Once Upon A Time: Discovering Our Forever After Story

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s favorite storytellers comes a heartwarming, inspirational book to help us understand our lives as one continuous, never-ending story.

God has a story for your life…

Debbie Macomber has inspired millions of readers with her inspirational and moving stories for decades. Now with Once Upon a Time, she helps each of us to understand that life is a story, part of a grand narrative that God is writing day by day.

With chapters that cover the application of literary elements in real life such as characters (We are all main characters in a rich and complex story of our own), setting (As we begin to remember our own stories, it’s important to consider our own settings), and backstory (explore the details of your own background. Who are your people? Where did they come from? What is your spiritual legacy?) Macomber uses the structure of a story to illustrate God’s hand in our lives. Each chapter has a storytelling prompt—a thought-provoking question that will help frame our story—and a sidebar that expands on an idea from each chapter with practical tips.

Once Upon a Time shares Debbie’s love of storytelling and helps showcase the big picture of the narrative God is writing through us.


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