From THE YES WORKS, this is MIGHTY GOOD WORK. A podcast built on the stories of people and companies who are making good work happen. Whether its work as a place to be, work as a product or service, or work as a way to spend your life, we will be talking to those who are committed to excellence and who are succeeding in bringing Mighty Good Work into existence.We aim to deliver actionable guidance to people shaping business about engagement, company culture, and healthy business relationships.


  • Your Happiness, Your Job with Dana Manciagli - MGW #4

    Your Happiness, Your Job with Dana Manciagli - MGW #4

    24/06/2016 Duração: 49min

    GUEST: Dana Manciagli -- Global Career Expert: Speaker and Private Coach   Over decades, Dana Manciagli amassed skills and insights into good work and career wisdom while working at such companies as Avery, SeaLand, Kodak and Microsoft. Now, she gives others the benefit of that wisdom as  an author, blogger, keynote speaker, career coach, and global career expert. Earlier episodes of this podcast have focused on leadership’s role in great work in our companies. Dana Manciagli is here to talk with your host Aaron Schmookler about what each of us can do to insure that we’ve got Mighty Good Work.Reboot yourself by changing jobs, by jumping division to division, location to location, or company to company.   Here are a few highlights from our conversation with Dana:   Make choices! Don’t let your work happen to you. Be deliberate.   Figure out what you like, and pursue only what you like. You can’t be all things to all people. Make choices. Sometim

  • Serve Your Employees with Chris Free - MGW #2

    Serve Your Employees with Chris Free - MGW #2

    28/05/2016 Duração: 36min

    GUEST: Rapport Benefits Group Principal, Chris Free --   Chris Free on LinkedIn:   A theme that runs through my conversation with Chris can be summed up with a Richard Branson quote: “Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of the clients.”   Rapport Benefits Group keeps winning “Top Place to Work” awards because Chris and his business partners take this wisdom to heart, and they run their buiness in support of their employees. I’ve talked to their employees. They love woking there. And the company keeps growing. Business is good.   Here are a few highlight points from our conversation.   Make sure employees are well respected and treated. Your employees are the face of your company. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your clients. Practice flexibility and compassion Time and space for the things that come up in life Look at output over time from a given employee. Some days are

  • Be Intentional with Joe LeRoy - MGW #1

    Be Intentional with Joe LeRoy - MGW #1


    GUEST: HopeSparks CEO, Joe LeRoy  --     Here’s a distillation of some of the practices Joe told us that he and his team are using to ensure MIGHTY GOOD WORK at HopeSparks.   If there’s one thing that really stands out as a theme woven through everything that Joe shared with us, it’s this:   HopeSparks takes an intentional approach to everything they do, and to every decision they make. They take great pains to ensure that every action the organization and its people take doesn’t just make sense in the moment, but is connected to the culture they aim to build and to the mission they exist to serve.   The theme of intentionality affects the flow of information: HopeSparks’ people see the vision, and are included in the mission. They also are given the opportunity to see the results of their work. As a result, they are fulfilled and gratified to an extent they would not be if the benefits of their labor were only understood academically. It affects hiring, firing and transitioning. HopeSp

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