Song of the Soul invites you to a soul-level encounter. Music has the ability to proclaim the soul's language beyond what mere words can speak. That's what we seek as we invite our guests to share their Song of the Soul. You will hear the music that has charted the steps of their spiritual journey, that has provided a touchstone in the soul's dark night, and sung the hearts awe and joy when come to the Light. As you listen to Song of the Soul, you are both witness and companion to our guest's spiritual path and sacred testimony. Song of the Soul guests provide about 25 minutes of the music that speaks of their spiritual path, beliefs or journey, and Mark Helpsmeet explores with them the relevance and meaning of this music to their experience. Some guests are musicians, perhaps sharing their own music, but most guests are simply sharing music they've been impacted by, written and performed by others. The theme song for this program is by Cris Williamson and is called Song of the Soul. Please check out the wealth of great music Cris has gifted to the world.


  • Going Forward With Mary Lou Fulton

    Going Forward With Mary Lou Fulton


    Each year there's a contest sponsored by the Renaissance Artists and Writers Association called Songs for Social Change, and today we have here the winner of last year's contest. Mary Lou Fulton rated number one out of many hundreds of submissions with her song Not Going Back. What makes it all the more remarkable is that she did it with the very first song she ever released! But is was but first in a healthy line of wonderful music, as she transitioned from telling stories through journalism and newspaper, to singing stories for the world. Mary Lou Fultonjoins us from Los Angeles. All the songs in this program are written & performed by Mary Lou Fulton, unless otherwise noted: Not Going Back - see the video Sabor A Mi - written by Alvaro Carrillo, performed by Mary Lou Fulton - unreleased Hammer and a Gun - unreleased Might Have Been - unreleased This Land Is Your Land - written (mostly) by Woody Guthrie, performed by Ronstadt Generations (including Mary Lou Fulton) on America Our Home We'll Tell Stories

  • Fishin with John Prine

    Fishin' with John Prine


    A tribute to John Prine, with 6 guests, some singing songs by John, others singing songs about and inspired by John, all paying tribute to a great, truly unique, country-folk singer who died this past April. Carsie Blanton, Laura Farley, and Johnsmith will be singing originals, while Sammie Purcell of Foxes and Fossils, Tom Pirozolli, and Joe Jencks will be covering John Prine songs. Great originals & great renditions, seeded by John Prine. Feature John Prine Tribute Music: Fishin' With You - Carsie Blanton - watch the Fishin' With You video Hello In There - written by John Prine, performed by Tom Pirozolli Hunkered Love - written & performed by Johnsmith - watch the Hunkered Love video Angel from Montgomery - written by John Prine, performed by Sammie Purcell of Foxes and Fossils - watch their Angel from Montgomery video John's Song - written & performed by Laura Farley of High and Rising - watch their John's Song video Spanish Pipe-dream (Blow Up Your TV) - written by John Prine, performed by Jo

  • Camping with Dads  Peter Alsop

    Camping with Dads & Peter Alsop


    Peter Alsop's latest release is Camping With Dads, and it includes all the fun & profundity you expect from Peter, providing learning about all kinds of stuff, from racism to listening to violence to gorillas. Peter goes everywhere, fearlessly and heartfully, in all of his music. Today he unveils a new song, Love And Questions, dealing with dementia, sung with Ellen Geer. Connect with Peter via the Peter Alsop - Songs to Chew podcast, camp at his retreat center, Otter Space (post-COVID), or just reach out via Peter's full-service website. All the songs in this program are written & performed by Peter Alsop:, and are on the Camping With Dads CD, unless otherwise noted: Anthropologist You Need A Good Listenin' To I Had A Dream & Skin Color Spit Ball I Brought A Gorilla Home BONUS: We Can Bounce Stronga Love And Questions - not yet released

