Quantum Conversations: With Karen Curry Parker


Join Karen Curry Parker, #1 best-selling author, creator of the Human Design for Everyone Training System (tm) and the Healing by Human Design System , for deep and provocative conversations about science, spirituality and conscious evolution. If you are a fan of Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra and Lynne McTaggart, then you will love Quantum Conversations. Tune in each week for a blend of science, spirituality and evolution, based on scientific principles. To learn more, visit http://understandinghumandesign.com/


  • EO19 Change your brain, change the world with Dawson Church

    EO19 Change your brain, change the world with Dawson Church

    08/10/2017 Duração: 42min

    We know we are powerful beyond what we realize and yet, we struggle to fulfill our potential. Many of us use this struggle to reinforce self-defeating patterns, old thoughts and beliefs that keep us from tapping into the truth of who we are. We are all part of an infinite super-intelligent mind that has the capacity to create in ways we maybe can’t even imagine. But our brains - that place where we think our true mind is stored - are actually just organs, no different from kidneys, hearts, lungs and even skin…. The brain is part of the body and, like the muscles you try to work out at the gym, the brain can be trained and conditioned, strengthened and used as a master organ to create vitality, longevity and joy. It takes self-mastery and a willingness to crack open the door to your perceived limitations to begin to use your brain better than you’re using it now. Research shows that you don’t have to be stuck in old stories, limitations and pain any more. The brain and the body remembers and the memories keep

  • EO18 Awaken Your Inner Fire with Heather Ash Amara

    EO18 Awaken Your Inner Fire with Heather Ash Amara

    26/09/2017 Duração: 31min

    We are innately powerful. Deep within us all lives a fire, a light that is uniquely our own, that longs to shine out into the world. But sometimes life gets in the way of our light. We are deeply conditioned to surrender our light, to fall into place and do the things we think we have to do to fit in, fulfill our obligations, take our adult place in the world… When we give up our fire, it doesn’t go away. It certainly can feel like it’s gone out. In reality the embers still glow, waiting for us to rekindle our inner light… We feel it as discomfort, depression, even physical pain - all signals that our soul sends us to remind us to tend to our inner fire. Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning in a life we didn’t choose, that the circumstances of our obligations take over and we have no choice but to compromise and give in… The warrior within us reminds us of our power. We have to power to disassemble a life that is out of alignment. We have the power to burn away all that no longer serves us and we have within

  • EO17 Your Soul is Calling You to Fulfill Your True Purpose with Dr. Mark Thurston

    EO17 Your Soul is Calling You to Fulfill Your True Purpose with Dr. Mark Thurston

    12/09/2017 Duração: 27min

    Edgar Cayce has long been the gold standard of intuitive insights and prophesies. The “Sleeping Prophet” as he was called was able to channel messages and deep spiritual insights that healed people on many, many levels. Cayce left behind a tremendous archive of transcripts and recordings of his private sessions with clients. Through a set of divinely orchestrated event, Dr. Mark Thurston was given the job of organizing and understanding this massive archive of material, giving us the gift of the synthesis of Edgar Cayce’s work as well as his own insights to help us ground Cayce’s insights in our modern world understanding. I find it fascinating that so much of Cayce’s work was devoted to helping people discover their life purpose and that we are still intrigued by the questions of who we are and why we are here. In many of our Quantum Conversations we talk to spiritual teachers and leaders who have created systems to help others discover who they are and why they are here. Dr. Thurston and Edgar Cayce and sha

  • EO16 We think we need to “fight” for peace with Carla Goldstein

    EO16 We think we need to “fight” for peace with Carla Goldstein

    05/09/2017 Duração: 37min

    We think we need to “fight” for peace. We take our anger and push against others who hold different views, different perspectives…we use the language of anti-this or that….we use the word resist and we spend our energy gathering ourselves against others. There is a delicate balance between resistance, fighting for what’s right and using our energy to be fundamentally creative in order to create a true new world order… a new world order where compassion and unity rules. The shift we are experiencing on the planet right now is creating in us deeply polarized perspectives and it’s easy to fall into a mindset of right and wrong, black and white, masculine and feminine…. But what we’ve learned from the past is that anytime we create “othering” of each other, we are at risk of de-humanizing each other. And history has shown us again and again that when we dehumanize a set of people, it becomes too easy to justify marginalizing them or, even worse, hurting them or attempting to wipe them from the face of the planet.

