Are you trying to get over a devastating event in your life? Do you need to hear encouraging words from real people who have decided to give their scars to God? LET'S TALK! I WANT VISIT YOU TO VISIT SCARRED NOT SCARED ON TALKSHOE! Have you ever been scarred but you refused to be scared to live your life? Are you positive that you have learned the lesson behind the lesion? SOMEONE NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR TESTIMONY! COME AND SHARE YOUR STORY.


  • When God Says No or Not Now

    When God Says No or Not Now


    We, as Christians, need to understand that God is our Father and He knows best. Be inspired as this topic is discussed and God's sovereignty is addressed.

  • SNS Testimony Line - Yada Birthday Celebration

    SNS Testimony Line - Yada Birthday Celebration


    Come and be edified as we celebrate a new year! Help Quiyada celebrate her birthday while we magnify God for another year - collectively.

  • Live In Fidelity

    Live In Fidelity


    Keep fidelity and faithfulness in our relationship with God. Let's stop cheating, return to HIM, and keep it personal.

  • Purpose Driven Life

    Purpose Driven Life


    Quiyada candidly talks about her experience being retired due to multiple sclerosis. She reminds us that purpose has to drive our lives and God knows what He is doing.

  • Live In Remission

    Live In Remission


    Remission is offered as a free gift to those who repent and receive it. Your sin debt is cleared if you accept this free gift today.

  • Live Gratefully

    Live Gratefully


    Quiyada admonishes us to live gratefully as God has advised us in His Word - trusting Him with all the details of our lives.

  • Naked Playing the Blame Game

    Naked Playing the Blame Game


    Quiyada expounds on the actions behind the fall. Be encouraged by knowing that God still wants you if you are willing to obey after being naked and playing the blame game.

  • Divine Benefits

    Divine Benefits


    Quiyada expounds on Psalms 103 and the divine benefits package that God provides.

  • Yada Who?

    Yada Who?


    Yada explains the Hebrew word YADA (H3045) in a casual way that all can relate to. Listen and be inspired by how we all can relate to YADA.

  • A Message To The Brokenhearted

    A Message To The Brokenhearted


    She's back! Quiyada shares scriptures to build up the brokenhearted and to show them that they can be sustained in God. Listen and be edified while God is glorified.

  • SNS Easter 2015 - His Words on the Cross

    SNS Easter 2015 - His Words on the Cross


    Jesus gave very thought provoking words as His body was transitioned back to the Father. Listen to these sayings and be edified knowing that He did all of it for us. He paid our sin debt.

  • I Have Been Spiritually Repossessed!

    "I Have Been Spiritually Repossessed!"


    Quiyada shares insight on her blogpost, "I Have Been Spiritually Repossessed". Be encouraged as she shares how God had to reclaim her as His property and how what was meant for bad was transformed into something for her good.

  • Dont Allow Everyone To Yada You

    "Don't Allow Everyone To Yada You"


    Quiyada speaks on the Hebrew definition of her name and admonishes listeners to be careful with this type of knowledge.

  • The Power of the Gospel - No Need to Impress

    The Power of the Gospel - No Need to Impress


    We don't need to try to impress people with words... the Gospel is enough and that's all we need to bring to the lost.

  • In Jesus Name

    In Jesus Name

  • Dont be Mad at GOD (James 1:2-4)

    Don't be Mad at GOD (James 1:2-4)


    Quiyada encourages fellow believers to be patient in times of tribulation. You are being developed in the process... Don't rush the outcome and don't be mad at GOD while you're in the process.