Mokken Scale: Complex Sampling Designs: Insights

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This is the first e-book that presents some insights into the construction of Mokken scales with complex survey data, and, in particular, the estimation of Mokken's scalability coefficients - Hij, Hi, and H - with binary responses.
Every day, researchers work with complex samples selected from finite populations of interest to make inferences about population parameters. However, in many situations these samples are assumed as SRS samples. Serious consequences have been reported in the complex survey data literature; when this assumption is considered.
I invite you to find out a little more about some relevant contributions to the development of the Psychometry under complex sampling designs, as highlighted in this e-book.
Keywords: Mokken scaling, Mokken scale analysis, complex data, Complex Mokken, design effect, clustering, sampling weights, stratification, clustered samples, variance estimation, point estimation, large-scale educational surveys, Jackknife resampling technique, Non Parametric Item Response Theory.