  • EO15 The Five Elements with Dondi Dahlin

    EO15 The Five Elements with Dondi Dahlin

    24/08/2017 Duração: 40min

    We often operate on the assumption that humans are all the same. We have similar drives, desires and temperament. It’s almost like there’s some kind of earthly blueprint for being human and any variation that we experience away from this blueprint makes us wrong, bad or less than. Many of you may have had this experience. We are raised in families that either feel comfortable to us or families that we struggle to fit in to. I’m not talking about love here. I’m talking about feeling like you belong or fit or are even SIMILAR to the people you grow up with. The truth is, after coaching people for more than 28 years, most people feel like they don’t fit in or that there is something wrong with them. Most people feel like they don’t quite fit in… Ancient wisdom has taught us for centuries that life is comprised of different energies embodied in the elements fire, earth, water, wood and metal and that these elements have different qualities and characteristics. The five elements originated in ancient Chinese medic

  • EO14 Heart Imagery with Daniel Mitel

    EO14 Heart Imagery with Daniel Mitel

    15/08/2017 Duração: 32min

    Please join me for this powerful Quantum Conversation with Daniel Mitel.  Daniel invites us to literally take a journey into our hearts.  We can’t live in our hearts if we are not in the heart of who we are. I followed Daniels heart imagery meditation from his book, Journeys into the Heart, and saw myself standing in my physical heart.  As I felt the pink, pulsing walls around me, I was blown away by the love available in my own heart.  Just one little visual journey into my heart and my entire perspective on the world changed. Just one little visual journey into my heart and I had a powerful touchstone experience of what it feels like to be in my heart. The love that resides in our hearts is our most creative energy.  It’s also the energy that connects us to each other.  You can not be in your heart and feel the rich, unconditional nature of true love without experiencing tremendous compassion for your divine brothers and sisters. If the magnetic field of the earth synchronizes and connects us through the be

  • E0: 13 From Uncertainty to Flow with Anne Tucker

    E0: 13 From Uncertainty to Flow with Anne Tucker

    28/07/2017 Duração: 24min

    Your ability to make decisions is the most vital skill you have.  You are the sum total of all the decisions you’ve made in your life.   The fear of making a wrong decision and worry about the outcome can make it hard for us to be present to the blessings of our daily life.  We worry.  We’re distracted and we actually shut off our creative capacity and stay in a constant state of low-grade fight or flight.   There is a flow of creativity and resiliency available to us if we can learn to navigate our way through uncertainty and trust ourselves.    But, first, you have to know who you are and how to make choices in the way that’s right for you.   Anne Tucker teaches us that there are seven “soul types” and that each “soul type” has different desires, different goals and a different way of making decisions.  When you live true to your “soul type” you access your flow and making decisions become easier and more aligned with what you truly want for you life.   Please join me for this week’s Quantum Conversation wi

  • EO12: Wholing with Rashmi Khilnani

    EO12: "Wholing" with Rashmi Khilnani

    05/07/2017 Duração: 34min

    We are not healing.  We are “wholing”.  This is the powerful word Rashmi Khilani gave me in our Quantum Conversation together.  Our intention, as we wake up and consciously evolve this world, needs to not be to fix what’s broken, but to instead to focus on what is working and shift our perspective to new meanings. Meanings full of potential and possibility.  Abundance, sustainability, equitable and peaceful for all.  We are in the process of turning our attention to a higher level of experience, creating new meanings that empower us, and solving the challenges facing humanity today.  This is an era of the heart, where compassion rules the day and the meanings we evolve for the world serve the greater great of the whole. “Wholing.” We are shifting, evolving and growing.  We are not broken but exquisitely perfect.  And creating higher levels of alignment each and every day. Enjoy this week’s Quantum Conversation with author, leading-edge movie producer, visionary leader and spiritual teacher, Rashmi Khilnani.

  • E011: What if Do what you love and the money will follow is a lie?

    E011: What if "Do what you love and the money will follow" is a lie?

