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  • # 6: Chris Woods - AirWars, Drones, Iraq amp Syria

    # 6: Chris Woods - AirWars, Drones, Iraq & Syria


    We sat down with Chris Woods of AirWars.

  • # 5: Kirk Wiebe - NSA, Whistle Blowing amp ThinThread / Trailblazer

    # 5: Kirk Wiebe - NSA, Whistle Blowing & ThinThread / Trailblazer


    Jerod and Sam speak with NSA whistle blower J. Kirk Wiebe. He helped create a program along with other NSA whistle-blowers that could have prevented 9/11 but was dropped in favor of mass surveillance. Mr. Wiebe's decision to push for an investigation into fraud, waste and abuse at the NSA through the Office of the Inspector General of the DoD lead to a 7 hour raid by the FBI. This riveting conversation includes optimistic solutions, critical analysis of the mainstream media and so much more!

  • # 4: Encryption

    # 4: Encryption


    Jerod interviews technology & surveillance reporter for the North Star Post, Jason Hernandez. Jason is a self-taught cyber security expert and works to implement strong security measures for the data and communications of the Post.

  • # 3: First Amendment

    # 3: First Amendment


    Jerod interviews Joseph Russomanno Ph.D associate professor at Arizona State Cronkite School of Journalism where he focuses on First Amendment law and theory. Russomanno has had an impressive career in broadcast journalism and is the recipient of several awards including a regional Emmy award. The two discuss First Amendment issues and how they relate to a free press.

  • # 2: Islamophobia

    # 2: Islamophobia


    Jerod interviews Imraan Siddiqi about the current state of Islamophobia in the United States.

  • # 1: FBI Sky Spies + North Star Post

    # 1: FBI Sky Spies + North Star Post


    Inaugural podcast! Jerod interviews Sam about his discovery of the "FBI Sky Spies" and founding of the North Star Post.

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