2019 Duração: 52min

    Photographer, Guillermo Montesinos, reaches out to Bill Manning after listening to an episode about shooting expired film. He shares his experiences shooting expired Ektachrome E100 VS and gives his take on how to shoot expired film. He also is reaching out to discuss a social media project he is working on: "The Outdated Film Project" (#outdatedfilmproject).   You can follow Guillermo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

  • Retro Dream Grunge

    Retro Dream Grunge

    30/09/2019 Duração: 01h26min

    Atlanta Photographer, Joelle Grace, represented by Agency Arts, stops by the blanket fort for a special one-on-one interview to discuss her experience as an up-and-coming fashion photographer. She shares how hard work and dedication got her 'on to the scene' and now has images in more than 20 publications like Vogue Italia, Billboard Magazine, GIRL Magazine, and many more!   Follow Joelle Grace on her website and on Instagram!   *This episode contains very little talk about film and focuses more on the Joelle's work.

  • He Reverse Engineered Kodachrome!

    He Reverse Engineered Kodachrome!

    22/09/2019 Duração: 55min

    After receiving more than 500 rolls of Kodachrome 5-years after the last rolls were developed at Dwayne's Photo, Kelly-Shane Fuller took it upon himself to learn how Kodachrome film was processed. For the past 2-years, he has made significant progress in reverse engineering the development process. On an Instagram post in August, 2019 he shares a post, "Two years in the making, finally made it!!!" In this interview, Kelly-Shane shares his experience in successfully reverse engineering the development process!   Follow Kelly-Shane Fuller on Instagram!

  • Interview: Nicos Photography Show

    Interview: Nico's Photography Show

    09/09/2019 Duração: 58min

    YouTuber, Nico Llasera, of the Nico Photography Show comes on to the show for a One-on-One Interview. Nico's YouTube Channel, commonly found as Nico's Photo News, is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels for analog photography news, reviews, and vlogs. We learn about how he got into film photography, how he does is photography news research, and what his goals are for growing his YouTube channel.   You can find Nico at: YouTube Instagram Website You can also support Nico on his Patreon site.

  • I Say Tomato and You Say Gif Wrong

    I Say Tomato and You Say Gif Wrong

    18/08/2019 Duração: 01h19min

    Erik Javi returns to the Blanket Fort to give us an update on his impressive collection of images from his 2,650 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. He shares his first iteration of the book, 2,650, depicting more than 170 images over 100 days of the trail hike from beginning to end. Check out our first interview with Erik in 2018. We dive into the photo news and discuss whether Kodak Moment's investment into updating the Kiosk is the right move. We discuss the expired film project we're getting started on and Steven wishes to add that film to the community collaboration. Bill is really excited for the upcoming photo event, Holga Week, as he had a very positive result with his new Holga 120N.   Topic Mentions: Kodak Moments Kiosk Film Sales are up Kodak 2019 Q2 Financial Report Holga Week October 1-7, 2019

  • Community Collaborations with Michael Bartosek

    Community Collaborations with Michael Bartosek

    12/08/2019 Duração: 01h03min

    The creator for the Kodak 2238 Project, a community collaboration, Michael Bartosek, shares his reasons for starting a film community collaboration. Thirty people are given two rolls of Kodak 2238 black and white film. This is a low speed, fine grain, panchromatic film that is not commonly used for photography. Traditionally, this film is used for digital separation imagery. Then the photographers would develop them and share their images for a zine. His project is going so well that it inspired me to take a horde of expired film that was kindly given to me from a friend and Fujfilm Representative, Brandon Remler. More details to come as I build out the specifics for the zine. Follow Michael Bartosek on Instagram! You can now buy bulk-rolled Kodak 2238 at Michael's Etsy page! Conversation Links: Brad Pitt photos of Angelina Jolie shot on Kodak Tech Pan.

  • Scanning from a Flatbed SUCKS!

    Scanning from a Flatbed SUCKS!

    04/08/2019 Duração: 01h08min

    Steven is back from his proposal shoot in Banff National Park. He shares his story doing a stylized wedding shoot. Jordana discusses how some people people say her images don't look like it was shot with film. Bill shares his results scanning with the Negative Supply MK1 film carrier. Review and sample image scans using the MK1.

  • You Could Take that Kind of Picture, Right?

    You Could Take that Kind of Picture, Right?

    21/07/2019 Duração: 01h11min

    While Steven is out, Jordana and Bill conduct a tag team interview with North Georgia Photographer Bryan Garris. Bryan Garris shares his insight in selling his work at art festivals and how he differentiates himself from other photographers. He provides some helpful tips and tricks to photographers interested in selling their work at these festivals. Follow Bryan Garris on Instagram: @havefilm_willtravel   Conversation Mentions: Art Fair Applications Site:

  • Breaking News: Lomochrome Metropolis XR 100-400

    Breaking News: Lomochrome Metropolis XR 100-400

    16/07/2019 Duração: 25min

    Lomography launches a new film for the Lomochrome line up: Lomochrome Metropolis XR 100-400. We get Lomography Marketing Manager, Birgit Buchart, gives us the deets on this new film!   Check out the images and back the Kickstarter Here! 

  • Film vs. TSA

    Film vs. TSA

    14/07/2019 Duração: 52min

    Jordana is back from her trip in New York City and Boston. Since we've all done a bit of traveling with our film gear, we discuss what we share our recommendations when it comes to dealing with TSA in our baggage. Photo News: Acros 100 II Returns New55 Releases their peel-apart 400 speed film  Negative Supply hits 300% funding on their Kickstarter Conversation Mentions: PeerSpace: an Airbnb for creators based on the hour. 

