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Gay Fun Show: Feast of Fools podcast makes your iPod fabulous! Fresh, funny talk on odd news, social trends and celebrity interviews peppered with a dazzling assortment of cocktail recipes and how-to projects. Serving up sass with five new shows every week, listen to real-life gay couple Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion along with their hilarious regulars: Amanda Steinstein, Sal-E and Gregg Shapiro. Subscribe now and take a fresh new look at the media. Winner of the Peoples Choice Podcast Award for ~Best GLBT Podcast~ 2006 and 2007.


  • Bonus: Silence Equals Death

    Bonus: Silence Equals Death

    02/12/2020 Duração: 58min

    In the mid 80s, a broken healthcare system and a government content with letting people die from AIDS forced artists to make art that challenged, inspired and aroused the public to change their views on LGBT folks, HIV & AIDS. Today, we take a look at the future of LGBT rights by taking a look at the iconic artists collective that inspired a generation of people to act up, fight back and fight AIDS.

  • FOF #2913 – St Sukie de la Croix’s Very British Fairy Tale

    FOF #2913 – St Sukie de la Croix’s Very British Fairy Tale

    30/11/2020 Duração: 01h29min

    Once upon a time there was a little fairy named Sukie who grew up to see his world change through the impact of Stonewall and the rise of the modern gay rights movement, the AIDS crisis, and the rule of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. Today St Sukie de la Croix lifts the veil on his mysterious persona and tells us of his early upbringing in a working class family in post WWII England and partying with Princess Margaret. Listen as we chat with Sukie about his new book “The Memoir of a Groucho Marxist: A Very British Fairy Tale” which takes us on a magical realist journey throughout his childhood.

  • FOF #2912- Hanukkah if You’re Horny

    FOF #2912- Hanukkah if You’re Horny

    25/11/2020 Duração: 59min

    Hanukkah is just around the corner and while you might not celebrate the holiday yourself yet, it’s never too late to get in on some of the festivities. After all, no where in the Torah does it say thou shalt not have a little fun. Today comedian Meg Grunewald has got you covered in the Jewish holiday department- she’s bringing back her holiday special, Home for Hanukkah with Bubbe: an interactive holiday experience where she invited you to come celebrate the festival of lights.

  • FOF #2911 – Checking Your Attitude for Gratitude

    FOF #2911 – Checking Your Attitude for Gratitude

    24/11/2020 Duração: 01h30min

    2020 has been a hell of a year. With the Covid pandemic raging on and Republicans pushing everything to the brink of collapse, it’s beyond ironic that the last show we did in 2019 with comedian Brian Sweeney was called “The Year of Hell” yet this year is definitely worse, or is it? After all there’s nothing so rotten, that some good can’t come from it, we’ve had a pretty good election and with Georgia’s January runoff, progressive superstar Stacy Abrahms is now a key figure in the balance of power between Americans and facism. Today our favorite grouch Brian Sweeney joins us to look at things we’re grateful for that did come to pass in 2020.

  • FOF #2910 – The Dangers of Thanksgiving

    FOF #2910 – The Dangers of Thanksgiving

    23/11/2020 Duração: 01h34s

    According to the National Safety Council, over half of all accidents occur in the home and the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house which makes Thanksgiving the deadliest holiday of them all. So maybe this holiday season with most people staying home alone due to the Covid pandemic, we can all be grateful that the worst thing that can happen when you stay home is you’ll burn the roof of your mouth eating microwaved pumpkin pie hot pockets. Today we’re taking a look at some of the most dangerous and wild things that can happen during Thanksgiving.

  • FOF #2909 – How to Pass the Audition By Fearlessly Being Yourself

    FOF #2909 – How to Pass the Audition By Fearlessly Being Yourself

    20/11/2020 Duração: 01h37min

    Some folks get so nervous about going into a job interview or an audition, that their minds can’t stop thinking about those over the top demanding directors from films like A Chorus Line, All that Jazz, The Producers, Flashdance and even Showgirls. How real are they? Today we’re talking to acting teacher, filmmaker and director Anthony Meindl about how to be your authentic self- in your everyday life or at your job, even if you’re auditioning to be a star on Broadway.

