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  • TIME:


    24/02/2020 Duração: 04min

    TIME is the inexplicable raw material of everything. With it, all is possible; without it, nothing. The supply of time is truly a daily miracle, an affair genuinely astonishing when one examines it.You wake up in the morning, and lo! Your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is yours. It is the most precious of possessions. No one can take it from you. It is unstealable. And no one receives either more or less than you receive. In the realm of time there is no aristocracy of wealth, and no aristocracy of intellect. Genius is never rewarded by even an extra hour a day. And there is no punishment. Waste your infinitely precious commodity as much as you will, and the supply will never be withheld from you. Moreover, you cannot draw on the future. Impossible to get into debt! You can only waste the passing moment. You cannot waste tomorrow; it is kept for you. You cannot waste the next hour; it is kept for you. I have said the affair was a

  • Determination in Business — With Pam Reynolds

    Determination in Business — With Pam Reynolds

    17/02/2020 Duração: 56min

    Starting a business can be tedious, especially when you do not have any background in sales marketing. The latter was also a problem to Pam Reynolds, the co-founder of Allegiance Aging Care Services.   In this episode, Pam shares her story on how she had improved her skills in entrepreneurship, which led to a successful business running for almost six years. She emphasizes building camaraderie and establishing networks. Check the show notes to pique your curiosity, and listen to the podcast as well! About Our Guest: Pam Reynolds is the co-founder of Allegiance Aging Care Services, which was launched with the primary goal of providing support and guidance to seniors who want to grow older in their homes. Pam’s Insights on Determination and Improvement How It Started Pam was a social worker before she started her business. She does not have any background in entrepreneurship. Her friend in the senior care industry became her mentor and later a co-founder of Pam’s growing business today. Challenges on the Way

  • Understanding Key Leverage Points in Businesses — With Dr. Emily Letran

    Understanding Key Leverage Points in Businesses — With Dr. Emily Letran

    10/02/2020 Duração: 01h36s

    Everyday decisions and actions are crucial in determining an individual's success. Hence, it is essential to be aware of our habits. We must foster practices that will help us focus on our goals and aspirations. We must also perform these habits to succeed.   In this episode, our guest Dr. Emily Letran shares insights regarding high-performance strategies and habits. Aside from giving business tips, she also emphasizes the importance of helping the community. Giving back to the people must be part of an entrepreneur's mission.   About Our Guest: Dr. Emily Letran is a certified business performance coach, published author, and dentist who owns a multi-specialty group practice in Southern California. She has three beautiful children. Dr. Emily founded a nonprofit organization, The Emily Letran Foundation (ELF). The foundation provides primary dental care to underprivileged veterans and families.   Dr. Emily’s Insights on High-Performance Strategies The Importance of Habitual Action People need to do a little b

  • Managing and Automating Your Business — With Chad Dike

    Managing and Automating Your Business — With Chad Dike

    03/02/2020 Duração: 59min

    It is essential for business owners to utilize tools that can help manage the business flow and process effectively. Moreover, it is vital to know useful marketing strategies that can help gain and retain leads. Joining us in this episode is Chad Dike of Autogration. Chad has a passion for leveraging automation and smart software integration. Through these tools, he helps business owners remove bottlenecks and maximize efficiency to stop wasting time and focus on their right zone of genius. Don't miss this episode if you want to learn more about marketing strategies and automating your business!   About Our Guest: Chad Dike is the founder and CEO of Autogration. After 15 years with large corporations like IBM and American Express, he combined his background of technical and business experience to help business owners to improve their marketing and operations through smart automation. Autogration is a certified partner of Zapier and ClickFunnels. Chad's Insights on Automating Your Business Getting Started in B

  • Understanding the Sales Process — With David Lopez

    Understanding the Sales Process — With David Lopez

    27/01/2020 Duração: 57min

    Sales is the lifeblood of every business. It is what makes companies move and grow. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to how the sales process works and how to be efficient at it.    In this episode, our guest David Lopez discusses all about sales—from starting out to the essential tips and tricks. He emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset, being confident, and knowing how to build rapport with your clients.    If you are interested in getting into sales and growing your business, check these show notes, and don't forget to listen to the podcast!   About Our Guest: David Lopez is the CEO and founder of Majesty Level Marketing, Inc., where he mentors students and individuals to become experts in the sales process. He is an award-winning sales and marketing expert, selling millions of dollars worth of services, products, and fundraising as an external representative for several major corporations.   David's Insights on Sales   Getting Into Sales He always had an entrepreneurial mindset, f

