You Deserve The Truth: Change The Stories That Shaped Your World And Build A World-changing Life

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From a millennial media maker and award-winning social critic, an accessible, straightforward, and remarkable guide that “invites us beyond the old stories we’ve told about ourselves, and into the wonder of our dreams, hopes, and love—so we can find our truth and purpose” (Glennon Doyle, New York Times bestselling author) for a generation paralyzed by the pressures of life.

Behind the glossy Instagram pictures, many people in their 20s and 30s are living frustrating lives: overwhelmed and confused, anxious and inauthentic, exhausted and afraid. They are leading lives that, unbeknownst to them, have been shaped by everyone but themselves. From social media to the workplace, the stories that they have believed have left them constantly seeking a better life but rarely ever finding it.

Erica Williams Simon saw this all too well. At 27, she abruptly walked away from her career as a rising political media star to find her own truth and a truth that would help others finally build a life worth living. She rejected the lies that the world had taught her, and rewrote the ideas that have the power to shape a generation.

You Deserve the Truth is a “refreshingly blunt take on happiness” (Publishers Weekly) and is a masterclass in how to challenge the narratives about fear, work, identity, success, love, and life. This “smart and all too real guidebook for anyone striving to craft an authentic and inspired life from the ground up” (Franchesca Ramsey, host of MTV’s Decoded) gives you the tools you need in order to break free from the narratives holding you back from starting an exciting new phase in a beautiful life.


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