The Mediums View is run through The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary, located in Effort, Pennsylvania. Along with Gloria J. Weichand, International Spiritual Medium, a host of metaphysical educators will join in with their own monthly one hour broadcasts.

Following is a list of presenters and the name of the show they will be hosting:

The Medium's View
Last Sunday of each month - 8PM
Gloria J. Weichand
[email protected]

Indigo and Crystal Children - Embracing Their Journey
Danielle Capelli
First Tuesday of each month - 1PM

Signs From Spirit
Teri Oz
Second Wednesday of each month - 1PM

Angel Talk
Rosanne Turek
Second Wednesday of each month - 8PM

Spirit Messages Through Inspirational Writing
Rebecca Gruber
Second Friday of each month - 1PM

Evening Meditation
Lorrie Gilrane
Third Thursday of each month - 8PM
[email protected]


  • The Mediums View

    The Medium's View

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    We are a team of Evidential Mediums dedicated to removing the myths and fears associated with the metaphysical world. Our Intention is provide education and answers to life's burning questions. We provide an open forum to those seeking a better understanding of their life journey and what comes next. All questions are welcomed. Learn More about the team . . . .

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