  • Copywriting and Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy — With Donnie Bryant

    Copywriting and Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy — With Donnie Bryant

    20/01/2020 Duração: 55min

    Marketing is one of the primary components of every business. Not only is it used to attract customers, but it is also the fundamental business process of connecting and creating relationships with clients.   In this episode, we're joined by marketing consultant and direct response copywriter, Donnie Bryant. Today, you'll learn everything about building relationships, keeping your pipeline full, the impact of "borrowing" other people's platform, and the most effective marketing communication.   If you want to learn more about copywriting and effective marketing, don't forget to check this episode’s show notes and listen to the podcast!   About Our Guest: Donnie Bryant is a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in the financial sector in Chicago. Since 2007, he has written sales copy for dozens of niches for his clients. Donnie helps clients connect with and convert their "should-be" clients with unusually useful marketing messages. At present, he works almost exclusively in the fina

  • Understanding Value, Networks, and Cryptocurrency — With Sean Weisbrot

    Understanding Value, Networks, and Cryptocurrency — With Sean Weisbrot

    13/01/2020 Duração: 01h07s

    More and more people are using cryptocurrency, and this spells various effects on society. An important aspect to consider is understanding your value and forming networks, as these two things will play a vital role in the use of cryptocurrency.   Today’s guest is Sean Weisbrot, and he shares with us essential information on learning to leverage your value with your network. He also talks about the app Sidekick and the use of cryptocurrency. The discussion moves to the future of cryptocurrency and preparing yourself for what can come. This episode packs a lot of punch, so sit tight and don’t miss a single second! About Our Guest: Sean Weisbrot is an entrepreneur with expertise in technology, education, and nonprofits. He has a degree in Psychology and is fluent in Mandarin, which he learned when he moved to China for work back in 2008. Sean is currently the CEO of Sidekick. It is an app where individuals, educators, businesses, and influencers can create communities for messaging, payments, and a marketplace

  • Youre Dead. Everyone You Love Is Dead

    You're Dead. Everyone You Love Is Dead

    09/01/2020 Duração: 09min

    Even me and my family... unless you do something. Yes, YOU!

  • The Success of Print on Demand — With Christopher Hamze

    The Success of Print on Demand — With Christopher Hamze

    06/01/2020 Duração: 53min

    Technological advancements over the years allowed for improvements and the introduction of new printing techniques. The print on demand business is now a staple in several industries. It takes the hassle out of printing for different customers.   In this episode, Christopher Hamze of teelaunch shares his journey in the printing business. He’s also with us to give guidance for other companies to follow their success. If you are interested to learn how overcoming seemingly impossible challenges can help a business succeed, check these show notes and tune in to the episode!   About Our Guest: Christopher Hamze is the founder of the print on demand company teelaunch. teelaunch promises to bring your ideas to life. They take your design ideas and orders, fulfilling them from start to finish. Customers only pay for the items they printed; thus, avoiding surplus products. Finding Success with Print on Demand   Early Challenges They were having trouble finding demand. People do not want to buy their shirts before be

  • Building Relationships, Businesses, and Your Most Important Asset—Health — With Anthony Mendez

    Building Relationships, Businesses, and Your Most Important Asset—Health — With Anthony Mendez

    30/12/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    As an entrepreneur, you aim to grow your business and be successful. To do that, you need to look at your relationships with your client base and build lasting relationships with them. However, more than that, you also need to watch out for your health. If you’re healthy, you’re stronger, you’re more productive, you work better, and you can face challenges with a clear mind.   Our guest, Anthony Mendez, joins us today to talk about and help us take care of our most valuable asset of all: our health. Anthony also talks to us about his journey and how he builds relationships with his clients and followers. Finally, he shares essential habits for his business that helps him work through his day. Sit tight, tune in, and don’t miss a single second of this interview! About Our Guest: Anthony Mendez is a firm believer that movement is medicine, and action will always beat talent. He studied at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute and worked as a personal trainer in Equinox Fitness for almost 3 years. He’s done ove