    23/06/2017 Duração: 38min

    You are living your Purpose because you are alive.  You simply can not “miss” fulfilling your Life Purpose.  But you can express is more deeply, more richly and in a more satisfying way.  We are taught, “Do what you love and the money will follow”.  We think that means that our “work” that we do to create an income is our “work of the world”.  While this is a beautiful ideal, it sets many of us up to think we’re failing if we have to go to a J.O.B. and then fulfill our passions and purpose “on the side”.  Please join me and my guest bestselling author, TEDx speaker and entrepreneur, Michelle Vandepas, for this week’s Quantum Conversation. We’re talking about Purpose, Passion and the Work of the World and how you absolutely can’t screw up your Life Purpose!!!!

  • EO10: Is my Loved One OK and more answers with Dr. Joseph Gallenberger

    EO10: Is my Loved One OK and more answers with Dr. Joseph Gallenberger

    13/06/2017 Duração: 33min

    Let’s be honest.  We’re afraid of death. There is an existential worry that death will mean the end of us.  Our finite lives drawn to a complete circle and then nothing… We not only fear our own death, we fear the death of our loved ones.  Many years ago when I worked as a psychic medium, people would come to me wanting to connect with their crossed over loved ones. Every once and a while people would want to know where did Aunt Lucy hide the bonds she promised me in her will…. But. by far, most people had two important questions: Is my loved one ok?        2. Is my loved one still with me? A strict Newtonian view of physics forces us into a mindset that death is the end of life.  Our physical life is all there is and once it’s over, it’s over. What quantum physics shows us is that our physical life is the blossoming of a quantum possibility - a continuum of possibility that is expressed in a third dimensional existence - and, once complete, continues on as an eternal archetype that we can continue to commu

  • EO9: How Ritual can Change Your DNA with Dr. Steven Farmer

    EO9: How Ritual can Change Your DNA with Dr. Steven Farmer

    06/06/2017 Duração: 38min

    It has been said that you create your own reality.  But, if that’s true, who is the “I” that creates your reality?  Who you think you are, your perceptions, your thoughts, your reactions, your fears, even your beliefs can be deeply embedded in your DNA, leaving us to this profound question: Are you really who you think you are?  Or is who you think you are a result of the legacy of those who have come before you? Science shows us that our gene expression is regulated by proteins located on the genes.  These proteins are called epigenes.  Research has shown that these epigenes carrying information and programming that is laid down often generations before you are even conceived. Think about this for a moment.  The experiences of your great grandparents, grandparents and parents influence your health, your DNA, your perceptions…Who you know yourself to be. Research also shows that epigenes are malleable.  We can change our DNA by changing our epigenes liberating us from the old idea that we are basically “victi

  • EO8: You are valuable because you exist and more Truths from Spiritual Teacher, Paul Selig

    EO8: You are valuable because you exist and more Truths from Spiritual Teacher, Paul Selig

    29/05/2017 Duração: 25min

    We are standing on the edge of a powerful time on the planet.  All of the confusion that we have had in the past about who we are and, most importantly, the value of who you are is coming to a head and our outer reality is reflecting back to us where we are in consciousness. It’s easy to slip into a mindset that there is an “outer” reality and an “inner” reality and that what happens in the outer reality is something out there -  It’s also easy to slip into a mindset that, because you’ve been tending to your spiritual life, your mindset, etc, that if you see something that you don’t like or that is not “in alignment” with your beliefs that it’s somehow not a part of you. There is no outer reality and we are all of it.  All of it. Even the bits you don’t like. But we are not powerless over what’s been created on the planet. In fact we are extremely powerful.  Paul Selig tells us that when one of us wakes up, it wakes up a 1000 people. And if you sit with this vision for a moment, those 1000 people waking up wa

  • EO7: Dr. Paul Drouin and Integrated Quantum Medicine

    EO7: Dr. Paul Drouin and Integrated Quantum Medicine

    22/05/2017 Duração: 34min

    The marriage of quantum science and health care - integrative health care - has the potential to change the meaning we give illness and empowers us to create a new definition of healthcare - The kind of health care that is compassionate, is easily available to everyone and radically reduces the need for a way of doing medicine that, in essence, heals only the final physical manifestation of pain, not always the root cause of the pain in the first place. Quantum science shows us that when we manifest illness or disease on a physical level, we have been energetically harboring the root cause of our illness, long before it shows up in the body. This isn’t a new idea.  Many ancient health care systems such as aryuveda and acupuncture, have know this for thousands of years.  More modern healing systems such as energy psychology, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy or even healing touch support this idea, too.  Quantum science has given us the proof that by the time we experience pain or disease on a physic