  • Queer Sacred Music in the Time of COVID-19

    Queer Sacred Music in the Time of COVID-19


    Amanda Udis-Kessler is a music-creation fountain whose recent project is, 60-plus songs beginning with sacred music relative to LGBTQ concerns, but enriched by the spiritual experiences relative to the arrival of COVID-19 and the nationwide uprising against racism and other injustices. Amanda's theology is open, accepting, and rooted in a universal love, and is enriched by the training and talents of her Ph.D. in Sociology, her time in seminary, and her wide and deep lyrical and musical creativity. Raised as a secular Jew, her never-ending spiritual pilgrimmage has included sojourns and enrichment with the UU, Quakers, UCC, Buddhism, Bah', and much more. All songs are written by Amanda Udis-Kessler, and included in her collection, and performed by those noted below: Church is the Way We Live - performed by Phoebe Lostroh Jesus the Essential Worker - performed by David Heitler-Klevans Two of a Kind Everything Remains - performed by Ken Janzen, music director of the Cen

  • Going Forward With Songs of Social Change

    Going Forward With Songs of Social Change


    A look at some of the finalists of the Songs for Social Change contest in 2019, artists with a variety of styles & themes, all about change for the better. With reggae, electronica, rock, & folk, 6 different artists share their various soulful songs, working for a better world, with first prize going to Mary Lou Fulton for Not Going Back. Contest judge Ed Glassman walks us through the organization and the songs. Songs can be submitted for the coming year before December 1st, either via, or on the website. Featured Music: Good Morning America - by Abigayle Rose Tribe of the Gods - by Soul Glitch Power to the Peaceful - by Shawn Galloway Give Me Your Tired - by Rebecca Lang Fiorentino Wake up - by Blue Alien Mystic Not Going Back - by Mary Lou Fulton (see the video)

  • Sparky Ruckers Good Old Way

    Sparky Rucker's Good Old Way


    Sparky Rucker was introduced to the music of the civil rights movement when his mother took him to his first march at the age of 14, but he was already steeped in the music of the era in the black Pentecostal church of his youth and the distinctive Appalachian culture of Eastern Tennessee. Sparky Rucker has woven together music, activism, history and culture for more than 5 decades, raising and inspiring spirits everywhere. Listen to our interview with his wife Rhonda back on August 28, 2016 All songs are performed by Sparky & Rhonda Rucker, and written by those noted: Crossroads (Live) - by Robert Johnson (some lyrics by Sparky Rucker) Big Road Blues - by Tommy Johnson Go Down Moses - traditional C. C. Rider - by Ma Rainy The Good Old Way/Down In the River to Pray - traditional Midnight Thirst - by Sparky Rucker Visit this link to see Sparky and Rhonda's performance of "We Shall Not Be Moved" at the Mystic Sea Music Festival in Mystic, CT. Now available! A new novel by Rhonda Lynn Rucker, Welcome to Bomb

  • Singing As We Rise - Joe Newberry

    Singing As We Rise - Joe Newberry


    Joe Newberry has a wonderful voice, and writes tunes & lyrics to enrich that wonderful voice to the point of sublime. Writing music that tends toward old-timey, bluegrass, spirtuals, torch songs, & more beyond that, Joe's songs draw deeply on the Missouri of his youth and the North Carolina of his adulthood. Renowned for his clawhammer banjo playing, Joe has won multiple awards from the IBMA, and was a frequent performer on A Prairie Home Companion. He performed with the Red Clay Ramblers, Big Medicine, and in duos with Mike Compton and April Verch, among others. All songs are written and performed by Joe Newberry, unless otherwise noted: Baby I'm Blue - from Going Home, Joe Newberry & April Verch Resurrection Day - live performance on Prairie Home Companion with Joe Newberry, Garrison Keillor, Heather Masse, & the Exchange Street Quartet The Darker the Night, the Better I See - live performance with Joe Newberry, Jon Shain,& JF Ventre Reminiscent - from Crow the Dawn with Joe Newberry, Jo

