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  • 07-24-2016



    The Person God SavesSermon Series: Courageous Living in a Dangerous WorldIntroduction: In Joshua 2 we read about a woman who is a surprising woman of faith. Her story fits historically between God’s command to Joshua to move into the Promised Land and the actual military advance. Her story is both shocking and beautiful.

  • 07-17-2016



    Called to VictorySermon Series: Courageous Living in a Dangerous WorldIntroduction: Today we begin a new series of messages entitled Courageous Living in A Dangerous World. These messages come at a most relevant time.  Our world is increasingly unstable and dangerous. What is a Christian who is serious about following Jesus in the 21st century to do? How are we to respond to the assaults on biblical faith? What tools did God give us to claim victory when everything around us looks uncertain and dangerous? The Old Testament book of Joshua is a road map for believers facing overwhelming odds.

  • 07-10-2016


  • 07-03-2016



    Praying and Fasting Sermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: Today we come to the last message in this series on prayer and we are about to discover fine gold. Fasting is like discovering fine gold because though it is the hardest to extract, it is worth every effort because of its value. This is not an easy study to teach and even harder to practice, but learning to fast is more than worth it.

  • 06-26-2016



    Praying Versus God’s Ultimate Plan: Why Pray?Sermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: Everybody loves to hear a well-worded story. A story has the power to ignite the imagination and to reveal what is hidden. Jesus used simple but profound stories called parables to reveal and to conceal God’s will and God’s ways. Matthew 13:10-13 shows us the two-fold purpose of Jesus’ parables. Then  the  disciples  came  and  said  to  him,  “Why  do  you  speak  to  them  in  parables?” And  he answered them, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them  it  has  not  been  given. For  to  the  one  who  has,  more  will  be  given, and  he  will  have  an  abundance,  but  from  the  one  who  has  not,  even  what  he  has  will  be  taken

  • 06-19-2016



    Praying When You Don’t Know What to PraySermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: One of the embarrassing truths about us is how much we struggle to maintain a good prayer life. It was once said that if you want to humble a fellow believer, question him about his prayer life. This message is designed to help you change that by rounding your prayer window and making you stronger. Some sermons on prayer only add more guilt, and add little encouragement. After hearing this message, you should feel more relaxed, more released, more energetic, more devoted and more disciplined in prayer.  

  • 06-12-2016



    Praying with Godly MotivesSermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: The apostle James, the half-brother of Jesus, makes some challenging statements to Christians. He takes the Christian walk beyond “belief” and into the realm of truly “walking the talk”. He, along with other apostles of the New Testament and prophets of the Old Testament, push us to examine our hearts and see that God’s best for us includes living and praying with Godly motives. Sometimes we’re challenged; sometimes we’re convicted that we need to change—but through it all----God’s AMAZING LOVE is always there to encourage us.

  • 06-05-2016



    Praying with the Expectation of MiraclesSermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: When the subject of miracles arises there is a variety of reactions. Some Christians believe that miracles were confined to biblical times while others believe they are for today. Some Christians believe that God can be obligated to do a miracle for them if they just have enough faith. What does the Bible teach about miracles and how to receive them? Today’s message will help to unravel this important issue.

  • 05-29-2016



    Sermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: We are learning how to stretch the boundaries of our understanding and practice of prayer in this series, In Jesus’ Name. So let’s get ready to learn something new about giving God thanks through prayer.

  • 05-22-2016



    Sermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: One of the greatest of Paul’s prayers answers the question: “How can a Christian get a handle on the immense spiritual wealth we have in Christ?” Today we will plumb the depths of the ocean of prayer and find that the journey is more than worth it.

  • 05-15-2016



    Sermon Series: In Jesus' NameIntroduction: Today we launch into a series of messages that I hope will be a life transforming journey of discovery. These messages are designed to inspire us and instruct us about prayer. 

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