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  • Snap is Moving

    Snap is Moving

    26/06/2020 Duração: 01min

    This weekend we are moving our podcast feed. You will still be able to listen to Snap Judgment on the radio and wherever you get your podcasts, but we want to make sure you don’t miss a beat. Make sure Snap stays in your feed by subscribing. Next week, check to see you have the new epic Snap episode, "Chasing Thunder." If you don't see it in your feed, please refresh or resubscribe.  Thank you for your support and for being a part of Snap Nation.

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    24/06/2020 Duração: 20min

    A young boy in a migrant worker farm camp in California’s Central valley gets a surprise present from his father. But the gift comes with certain expectations. Thank you, Jaime for sharing your story with Snap! Jaime Cortez is a writer and visual artist based in Northern California. His upcoming book of humorous semi-autobiographical short stories will be released in 2021 by Grove Atlantic Press.  Produced by Anna Sussman, original score by Clay Xavier Artwork by Teo Ducot  Season 11 - Episode 21 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories you won't hear anywhere else.

  • Radio 77

    Radio 77

    18/06/2020 Duração: 31min

    A DJ hosts a radio show from a garden shed in his backyard. For over forty years… he had an audience of one. This story was co-produced in partnership with our friends at Narratively, which celebrates humanity through authentic storytelling. They have amazing stories, podcasts, and so much more. Reporting for this piece came from Jeff Maysh. It was produced by Jeff Maysh, John Fecile, and Narratively's founder, Noah Rosenberg.  Original Score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 11 - Episode 20 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories you won't hear anywhere else.

  • Letters from Lockdown - Sarajevo, Yangon, New Orleans, San Francisco

    Letters from Lockdown - Sarajevo, Yangon, New Orleans, San Francisco

    15/06/2020 Duração: 18min

    Team Snap brings you voices from four amazing people - some looking to the future, some looking at the past, and those who never emerged. We proudly present our sixth installment of “Letters from Lockdown.” STORIES Sarajevo Alma Telibecirevic was living in the suburbs of Sarajevo when Serbian paramilitary forces invaded her neighborhood and threatened to put her father and brother into a camp. Her family escaped, running deep into the city, a city under siege. That siege lasted four years. Learn more about Alma. Yangon Ko Bo Kyi was arrested twice when he was a student in Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city. It was 1988, during the nation-wide uprisings calling for democracy and the release of political prisoners. He later founded an advocacy organization and museum, The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, where he advocates on behalf of former political prisoners in Myanmar. New Orleans Jordan Michael Bridges had just started his senior year of high school when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The y

  • The Border Hacker - Snap Classic

    The Border Hacker - Snap Classic

    11/06/2020 Duração: 50min

    A computer hacker tries to make his way home through two countries, dense jungle, and a seemingly endless string of technical challenges. Produced by Adizah Eghan + Levi Vonk, original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot  Snap Classic - Season 10 Episode 4

  • Thick Blue Line

    Thick Blue Line

    03/06/2020 Duração: 48min

    Police shootings, mistaken arrests, and growing up Black / Brown up in America. This week, Snap presents amazing stories from people facing our nation’s original sin. STORIES Never Again Glynn and his family protest in Oakland where thousands gather to scream light at our national darkness. Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller  Thick Blue Line In 2012, Kari Brandenburg became the longest-serving district attorney in Bernalillo County, where Albuquerque sits. But at the start of her fourth term in office something big started to take hold of the county. Police shootings were at an all-time high and everyone was looking to Kari’s office for answers. For more on what went down in Albuquerque, check out Jeff Proctor’s reporting for the Albuquerque Journal. Produced by Nancy Lopez, original score by Renzo Gorrio Captive Audience  When Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter was mistakenly arrested at the airport, he learned that his fame could only get him so far. Performed live by Tariq Trotter at the Brooklyn Academy of Music fo

  • The Iron Curtain - Snap Classic

    The Iron Curtain - Snap Classic

    28/05/2020 Duração: 38min

    At the height of the Cold War, Ulrike Poppe just might have been the most surveilled woman in the world. But it was only after the wall fell that things really got interesting. Be sure to check out Luisa Beck, reporting on all things German at The Washington Post, as well as the work of reporter Andrew Curry, whose article in Wired first got us interested in Ulrike’s story. And if you’re interested in Stasi Records Agency, can you visit their English-language website to learn more. Produced by Luisa Beck with production assistance by Joe Rosenberg Original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic - Season 9 Episode 15 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories you won't hear anywhere else.

