This podcast chronicles the amblings and learnings of Prosser Career Academy students in Chicago, IL. All podcasts episodes are written and recorded by students in 9 through 12 grades. Delivering science content from our small classroom to the world. Please leave our class a rating and a comment with your favorite episode on iTunes. My students and I could use some feedback


  • Ep 12: Solar Episode

    Ep 12: Solar Episode


    Solar Energy: Development, manner of use, and other interesting information including facts and stuff that just makes us gasp!

  • Ep 11: Uranium Episode

    Ep 11: Uranium Episode


    This podcast is about Uranium. It will explain how Uranium is related to Nuclear Power Reactors. This podcast will answer any questions you might have about Uranium.

  • Ep 10: Solar Episode

    Ep 10: Solar Episode


    This podcast is about Solar energy, and how this type of energy might be a benefit to the world and help conserve fossil fuel.

  • Ep 9: Hydropower Episode

    Ep 9: Hydropower Episode


    What is Hydropower?

  • Ep 8: Geothermal Energy

    Ep 8: Geothermal Energy


    On this episode, Darian, Brenda, and Karina are going to be discussing geothermal energy and how it influences the world.

  • Ep 7: Coal Episode

    Ep 7: Coal Episode


    Coal is one of the highest producing electricity energies in the world that has gotten really overused and can pronto damage our earth if the consumption of coal doesn’t lower down by some percentage.

  • Ep 6: Wind Episode

    Ep 6: Wind Episode


    Wind energy Podcast Prosser

  • Ep 5: Propane Episode

    Ep 5: Propane Episode

  • Ep 4: Nuclear Power House! - Uranium for energy?

    Ep 4: Nuclear Power House! - Uranium for energy?


    Smart and Interesting Prosser Students inform the cyber world about the mixly opinionated use of “Uranium for Energy”. The three students will then go on cover exactly how “Boss” Uranium can be! In just a few short minutes of your life of course. Don't worry you can trust they’ll satisfy your hunger for SCIENCE!

  • Ep 3: Petroleum Episode

    Ep 3: Petroleum Episode


    This is a podcast about petroleum. We are here to to give you information about the uses and effects of using petroleum. We are students form Prosser Career Academy, here to provide information.

  • Ep 2: Natural Gas Episode

    Ep 2: Natural Gas Episode


    Explaining what natural gas is, what it is used for, how is it made, and why it is important to our everyday lives. We go in depth about the usage of natural gas and interesting facts about it. It will be similar to a Q & A.

  • Ep 1: Biomass Energy Episode

    Ep 1: Biomass Energy Episode


    Biomass energy and its uses for the environment