  • 23/12/2019 Duração: 57min

    Today, we’re talking with Aaron Minc. He is a nationally-recognized leader in internet defamation. After 7 years, he’s become the go-to attorney for concerns regarding the most challenging and malicious internet defamation cases. His work involves removing harmful content from the internet.   Aaron has successfully litigated more than a hundred internet defamation lawsuits in 19 states. He has secured the removal of defamatory content in nearly all of his cases.  Moreover, Aaron has attained verdict by judge and jury and won temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunction and victory on appeal.   Throughout his practice, he has successfully removed over 10,000 websites, search results, and other false and damaging content online. He represents clients all over the world, from individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, government institutions, and high-profile people.   He joins us today to help us understand and hopefully protect ourselves from the possible negative impac

  • 16/12/2019 Duração: 57min

    Are you competitive? Do you love winning? Then Chris Goegan is the perfect person you need to listen to. We can say you share a lot in common—loves healthy competition and winning.    Right now, a lot of you might be feeling lost with what you want to do or don’t have a full grasp of the concepts you need to achieve your goals. Perhaps you know that a system is essential for growth but do not have any idea what kind of system will work best. Chris comes to our rescue today through engineered marketing solutions, helping businesses grow up to 15–35% and 2–30x more.    Goegan’s tips are at your reach so might as well get your pens and pads and take note of these.   ✅Determine what you want to sell, who you want to sell it to, how will you sell them? ✅Gain wisdom from someone with experience. ✅Do not immediately spend time or money on a logo, colors, a pretty website, or any in-depth branding stuff. ✅Prove viability—talk to people you want to sell to and see if they ask about buying it. ✅Keep selling and invest

  • 09/12/2019 Duração: 56min

    Joining us today is The Barefoot Millionaire, Jude Mendonsa. Jude is a serial investor holding both commercial and residential real estate properties. He owns a portfolio of companies ranging from electronic parts suppliers to nutrition supplements. Jude is also a life coach, speaker, and author.   Our guest is dedicated to helping people scale and find balance in their business, personal life, and health. I invited him to our show to talk about what he calls the freedom blueprint, his guide to creating and scaling freedom in your finances, family, and life. Whether you are rich or broke, and wherever you are in life, he will help you find the direction to take and create your life of wealth. Tune in to get the most out of our conversation!   Here are some of the key points we discussed in this episode:   ✅ So many people are trying to figure out where to start and wait for the perfect moment. You have to give it your all and be honest, be full of integrity, provide as much value as you can. “Your first busin

  • 02/12/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Today, we are speaking with Tom Sylvester, the co-founder of Lifestyle Builders. Lifestyle Builders is a coaching and training company helping entrepreneurs build their businesses, create more impact, and find more freedom.   In the past 15 years, Tom has helped thousands of businesses, leaders, and teams—from Fortune 500 companies to brand new startups—create and achieve success. Throughout the years, he has refined his philosophies and strategies for growing businesses. Now, with his wife Ariana, they share these philosophies to guide entrepreneurs through their coaching program and book Lifestyle Builders: Build Your Business, Quit Your Job, and Live Your Ideal Lifestyle.   In this episode, Tom talks to us about the different challenges and levels of growing your business. He also shares with us how to find ways to remove yourself from your business to build the lifestyle you want. Tune in for all the juicy details!   Here are some of the key points we discussed in this episode:   ✅ Investing money is usua

  • 25/11/2019 Duração: 58min

    Today, we are joined by Antra Getzoff, the founder and CEO of The International Alliance for Cryotherapy Professionals, also called CryoProsUnited. Through CryoProsUnited, her mission is to help a million people live a pain-free life by 2020.   After over 10 years of selling cryotherapy equipment, she has become a leader and the focal point of the industry. Antra has led over 1,000 small business owners out of their struggle and toward their dream businesses.  She has also encouraged them to reach a meaningful goal, something greater than themselves, through cryotherapy.   In this episode, Antra shares with us her journey. She also tells us about her business model to help us be better leaders and smarter marketers.   ✅ Antra is a native of Latvia. Leaving her country behind to start a new life and business in America has not been easy. It was especially challenging adjusting to the cultural differences. It took her some time, but she eventually learned to distinguish who is genuine and sincere from those who