  • FOF #2908 – How Match Game Put ‘Blank’ Into Popular Culture

    FOF #2908 – How Match Game Put ‘Blank’ Into Popular Culture

    17/11/2020 Duração: 01h35min

    The TV game show Match Game was at first considered bland, so the writers' spiced things up with cheeky questions designed to make the contestants blush at the celebrity panel’s witty banter and sexual innuendo. It turned into a big hit and its risqué humor changed the tone of all daytime TV game shows forever. Today camp culture historian A. Ashley Hoff, author of the book Match Game 101, takes us on a backstage tour of Match Game, the orange shag carpeted TV game show where our favorite gay icons cracked up the audience as they “filled in the blank” over cocktails.

  • FOF #2907 – Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat Fill Up The Cart on Supermarket Sweep

    FOF #2907 – Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat Fill Up The Cart on Supermarket Sweep

    11/11/2020 Duração: 01h15min

    The TV game show Supermarket Sweep is back on the air on Sunday nights on ABC with SNL star and Drag Race judge Leslie Jones as the show’s host. To make the grocery themed quiz show even wilder they got two of the funniest drag queens, Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine, to join in as contestants competing for $100,000. Their episode was absolutely she-larious, as Jackie’s quips cracked up the show’s host and Sherry Vine served up women of Wall-Mart meets Hollywood sex worker glamour. Today Sherry Vine joins us from her pink boudoir in Burbank, California to talk about how she first met Jackie Beat 30 years ago and their hilarious appearance on the reboot of Supermarket Sweep.

  • FOF #2906 – Everybody Rejoice

    FOF #2906 – Everybody Rejoice

    09/11/2020 Duração: 01h05min

    Over the weekend folks took to the streets to celebrate as news organizations like Feast of Fun and the Associated Press declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winners of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. But being the sore loser he is, Trump hasn’t conceded, sending his goon Rudy Guilani to the Four Seasons… Total Landscaping company to let the world know they’ll fight this in court. Today we look at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory, the celebrations in the streets, and what to expect until the inauguration in January.

  • FOF #2905 – You’re Fired!

    FOF #2905 – You’re Fired!

    06/11/2020 Duração: 01h50s

    Spoiler alert! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 US presidential election. The country is safe from evil again, and you were so worried, weren’t you? You lost so much sleep, didn’t you? You drank so much booze, didn’t you? He did win didn’t he? Well, sort of. Republicans are declaring war on democracy by asking to stop the count in areas where they’re winning and re-count all the votes in areas where they’re losing. Right now we’re waiting for Georgia, Pennsylvania or Nevada to announce the results so we can finally say Trump, you’re fired.

  • Best of: Hollywood’s Disposable Beefcake

    Best of: Hollywood’s Disposable Beefcake

    04/11/2020 Duração: 01h19min

    We love the wild women and outrageous plots of films like Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Rocky Horror, Myra Breckinridge and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but despite their success as camp classics, after their release, the hunks who starred in them all but disappeared from Hollywood. Today we’re joined by Peaches Christ, who has been parodying many of these campy films for decades, to discuss why these hunks ran screaming from Hollywood after making only one film.

  • FOF #2904 – Kareem McJagger’s Tales from the Cock

    FOF #2904 – Kareem McJagger’s Tales from the Cock

    03/11/2020 Duração: 01h28min

    Happy Halloween! Did you vote or are you prepared to have an orange, rotten pumpkin haunt you again for the rest of your life? As the Season of the Witch wraps up, our guest today is NYC drag queen Kareem McJagger, well known for her scandalous underwear parties at The Cock bar, yes, it’s a bar that serves you know… drinks. Today, the House of Davenport is in the house! Listen as Kareem McJagger talks about her star studded collaborations and how drag queens in Chicago, New York and Philly are putting pressure on gay bars to fight racism.

  • FOF #2903 – Pluck the Peach Proficiently

    FOF #2903 – Pluck the Peach Proficiently

    28/10/2020 Duração: 01h09min

    When we were young and came out as gay, people would ask ‘how do you guys do, you know, do that?” For many, there was a lot of mystery surrounding sticking an eggplant into a peach for pleasure. That question doesn’t really get asked much any more as you can see it all happen online but is it a truly realistic portrayal of how to get it on? Today sex expert and writer Michael Alvear joins us to talk about how you can find pleasure by unlocking your body’s own natural ability to take it in the rear.

