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  • Fringe Preview 2019 part 1

    Fringe Preview 2019 part 1


    Fringe 2019 - Joylyn Secunda of 'THE MOANING YONI' and Julie Gieseke of "Borderline A**Hole", plus filmmaker Andy Alvarez talks about her award-winning short "La Mariposa (The Butterfly)"

  • The Centurions Project and The Zoo Story

    The Centurions Project and The Zoo Story


    Playwright Sally Stubbs, actors Sarah Roa and Chantal Gering from The Centurions Project and Actor Aidan Wright from Edward Albee's THE ZOO STORY at Havana Theatre.

  • Punkcouver #3

    Punkcouver #3


    We rundown some of the outdoor events going on this weekend, inbetween songs from Russian Tim's latest compilation of new local punk.

  • VQFF and Our Town

    VQFF and Our Town


    Peninsula Productions "Our Town" with director, Rebecca Walters. Stephanie Goodwin, executive director of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival

  • Shakespeare in Love

    Shakespeare in Love


    UBC Theatre Grad, Ghazal Azarbad is playing Viola at Bard on the Beach this summer.

  • The computer died, but we carry on.

    The computer died, but we carry on.


    Nancy Lee of CURRENT: Feminist Electronic Art Symposium, Jordan Navratil of Teatro los Enamorados "The God of Carnage" and "Silence! The Musical" The unauthorized parody of The Silence of the Lambs with Mark Carter, Jenn Suratos and Derry Oshust.

  • Nobodys Perfect

    Nobody's Perfect


    A bit of a ramshackle show as we adjust to the new technical reality. But it's still fun.

  • Shift Festival 12 and Ensemble Theatre 7

    Shift Festival 12 and Ensemble Theatre 7


    Steve James previews Ensemble Theatre's 7th season and Coco Roberge gets us ready for Shift Festival 12

  • WIFTV 20th annual Spotlight Awards.

    WIFTV 20th annual Spotlight Awards.


    Comedian Sophie Buddle and Women in Film's Awards recipient for Outstanding Career Lily Hui.

  • Henry V and Rock of Ages

    Henry V and Rock of Ages


    Shelby Wyminga and Rami Kahlon of Stone's Throw Productions HENRY V, and Rock of Ages Director Chris Adams!

  • Dave Radios 5th Anniversary

    Dave Radio's 5th Anniversary


    Congratulations to all the nominees for this year's Jessies. Especially those who come on our show.

  • Gutsy Walk 2019

    Gutsy Walk 2019


    Crohn's and Colitis advocate, Elspeth Robinson helps us get ready for this weekend's Gutsy Walk.

  • Happy 200th Birthday Queen Victoria

    Happy 200th Birthday Queen Victoria


    A casual rundown of some of this weekend's events and shows.

  • Enter Laughing

    Enter Laughing


    Jay Hamburger and the cast of "Enter Laughing" talk about Theatre in the Raw's 25th Anniversary Show.

  • Standing on the Line

    Standing on the Line


    Documentarian Paul Émile d'Entremont tells us about his new film, now showing at DOXA, that explores the experience of being a gay athlete in Canada; what it means to stay in the closet, what it takes to come out.

  • May The Third be with you

    May The Third be with you


    "Cover your Friends" with the Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio and Actor Tayo Aluko comes the Havana with "Call Mr. Robeson" and "Just An Ordinary Lawyer"

  • Lots of Theatre Artists

    Lots of Theatre Artists


    Stephen Aberle and Michelle Morris from Slamming Door Collective’s upcoming production of "The Sea" by Edward Bond, Playwright Derek Chan and Pedro Chamale talk about Rice and Beans Theatre’s "Chicken Girl", and Laura Miller and Sydney Doberstein from Third Wheel Productions' "Deep into Darkness"

  • Good Friday

    Good Friday


    4/20 and Easter on the same weekend. What could go wrong? Tune in to find out.

  • Too much to mention

    Too much to mention


    With spring in the air, there's theatre everywhere. We get to as many listings as we can fit into an hour. Plus new local music.

  • Detroit - The Play

    Detroit - The Play


    Actor Warren Johnson of Vagabond Players talks about Detroit by Lisa D’Amour

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