Make Or Break

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'Smart, witty and bursting with joie de vivre' WENDY HOLDEN
Romantic comedy with a twist in its tail, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Mhairi McFarlane.

, a 29-year-old Londoner with a Kate Beckett fringe and a tendency for dramatics, gets taken on a surprise trip by her long-term boyfriend, Pete, to attend her best friend’s last-minute wedding in South Africa. Jess imagines sun, sand, wine and safaris. And returning to London with an ethically mined diamond on her left hand...
But this holiday isn’t set to be quite the fairy tale Jess has planned... Suddenly she finds her world tilting on its axis, and things are only set to get worse when Jess returns home…

When the truth comes out, will it be... Make or Break? 
Catherine Bennetto is back with her trademark wit and an equally hilarious cast of characters who will have you rooting for them from the first page.

'If you like laugh-out-loud dialogue, brilliant characters and plenty of plot twists, this is for you’ heat 5 star review

'Warm and witty' My Weekly

'You will laugh and cry with every high and low. WE LOVED IT!' Take a Break

'Eloquent and heartfelt - seamlessly ensuring that the laughter and the lump-in-the-throat moments follow hot on each other's heels - another sure-fire hit' PENNY PARKES

'Warm and witty, heart-breaking and heart-warming, an emotional roller coaster of a read' ANNA BELL, author of It Started with a Tweet  

‘Another awesome read by Catherine. Couldn’t put the book down – Literally!! – read entirely on one rainy Sunday afternoon' Lucy

‘Bennetto made me laugh out loud with her debut and has done it again with this one. It is witty, quick, pacey and full of the sharp-tongued humour that runs through all of her writing. Fantastic!’ Dawn

‘This is a perfect book to cheer you up on a dark day, filled with light wit. It’s very topical, with gentle mockery of things like clean-living trends, the genial chaos of family life and relationships in general…’ Alexandra Clare

‘What a page turner! Loved it! Got myself lost in the magic of Capetown, the author really captures the essence of the place, along with some funny, lovable characters!’ Rachel

*~* Praise for How Not to Fall in Love, Actually *~*
'A phenomenal cast of characters and some real laugh out loud moments. Brilliant!' Heidi Swain

‘This superb debut is a romcom at its very best and the perfect book to chase away the winter blues. I haven’t fallen so in love with a bunch of characters in a long while. Loved it' Sun

‘A charmingfeel-good gem of a debut novel that’s guaranteed to leave you smiling… An honest narrative and a fresh voice to tell it… a great way to spend a lazy afternoon' CultureFly

'More bubbly than a big glass of champers and just as funHow Not To Fall In Love, Actually is brightbreezy, and the perfect way to beat back the winter bluesGeorgia Clark, author of The Regulars



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