  • 18/11/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    As an entrepreneur, you constantly work hard to improve your business, but you might have trouble doing so. There are a lot of possible strategies, and today, we will hear about using surveys and client feedback.   Our guests—mind reader Kennedy and hypnotist Robert Temple—are the cofounders of online software as a service (SaaS) platform ResponseSuite. It is a tool used to create surveys and improve your email marketing using personalized segmentation. Rob and Kennedy are some of the best guests we could ask for to walk us through these topics.   They found their passion for magic, hypnotism, and mind-reading and individually started doing it as professionals. They eventually branched out to teaching other aspiring mind readers, hypnotists, and entertainers. Rob and Kennedy realized they were essentially doing the same thing—building info product businesses as they travel and perform—and finally thought to work together. Thus, the birth of ResponseSuite.   Today, we have the chance to discover how their expe

  • 11/11/2019 Duração: 56min

    Some are not given even a single chance, but we are lucky we are given not only one, two, but three opportunities to have Dov Gordon with us. We already learned a lot from him, but now he is letting us enter his brilliant mind and share with us his strategist side.    He’s a brilliant strategist. Dov can quickly synthesize and simplify using any number of frameworks he’s developed from years of research and client work. Through his expertise, complex concepts become simple, hidden insights are illuminated, and the steps to overcome hugely challenging problems become clear.   Dov Gordon talks about the fundamentals and everything that we need to know to have a successful coaching business. If you are a coach, consultant, or service provider who wants to improve and further develop your skills, make sure to listen and take note of the following:   ✅There are two paths for a business coach. ✅Work with people who are five steps behind you. ✅Simplicity is the best way to get great results. ✅The purpose of your mar

  • 04/11/2019 Duração: 44min

    A lot of people lose encouragement to go on and pursue the life they’ve always wanted because they are not confident with themselves. However, our guest for today proved that losing confidence is not a hindrance to achieving what you want in life.   Our guest Glenn Livingston had his journey out of obesity and food prison to become healthy and have a much more light-hearted relationship with food. He did not let his battle get in the way of reaching his goals. Instead, he worked on improving himself and being a psychologist and CEO of a multimillion consulting firm that served different Fortune 500 clients in the food industry.   Moreover, he also spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating through working with his patients and some self-funded research programs with more than 40,000 participants.    Today, we have the chance to discover his secrets to success, so better get ready and start taking notes. Take note of the following discussion points:   ✅Understand and confront the f

  • 28/10/2019 Duração: 51min

    Social media plays a massive role in marketing. A big part of establishing your social media presence is creating a branding that will work and that people will remember. Many pages or companies like to showcase highlights reels of their lives or businesses, but you need to find something unique to you and use it to connect with your audience.   This episode’s guest is Brilliant Liu. Brilliant is an entrepreneur, a branding strategist, and a social media expert. He is the creator of House of Leaders, which has over 1.2 million engaged followers. Brilliant is also the CEO and co-founder of Executive Mafia, a marketing agency geared for Instagram influencers and creating your social media branding. He is passionate about helping businesses and people grow and make a significant impact in this world.   Today, Brilliant Liu joins us so we can better understand how we can grow our followings with leadership and compassion. Tune in and don’t miss a single second of this interview!   ✅ To gain traction and become a

  • 21/10/2019 Duração: 59min

    Justin Brooke is an author, blogger, speaker, and the founder of AdSkills. He is a highly-respected online advertising expert and has helped over 11,000 ad buyers create more profitable campaigns. You can find all you need to know about paid media and online advertising on AdSkills.   He is back on the show to share some insights on how to make the paid media game work and what to do when things go wrong. He talks us through the current situation of the industry, algorithms and how you can advertise on different platforms, and fixing your campaigns. If you’re interested to know more, tune in to the episode!    ✅ Native ads are strong for businesses with a mass-market type of products or services. If you have a niche, work with Google, Facebook, or YouTube. If you want to learn just one, Google is your safest bet. ✅ Start with branded search ads, then follow up with retargeting and discovery ads. You can make a lot of mistakes and still find success with this system at a small budget. ✅ People, especially newb

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