  • The Country Doctor

    The Country Doctor

    21/05/2020 Duração: 58min

    When Dr. Ayaz Virji first set foot in Dawson, Minnesota, he didn’t know what to expect. He was a brown Muslim man walking into a predominantly white rural town. But much to his surprise Ayaz and his family fit right in. Dawson quickly became home and his neighbors became like his extended family. Then came the presidential election of 2016. A very big thank you to Ayaz and Mussarat Virji, and to Mandy France and Doug Peterson for sharing their story with Snap! For more, please make sure to check out Ayaz Virji’s book, Love Thy Neighbor: A Muslim Doctor’s Struggle for Home in Rural America. Produced by Nancy Lopez, original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 11 - Episode 18 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories you won't hear anywhere else.

  • Lucky Penny - Snap Spotlights The Truth

    Lucky Penny - Snap Spotlights "The Truth"

    15/05/2020 Duração: 32min

    A son tries to make contact with his dad, who’s deteriorating in the throes of dementia. He makes new connections and discoveries, and as he says goodbye to his father, he is granted a long-awaited wish. Snap Judgment presents, “Lucky Penny,” a special spotlight on The Truth Podcast, from PRX’s Radiotopia. Content Advisory: This episode contains strong language and drug use. Listener discretion is advised.  Thank you to everyone at The Truth for sharing this story with us here at Snap! CAST David Deblinger - Adam/FatherNeil Tyrone Pritchard - ElijahMaggie Burke - MotherTomoko Miyagi -KyokoLouis Kornfeld - ObstetricianDavid Aaron Baker - Palliative Physician Written by David Deblinger Produced by Jonathan Mitchell Original music by Fred Johnson Associate producer: Cara Ehlenfeldt Associate editor: Davy Gardner This episode is based on a stage production originally directed and developed by Ben Snyder at Labyrinth Theater Company Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 11 - Episode 17     

  • Letters from Lockdown - Philippines, Greece, Michigan, Libya

    Letters from Lockdown - Philippines, Greece, Michigan, Libya

    13/05/2020 Duração: 17min

    Some stories that seem the furthest away hit closest to home. Team Snap presents more lockdown advice from around the world, even from the places you least expect. Listen to the fifth installment of "Letters from Lockdown." Philippines Father Picx is a Catholic priest from the Philippines. Every year he spends months alone in his hermitage, but his first experience with real solitude wasn’t on a retreat... it happened in a place called the Dragon Room. Greece Noah and Freya met in a refugee camp in Greece. But after they fell in love, and wanted to start a new life together, they found it wasn’t quite so easy to leave. Watch Noah recite his poem + learn about Freya’s business. Michigan Alison wanted to take a nice long soak and found herself trapped for days. Special thanks to Juuni in Michigan for helping us out during the pandemic. Libya Rafram is a visual artist who grew up in Jerusalem and traveled to Libya 10 years ago to photograph synagogues and Jewish graveyards. Rafram says he was granted permission

  • Modern Family - Mothers Day Special

    Modern Family - Mother's Day Special

    08/05/2020 Duração: 37min

    When a little girl goes missing in the desert, one woman is driven to find her, no matter what. And a mother makes her own Ebola suit - MacGyver style - to save her son's life.  Happy Mother's Day to all you Snap Moms!  STORIES Hunted When a little girl goes missing in the desert, one woman is driven to find her, no matter what. Find out all about Hannah’s amazing story, and find resources for domestic abuse survivors on her website. Produced by Anna Sussman, original score by Renzo Gorrio Outbreak What do you do when a life-threatening disease makes it too dangerous to save the person closest to you? Dr. Phillip Ireland was a physician at JFK Hospital in Liberia during the virulent outbreak of Ebola in 2014 when families were torn apart by the runaway virus. Produced by Jake Halpern with additional assistance from Mark Ristich, Anna Sussman, Adizah Eghan, and Eliza Smith. Original score by Renzo Gorrio.  Special thanks to Yale NGN. Artwork by Teo Ducot **SEND ORLI SOME LOVE** Orli is an 11-year-old spending

