Death Wears A Beauty Mask And Other Stories

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A collection of Mary Higgins Clark's acclaimed short stories, with her most famous unfinished story finally completed.

From the first-ever published story (1956's 'Stowaway'), to classic 'Alvirah and Willy', 'My Gal Sunday' and many more, Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Storiesgives readers the chance to revisit the short story highlights from the prolific 'Queen of Suspense'. As a grand finale to this collection of previously published hits comes a brand-new novella showcasing the dazzling and dangerous world of high fashion in 1970s New York City: 'Death Wears a Beauty Mask'.

When Janice steps off the plane in New York City with her new husband Mike, she can barely contain her excitement knowing Alexandra is waiting at the gate. It's been nearly a year since Janice saw her glamorous, fashion model older sister, whose busy workload even kept her from attending Janice and Mike's wedding.

But when Alexandra doesn't meet them at the airport as promised, Janice begins to worry. Even worse, no one has seen or heard from the beautiful model since she returned from shooting a campaign in Europe for the latest in luxury cosmetics: Beauty Mask.

As Janice and Mike race around New York searching for clues, they are swept into the secretive world of modeling agents, fashion photographers, and high-stakes advertisers who are all as desperate as they are to find Alexandra, and learn the truth behind the Beauty Mask.


  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 01 Title

    Duração: 35s
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 02 Introduction

    Duração: 49s
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 03 DeathWearsABeautyMask a

    Duração: 01h29min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 04 DeathWearsABeautyMask b

    Duração: 01h15min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 05 Stowaway

    Duração: 35min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 06 WhenTheBoughBreaks

    Duração: 16min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 07 VoicesInTheCoalbin

    Duração: 22min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 08 CapeCodMasquerade

    Duração: 01h20min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 09 DefinitelyACrimeOfPassion

    Duração: 01h26min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 10 ManNextDoor

    Duração: 01h05min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 11 HaventWeMetBefore

    Duração: 38min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 12 FunniestThingHasBeenHappeningLately

    Duração: 45min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 13 TellTalePurr

    Duração: 22min
  • DeathWearsABeautyMaskAndOtherStories 14 Credits

    Duração: 01min