Caesar's Women [abridged]

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In the blockbuster tradition of The First Man in Rome -- Colleen Mccullough's monumental Masters of Rome series continues.

The man behind the legend...the women behind the man.

Villain or hero? Debated for centuries, the volcanic soul of Julius Caesar comes dramatically to life in the new masterpiece of historical fiction from the #1 bestselling author of The Thorn Birds.

In this sweeping saga, McCullough traces Caesar's rise to prominence in his world, beginning with his triumphant entry into a new battlefield -- the Roman Forum, where wars are waged with words and schemes, and where today's ally may be tomorrow's foe. Caesar's victories are not limited to the political arena, however; he also conquers Rome's noblewomen, including the powerful and vindictive Servilia, mother of a youth called Brutus. Yet the one thing he never gives to any of the women who love him or want him is himself -- to Caesar, love is just another weapon in his political arsenal.

Epic in scope, razor-sharp in detail, Caesar's Women paints an indelible portrait of a man willing to seize any means of moving toward his ultimate goal -- to be the greatest of all Rome's First Men, the leader of a world that echoes our own too closely for comfort.


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