Management Of The Absurd: Paradoxes In Leadership [abridged]

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Facile formulas and quick fixes too often dominate today's management training programs. But human behavior is seldom predictable, and business dilemmas do not easily lend themselves to gimmicks or simplistic answers. In Management of the Absurd, psychologist, educator, and former CEO Richard Farson presents a series of management paradoxes that will challenge conventional wisdom and encourage you to re-examine your assumptions about effective leadership.
Here, at last, is a dramatically new understanding of organizations and human relations. In his explorations of common paradoxical situations, Farson demonstrates the value of a radically different perspective on leadership and offers managers at every level powerful new ways to cope with the many perplexing problems of organizational life. Guided by Management of the Absurd, managers of the 21st century will be able to accept the inherent complexity of management situations and work through these dilemmas, not with manipulative and simplistic techniques, but with understanding, compassion, and effectiveness.


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