  • Best of: The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

    Best of: The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

    22/10/2020 Duração: 01h26min

    We don’t usually associate sensual bohemian music with Mormons, but instead we think of wholesome Donnie and Marie types, where everyone smiles till it hurts. But musician Spencer Day has been through hell and back- from pretending he was a heroin junkie in high school to look cool to struggling with his religious upbringing and sexual identity as an adult. Today a live music sessions with the fabulous Spencer Day, playing songs from his new album The Mystery of You.

  • FOF #2901 – Art in the Age of COVID-19

    FOF #2901 – Art in the Age of COVID-19

    19/10/2020 Duração: 01h26min

    At the height of the AIDS crisis, artists made sense of the overwhelming despair by giving voice to the isolation people felt and they helped guide our communities forward. Today, performance artist Hereclitus Vernon joins us to talk about being one of the first people to come down with COVID-19 during the early days of the quarantine. Seven months later, Here is still dealing with the health consequences of the coronavirus.

  • FOF #2900 – Jake Noll Chases Their Dreams During Quarantine

    FOF #2900 – Jake Noll Chases Their Dreams During Quarantine

    16/10/2020 Duração: 01h07min

    The last guest we had in person, in the home studio, before the big shutdown, was the delightful comedian Jake Noll who came on to talk about the big changes going on in their life. With uncertain doom looming around the corner, we wondered which post-apocalypic character from Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome would we wind up being: Tina Turner or Mel Gibson? Today comedian Jake Noll joins us to talk about their adventures in transitioning during quarantine, how they almost got roped into a cult in their early days of comedy and finding their way out of a Kobe Bryant shaped corn maze.

  • FOF #2897 – Matt Brown’s Karmic Justice

    FOF #2897 – Matt Brown’s Karmic Justice

    05/10/2020 Duração: 01h29min

    Folks are having a hearty laugh over President Trump getting hospitalized for COVID-19, the deadly disease he said would go away like magic. Now Republicans are asking for compassion for the President, so at least we can all be on the same page as to how terrible this virus can be. Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at the complicated reactions people have to the shocking news that many top Republicans including the Supreme Court pick Amy Barrett all came down with COVID-19. But after almost 4 years of daily lies, could Trump be crying wolf or is this the truth, of which he was so afraid, he downplayed it to the American public?

  • FOF #2896 – Peaches Christ and the Witches of East Bay

    FOF #2896 – Peaches Christ and the Witches of East Bay

    23/09/2020 Duração: 01h32min

    One of our favorite movies is The Witches of Eastwick, which pits three icons: Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfieffer against the devil himself as they turn to witchcraft to manage their mid-life crisis. Today, San Francisco drag empresario Peaches Christ chats with us about opening up her vault of drag parodies for an internet viewing party of her show “The Witches of East Bay” where Peaches Christ, Coco Peru and Chad Michaels take a look at what happens when three drag legends get older in a world dominated by pesky young drag queens.

  • FOF #2895 – What Pee Wee Herman’s Crack PSA Taught Us About Covid

    FOF #2895 – What Pee Wee Herman’s Crack PSA Taught Us About Covid

    22/09/2020 Duração: 01h23min

    Although some PSA’s are wildly ridiculous like trying to get people to eat healthy or to avoid using drugs, the reason these campaigns persist is because to some extent they are successful. So where are all the public service announcements for COVID? Today, Summer Nettles, TV news producer and former communications specialist for the City of Denver, Colorado, joins us to look at some of our favorite public service health TV ads, and why Republicans aren’t using what we’ve learned in the past 75 years of ads.

  • FOF #2894 – Lovecraft Country, Trashy Novels and Morality Tales from the Hood

    FOF #2894 – Lovecraft Country, Trashy Novels and Morality Tales from the Hood

    17/09/2020 Duração: 01h08min

    Thankfully in the digital age it’s easy to self publish but who exactly is going to read a book titled “This Hoe Got Roaches Up in Her Crib?” In the new podcast “The Hood Novel Book Club” comedian Rachel Hall looks at wonderfully weird books about the modern black experience that were written by self published authors with hilarious results. Today, Rachel Hall joins us to take a look at trashy books, morality tales and science fiction from the perspective of great and not so great black authors.

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