A Doubter's Guide To Jesus: An Introduction To The Man From Nazareth For Believers And Skeptics

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A Very Short Introduction
1 Imaginings: Making Jesus in our image
2 Sources: How we know what we know
3 Teacher: His words and their impact
4 Healer: The deeds that baffle
5 Israel: A nation on his shoulders
6 Christ: More than a surname
7 Judge: His pledge to bring justice
8 Friend: The scandal of his social life
9 Temple: The relocation of God’s presence
10 Saviour: The meaning of his death
11 Adam: The promise of his resurrection
12 Caesar: His subversion of an empire
13 God: His oneness with the Almighty
14 Servant: His preference for the lowly
Epilogue: Portrait of a follower of Jesus