Real Leadership: What Every Leader Needs To Know [abridged]

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Maxwell’s bestselling 101 collection includes:

Relationships 101

Relationships 101 captures the value and importance of
building positive relationships. Teaching how to connect with other people,
encourage those around you, and become a better listener, Relationships 101 is
the perfect tool for people who desire to improve their relationships with

Equipping 101

What separates a low-impact leader who leads followers from
a high-impact leader who empowers generations of leaders? The answer is
equipping. If you want to do more, then you have to help the people around you
to be more. In Equipping 101, John C. Maxwell offers a concise collection of
timetested principles to equip those around you for leadership and service.

Attitude 101

John C. Maxwell firmly points to attitude as the key in
making or breaking a leader. Why? Because leadership has less to do with
position than it does with disposition. Having a great attitude not only opens
the door for personal achievement, but it sets the tone for impacting
leadership. Attitude 101 will help you improve an already good attitude or
revive a sagging one so that you—and your people— can reach your full

Leadership 101

This is the book that launched the 101 series. When asked to
distill forty years of leadership experience and thirty years of leadership
teaching into its essentials, Dr. Maxwell answered with Leadership 101. In it,
he teaches how influence works, how to choose your leadership priorities, how to
empower others, how to keep growing as a leader, and more.


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