Preaching God's Word: Audio Lectures: A Hands-on Approach To Preparing, Developing, And Delivering The Sermon

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These audio lectures are a unique learning experience. Unlike a traditional audiobook’s direct narration of a book’s text, Preaching God’s Word: Audio Lectures includes high quality live-recordings of college-level lectures that cover the important points from each subject as well as relevant material from other sources.

Good preaching begins with good exegesis. Preaching God’s Word: Audio Lectures provides lessons featuring Professors Terry Carter, Scott Duvall, and Daniel Hays, who walk you through the steps of the “Interpretive Journey” from the biblical text to contemporary application.

Carter, Duvall, and Hays also show listeners how to understand their audience, develop powerful applications, use illustrations well, and deliver sermons effectively. The concluding lectures discuss unique preaching challenges presented by various biblical genres, providing interpretive keys, things to avoid, and numerous examples.

Preaching God’s Word: Audio Lectures is designed to help preachers and homiletics students—whether they are participating in traditional, distance, or online learning courses—develop and deliver biblically based expository sermons relevant for the twenty-first century.

Session titles and runtimes:

1 - Preaching a Biblical Sermon (24 min)

2 - Discovering Biblical Truth (35 min)

3 - Preaching the Meaning in Their Town (20 min)

4 - Exegeting the Audience (16 min)

5 - Communicating the Meaning in Our Town (18 min)

6 - Applying the Message (18 min)

7 - Illustrating Biblical Truth (13 min)

8 - Delivering a Biblical Sermon (24 min)

9 - Preaching Letters (21 min)

10 - Preaching the Gospels and Acts (25 min)

11 - Preaching Revelation (26 min)

12 - Preaching Old Testament Narrative (19 min) 

13 - Preaching the Law (21 min)

14 - Preaching the Prophets (22 min)

15 - Preaching Psalms and Wisdom Literature (22 min)