The Flood

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From the bestselling author of The Disappeared and Unwanted comes the newest thriller by the Queen of Scandi Crime

A man, wearing his daughter’s wedding ring, is found in front of his fireplace, a bullet hole in his chest. A funeral director searches desperately for his brother – a man who doesn’t seem to be missed. A woman struggles to protect her children and her life as her husband turns ever more dangerous.

Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht believe that these three cases are totally unrelated… until they uncover a connection between these three people that changes everything. Soon Bergman and Recht are pulled into an escalating series of events where old sins return to haunt all involved. And someone is leaving them taunting messages… but who, and why?

Kristina Ohlsson has already sold nearly a million copies worldwide. Now discover for yourself what makes her one of the world’s favourite crime writers. 

Praise for Kristina Ohlsson, the Queen of Scandi Crime:

'Kristina Ohlsson has managed to achieve what many before her have only attempted: to take the Swedish crime novel to a new and unexpected level' Arne Dahl 

'The writing is tense, dense and very atmospheric. The stories sharp and impossible to let go. Kristina Ohlsson is a true queen of Scandinavian crime.' Mons Kallentoft 

'Kristina Ohlsson is a rising star of Scandinavian crime fiction' Sunday Times

'Superbly crafted, and with a set of police detectives who are all too human, it seeps into your subconscious, as only truly good thrillers can do' Daily Mail
‘Expect Ohlsson to join Nesbo on most readers' can't-miss lists’ Booklist (starred review)


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