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A depth-filled, revolutionary talk show for soulful women to participate in meaningful inquiry, inspired conversation, and the excavation of Essence.We challenge prevailing paradigms, lean into our tender places, and explore the edge of Becoming.


  • Boundaries


    30/04/2014 Duração: 56min

    What to do when things get sticky in a relationship, how to know when to open up or pull back your edges, why energy is the only place to really affect change, and I did some Soul healing for our very first caller.It was a full episode!Here are some of the other highlights you can listen for when you tune in to the replay: 4:31 Returning to my Essence - no notes! 9:05 "Triggers are Portals to Freedom"14:38 Discerning what’s needed - Open or Close a Boundary? How do you know?21:04 I reveal the secret of how others get into your energy space29:16 Energy Work - Tuning up your edges43:18 Psychic Boundary Work with our first caller53:16 Practical Integration of the work for this weekBoundaries in alignment = Healthy relationships and rejuvenated energy. It’s like going to the spa for your aura.

  • Untamed Anthem of Jess Johnson

    Untamed Anthem of Jess Johnson

    23/04/2014 Duração: 01h09min

    Songstress, Jess Johnson, has a Wild Soul conversation with Jody about Essence, Intimacy, Revolutionary Relationships and the Untamed Anthem. (You can get a free copy of the Anthem for yourself at http://www.untamedyou.com/#Joinus )

  • Turtle Medicine

    Turtle Medicine

    16/04/2014 Duração: 01h04min

    Greetings, Sister.A week has passed and it is time for us to gather again for our next wild, soulful conversation around the fire of remembering.If you find yourself surprised by how fast the time has gone or rushing to figure out how to create some space in your crazy schedule to join us tomorrow, then your soul is calling for just the medicine I'll be sharing in this episode.Mama Turtle has been calling to me and I have much to share with you about her lessons for all of us on slowing down, leaning in and tending to your internal thoughts and creations so that they can mature into fullness and birth.  I'll be sharing my adventure of swimming with the Sea Turtles on my recent trip to Akumal, Mexico, and the metaphor for our lives that emerged from that experience.Turtles, Magic, Soul Medicine Paths, Kali ... there are so many possibilities knocking at the door to share themselves with you during our time together.  I'm looking forward to seeing what comes through. Are you?

  • Championing the Return of Essence

    Championing the Return of Essence

    09/04/2014 Duração: 51min

    Untaming, Medicine, and Essence... Such juicy topics for our first episode of Wild Soul Medicine Radio.Were you able to join us live?  If not, the recording is ready on our Radio site.  Here are a few tidbits:4 mins - "I will always be both student and teacher."8 mins - One minute "getting present" meditation22 mins - How do you handle venomous emails when you put yourself out in Truth?26 mins - Why Jody has the audacity to call herself Medicine Woman when she's not Native American.35 mins - An Energy Exercise to expand your Essence!We would love to have you jump into the conversation happening over at The Tribe, if you haven't joined us yet. Once you are on the Facebook group page, just click the Join button under my photo.  If there are women you think should be in the conversation with us, feel free to share the invitation.I look forward to leaning into the magik with you again next week Wednesday at 9am PT / Noon ET!

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