  • Letters from Lockdown - Liberia, Columbus, Chicago

    Letters from Lockdown - Liberia, Columbus, Chicago

    06/05/2020 Duração: 11min

    Who better to seek advice from than a mother? This week, Team Snap brings you the fourth installment of, "Letters from Lockdown,” featuring moms around the world. Happy Mother's Day to all the Snap Moms out there! Liberia In the Liberian city of Monrovia, there was one neighborhood, notoriously the poorest neighborhood in the city, that was completely locked down during the Ebola crisis. Bendu Kanu Pajibo is a mother of three and has lived in that neighborhood her entire life. Find out she managed to keep her smile.  Columbus After years struggling to get US papers, Edith Espinal finally had no choice but to hide from the government in the only place she felt safe.  Learn more about Edith’s story, and support her case. Her team also put together a COVID-19 Stay of Removal, sign the petition.  Chicago This isn’t the first time Ameena has been worried about her kids going outside. A violence interrupter talks life and death in Chicago. Hear her message to all the parents out there. Learn more about Ameena and c

  • After Glow

    After Glow

    01/05/2020 Duração: 30min

    V grew up hearing about her parent’s epic love story... but she never knew about the song behind it. BIG thanks to V and her mom for sharing their story with us here at Snap. Produced by Liz Mak, original score by Pat Mesiti-Miller  Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 11 - Episode 13 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories you won't hear anywhere else.

  • Letters from Lockdown - Jericho, Rwanda, Brooklyn

    Letters from Lockdown - Jericho, Rwanda, Brooklyn

    29/04/2020 Duração: 13min

    While most of the world continues to shelter-in-place, Team Snap brings you the third installment of, "Letters from Lockdown.”  STORIES Jericho Osama Iliwat spent days in solitary confinement inside an Israeli prison during the First and Second Palestinian Intifadas. Learn how peace found him in the midst of conflict. Today, Osama runs a cell phone shop in Jericho, is a peace activist, and leads international tours in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. He advocates for dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and speaks to international groups with an organization called Combatants for Peace.  Rwanda In the 90s, Eric Murangwe was the star goalkeeper of Rwanda’s most beloved football team, Rayon Sport. He was also a Tutsi - at the time when death squads were hunting Tutsis. Find out where Eric took refuge… and with who. Eric now runs a charity called Ishami Foundation, which brings people together through sport.  He’s currently raising money for vulnerable families affected by coronavirus during the gen

  • Letters from Lockdown - Guantánamo, Utah, and On the Run

    Letters from Lockdown - Guantánamo, Utah, and On the Run

    24/04/2020 Duração: 12min

    Team Snap proudly presents the second installment of, "Letters from Lockdown," featuring stories from people around the world who have experienced lockdown before. STORIES:  Guantánamo Mansoor Adayfi comes from Yemen but was detained at Guantánamo for fifteen years. Find out what he did to survive the brutality and isolation of a terror prison. Mansoor is available for speaking and writing. Find him on Twitter (@mansooradayfi), Instagram, Facebook, or check out his website.  Utah If you could only write down one sentence a day what would it be? Dr. Judy Ensley found herself as a patient battling for her life. An artist and retired English professor, she lives with her husband in Ogden, Utah. Learn more about Judy. On the Run Meg and Elena were in love... and escaping Russia. They set sail on a small boat, heading out into the open seas, knowing only that they had each other. You can find Meg and Elena’s blog and books on their website. Thank you, Mansoor, Judy, Meg, and Elena, for sharing your stories with us