  • EO6: Rhys Thomas and Discovering Your Purpose

    EO6: Rhys Thomas and Discovering Your Purpose

    15/05/2017 Duração: 34min

    We are designed to live a specific life with a specific purpose in a specific way.  But, our conditioning, our familial belief systems, our society and our own inner self-doubt, often cause us to try to create success in a way that isn’t right for who we really are.  When we try to be someone we’re not, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold up the mask we’re forcing ourselves to wear.  And we burn out.  We struggle.  We feel anxiety and depression, simply because we’re not being who we really are. During this conversation, Rhys Thomas introduces his Rhys Method (R) Life Purpose Profile System to help you identify your purpose and reconnect with your passions so that you can find true happiness and fulfillment.

  • EO5: Why weirdness matters and more insights into Being different with author, Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed are the Weird

    EO5: Why weirdness matters and more insights into Being "different" with author, Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed are the Weird

    08/05/2017 Duração: 30min

    Blessed are the weird! What a boring world we would be living in if everyone was the same. The evolution of humanity is dependent on people who want things to stay the same. And also on people who are weird. There are those of us who are designed to be different. Not out of rebellion. Not to prove some point. Not out of a youthful need to differentiate ourselves from our parents or our lineage. But because we are here to change the world. To take bold action to expand the understandings and the possibilities for humanity. To be the carriers of cultural mutation. Because without mutation, we'd never grow and expand. Weird people bring us music, art, poetry, stories, scientific breakthroughs, cultural trends and so much more. Weird people change the way we see ourselves, open our minds up to new potential solutions, help us see reality with fresh eyes. And help us understand what has come before with a new perspective. Please join me and author, inspirational leader and speaker, Jacob Nordby for this week's Qu

  • E04: How to Get your Ego to stop Resisting Your Soul with Richard Barrett

    E04: How to Get your Ego to stop Resisting Your Soul with Richard Barrett

    01/05/2017 Duração: 32min

    For years we’ve struggled to figure out what keeps us impassioned. How do we stay motivated? Why do we resist the things we think should give our lives more material comfort? During this Quantum Conversation we talk with author and speaker Richard Barrett, author of the book ,A New Psychology of Human Well - Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego - Soul Dynamics On Mental and Physical Health, and discover that the secret to creating meaningful action is to make sure that your ego is serving your soul. You have an ego, but you’re not an ego. You have a soul and you ARE a soul. When you learn how to get your ego to serve your soul, your life gets so much more meaningful and purposeful.

  • E03: Breaking Our Addiction to Certainty with Allison Carmen

    E03: Breaking Our Addiction to Certainty with Allison Carmen

    23/04/2017 Duração: 22min

    According to author, Allison Carmen, we are addicted to certainty. Our addiction causes us to hold on to limited expectations and creates heartbreak and disappointment when the unexpected inevitably plays out. The solution to liberating our minds and setting ourselves free is as simple as inviting the possibility of “maybe” into our lives. When we allow ourselves to see that “maybe” we don’t have all the answers, “maybe” things could turn out better than we imagined and “maybe” it’s okay if we don’t know what’s next we unleash the oppression of our limited thinking and stand ready to embrace the beauty and possibility of the unknown.

  • E02: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul with Quantum Activist, Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.d.

    E02: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul with Quantum Activist, Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.d.

    07/04/2017 Duração: 51min

    Quantum Physics is not only the future of science, but also the key to understanding consciousness, God, psychology, death and the meaning of life. Join us for this powerful Quantum Conversation as Dr. Goswami reveals how quantum physics is truly the Answer to Everything.  

  • E01: Finding Forgiveness After A Murder, and Other Symptoms an Awakened Life with Modern Spiritual Master Charles Cannon

    E01: Finding Forgiveness After A Murder, and Other Symptoms an Awakened Life with Modern Spiritual Master Charles Cannon

    05/04/2017 Duração: 36min

    In 2008, Master Charles Cannon was leading a group students on a pilgrimage in Mumbai, India when the unthinkable happened and he and his students were victims of a terrorist attack which left two members of their group dead. Listen to Master Charles discuss his experience and his new book, Living an Awakened Life, which emphasizes the importance of a disciplined spiritual practice as a key part of activating deeper levels of creativity and love.  

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