  • F@$* Sake, Shoot Some Film

    [email protected]$* Sake, Shoot Some Film

    10/07/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    It's time for another Podcast Cross Over episode. Bill tries to have an interview with co-hosts of the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast Hamish Gill and EM. Since it is our first time having Hamish on the show, we learn about how he got into photography and how 35mmc became one of the largest film camera review websites on the internet. We wrangle EM back in and learn how the two met and how HPP a popular film photography podcast. Visit Hamish's Website: Visit EM's Website:   Subscribe the the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast on iTunes!   Thanks to EM and Hamish, I had to censor their colorful profanity.

  • Bokeh Broz (TM)

    Bokeh Broz (TM)

    30/06/2019 Duração: 01h14min

    The fouled mouth, punk rock, film photography podcast, Grainy Dayz, stops by the studio as part of the podcast crossover series. Co-hosts Dustin Cogsdell and Mac MacDonald tells us a little bit about their photography, the reason they started Grainy Dayz, and why the Nikon F100 is the new hotness. Follow Grainy Dayz on Instagram: @grainy_dayz_podcast Follow Dustin Cogsdell: @fortheloveofgrain Follow Mac MacDonald: @macshootsfilm Conversation Mentions: The Strobist "Light, Science, and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting"

  • Scanning is a Pain in the A$$

    Scanning is a Pain in the A$$

    29/06/2019 Duração: 47min

    Bill has a one-on-one interview with AJ Holmes, co-founder of Negative Supply. Negative Supply is about to launch their first Kickstarter, set for July 1, 2019, with the MK1. The MK1 is a 35mm film advancing device to speed up film scanning process as well as making the film as flat as possible for the sharpest possible capture with an overhead camera/macro lens configuration. Details and images of the MK1 can be found at Follow Negative Supply on instagram

  • Studio Positives

    Studio Positives

    09/06/2019 Duração: 01h26min

    It's a podcast crossover! Bill invites Andre Domingues and Mike Gutterman of the Negative Positives podcast to discuss how they started. Alcohol MIGHT be involved. Listeners beware.

  • West Coast Meets East Coast

    West Coast Meets East Coast

    27/05/2019 Duração: 57min

    Studio C-41 invites Los Angeles Photographer, Edward Conde, to the blanket fort to discuss his latest half frame work. Edward bring his Lomo LC-A's and stack of prints and we dive into discussing it work. Visuals of his work and bonus content will be linked on an upcoming vlog! Subscribe to our YouTube channel!  

  • Interview Mayhem, Part Deux: Lina Bessonova - Jarob Ortiz

    Interview Mayhem, Part Deux: Lina Bessonova - Jarob Ortiz

    30/04/2019 Duração: 42min

    Bill host an Instagram Live one-on-one interview with Lina Bessonova in announcing her gallery exhibition opening in New York City at the SACI Gallery May 2, 2019 - 6PM - 454 W 19th St., New York City. Pulled from the vlog interview, Bill travels to Birmingham, Alabama to interview National Park Service Photographer, Jarob Ortiz. Jarob was on assignment documenting iconic building involved in the civil right movement in Alabama. You can watch these vlogs on our YouTube Channel!

  • Not Feeling Inspired...

    Not Feeling Inspired...

    30/04/2019 Duração: 01h16min

    Jordana, Steven, and Bill get together to recap the photo news, recent interviews, upcoming interviews, and we get deep discussing quite a few topics: Why it's okay not to take pictures that don't inspire you, Why photographing your significant other is much harder than a model. Join Bill at Lina Bessonova's gallery Exhibition in NYC, 5/2/19, 6PM - SACI Gallery - 454 W 19th Street, New York City. Steven reports his experience working with the Lightroom Plugin for color negatives: "Negative Lab Pro"

  • One Hour or Its Free!

    One Hour or It's Free!

    09/04/2019 Duração: 01h01s

    Jordana, Steven, and Bill meet together under some new changes! The podcast is given its own identity: 1 Hour Photo. We cover the photo news and discuss the fake news articles. Some were funny and some were done in poor taste. Support Studio C-41 and by considering a subscription with Photo Klassik International: Photo News: NEW Tetenal is taking orders. Horrible tasting IPAs: Great film developer substitute Fake News: All film photography Podcasts Merge: "Classic Film Negatives Sunny Lensless Studio Podcast" (CFNSLSP) - Join Today! Fujifilm purchases Kodak Alaris PPF Division - "Kojifilm" Phoblobbeber: Discontinuing Portra 800 Panic

  • Large Format Talk with Ben Horne

    Large Format Talk with Ben Horne

    01/04/2019 Duração: 58min

    Large format photographer and YouTuber, Ben Horne, joins Bill Manning for a one-on-one interview to discuss his workflow as a Photographer and YouTuber. This interview is also available in video on our new YouTube channel! Follow Ben on his Instagram: @benhornephoto and on his YouTube Channel!

  • His Memory Card Died During a Wedding

    His Memory Card Died During a Wedding

    25/03/2019 Duração: 01h24min

    The gang is together to catch up on photo news! Jordana officially joins the team as a co-host and talks about her photographic inspirations. Our YouTube channel has some awesome content now! Check it out! Steven shares his story, in the form of shadow puppets, of his camera's memory card dying during a wedding he's shooting.   Photo News: Jason Momoa is a Leica Guy. NASA still buys film. NASA developed film in outer-space. Kodak's CEO Jeff Clarke Steps Down. Fujifilm Increase Film Prices at least 30% Dubble Film and Revolog Combine Forces Bob Shanebrook Interview Recap Tony Northrup vs. Steve McCurry

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