  • The Enlightenment Trap - Snap Classic

    The Enlightenment Trap - Snap Classic

    22/04/2020 Duração: 29min

    A skeptical journalist fights freezing temperatures alongside a fitness guru to test the limits of his own mortality. Read more about Scott’s adventures with Wim Hof and his ascent up Mt. Kilimanjaro in his book, “What Doesn't Kill Us." See what else Scott is up to on his website. Produced by Adizah Eghan, original score by David Last  Snap Classic: Season 8 - Episode 17  

  • Buds


    17/04/2020 Duração: 37min

    Weed brownies, firefighting, and friendship. It’s a 4/20 Snap Special! Amazing stories by friends, about the friend you did not expect. STORIES Weed Brownies At school, Alia Volz was a weird kid without a lot of friends. She had a secret... after school, she’d go home and help her mom make and sell weed brownies all over San Francisco. But one day, Alia discovered something about her mom’s business that turned her secret into a burden that was far more painful than she could have imagined.  Thank you, Alia, for sharing your story with Snap! See more of Alia’s work. Produced by Shaina Shealy, original score by Doug Stuart Up in Smoke Firefighting runs through Nyge’s bloodline. But he had no idea what it would cost to pursue this family dream.  This story was produced by YR Media's Adult ISH podcast. Adult ISH is a culture, advice, and storytelling show about #adulting, that is produced entirely by folks who are "almost adults". It’s distributed by PRX’s Radiotopia. Listen to more episodes of Adult ISH and subs

  • Letters from Lockdown - Gaza, Myanmar, and at Sea

    Letters from Lockdown - Gaza, Myanmar, and at Sea

    15/04/2020 Duração: 12min

    In other parts of the world, the concept of lockdown isn’t new at all — being forced to stay inside a room, a building, or a closed territory is a familiar experience. What can we learn from people who have been under lockdown before, whether in a war zone, in prison or another setting? During quarantine, Team Snap is bringing you pieces of wisdom, hope, and defiance from people who have experienced lockdown. Gaza Majd Waheidi has lived through war and siege in Gaza. She found a way to drown out the sounds of rockets with her own voice. Follow Majd on Twitter.  Myanmar Nandar is from a village in Shan State, in Northern Myanmar. At fourteen, she was sent to a menstruation hut when she got her first period. Her lockdown lasted five days, but changed her forever. To learn more about Nandar’s activism in Myanmar, check out her organization Purple Feminist Group.  At Sea Martin Machado works on container ships and is at sea for up to six months at a time. Old tarps and messages in bottles are just a few things Ma

  • Haenyeo


    09/04/2020 Duração: 35min

    When Heidi Shin had her first baby, she took an entire year to care for her daughter full-time. For the most part, she loved it. But she also felt like she was losing part of herself to motherhood. So she decides to take a work trip to an island off the coast of South Korea. She comes away with an unexpected discovery about motherhood and herself. Check out more of Heidi's work. Listen to Heidi's full story for PRI, Diving with the last generation of Korea’s Mermaids. Produced by Heidi Shin and Shaina Shealy, original score by Renzo Gorrio Season 11 - Episode 8 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories you won't hear anywhere else.

  • Spooked - The Fog

    Spooked - The Fog

    03/04/2020 Duração: 26min

    Blair can’t see his hands in front of his face. He can’t see the ground beneath his feet. He’s not in the dark: he’s in a thick cloud of fog. And then a stranger’s voice emerges from the mist, guiding him… can he trust her? This story comes to us from Australia, the original Upside Down. Thank you, Blair, for sharing your story with Spooked. Produced by Greta Weber, original score by Lauryn Newson Artwork by Sanaa Khan Spooked Season 4 - Episode 4 Spooked Season IV is ALIVE. Our Spring season has 10 new episodes, each released weekly. We have another 22 coming for you in the Fall. Select episodes will be available across streaming platforms but ALL will be exclusively on Luminary. Download the Luminary mobile app or go to 

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