  • Not Just Some Pretty Guitar - Rick Ruskin

    Not Just Some Pretty Guitar - Rick Ruskin


    Though Rick Ruskin has a voice sometimes reminiscent of James Taylor, with all the enchantment that implies, and though he's got a lot of wonderful lyrics & tunes, the way that Rick most distinctively shines is through his magic on the guitar. Born and raised around Detroit, Michigan, migrating to California in the late 1960's, and having played for years with prominent artists like Olivia Newton John & Jackie DeShannon, Rick Ruskin has been located in Seattle for the past few decades in a home complete with an excellent recording studio plus a drum kit for creativity, exercise and therapy. . All songs are written and performed by Rick Ruskin, unless otherwise noted: Kudah Duxx - on In The Beginning Corvair's Exodus - written with B.T. Willis, on Microphone Fever You Make Me Nervous - on Perfect Pitch Rain Man - on Perfect Pitch Lullaby - on In The Beginning Home Is Where The heart Is - on Home Is Where The Heart Is Long Walk Home - on In The Beginning

  • Wonder Woman in our Dreams

    Wonder Woman in our Dreams


    Leslie Evers has been singing and writing songs forever, but she waited decades to release them to the world. With her beautiful voice, lyrical skill, and trusty guitar and banjo, she casts magical-musical spells. Located on the folk-jazz continuum, Leslie has also performed for years with The Gryphon Carolers. Home is Palo Alto, CA, and she will soon release her first hymn! All songs are written and performed by Leslie Evers, unless otherwise noted: Wonder Woman - from I Can't Remember My Dreams I Can't Remember My Dreams - from I Can't Remember My Dreams Last Call - from I Can't Remember My Dreams Powerless - from I Can't Remember My Dreams Freshet - with Ed Johnson on Ed Johnson's Over That Wave Nunca Mais Desespera (Despair No More) - co-written with Ed Johnson, performed by The Gryphon Carolers (choir Ed Johnson & Carol McComb, Founded 1975)

  • Smiling, Loving, Foolish, World-changing Eyes: Robinlee Garber

    Smiling, Loving, Foolish, World-changing Eyes: Robinlee Garber


    Robinlee Garber started out from New York, explored other cities & states while also exploring careers in creating art, stage production, and clinical art therapy, but she found home in Chicago, where she also found found fulfillment in adding music performance to her art therapy work. Her musical passions are life-long, centering around folk, blues, jazz, and what she calls torch-folk, although she only began performing music professionally in the last 15 years or so. She has released two albums, one of torch/jazz standards, and the other of folk/singer-songwriter character, with many more of her songs ready for studio recording when the opportunity presents itself. Unless otherwise noted, all songs in this program are written & performed by Robinlee Garber. Road To Paradise - from Resilience Be the Change - home recording Smiling eyes - home recording Lovin Your Mama - home recording Have Your Say - home recording These Foolish Things - by Eric Maschwitz/Jack Strachey, from Somewhere There's Music

  • Wolfs Howl, Moths Flutter: Laura Farley

    Wolf's Howl, Moth's Flutter: Laura Farley


    Laura Farley, along with her husband, Jym, are High and Rising, a duo from La Crosse, Wisconsin, getting ready to release their first CD. For some years now they, and up to 4 other people, are known as the Merry Weathers, playing folk/Americana, including bluegrass, folk, country, and rockin music, with a major emphasis on original tunes and including some long-loved covers. Unless otherwise noted, all songs in this program are written & performed by High and Rising (Laura & Jym Farley). The recordings featured here are simple living room tracks, until COVID-19 allows for studio access: Howl John's Song (for John Prine) Mississippi National Moth Song Shakedown Street - written by The Grateful Dead In The Dark

  • Not Really Sane, Not Really Sorry: Larry Heagle

    Not Really Sane, Not Really Sorry: Larry Heagle


    Larry Heagle is an Eau Claire-centric, Midwest-roaming musician with a specially in comedy stand-up, who just published a memoire, of sorts, loaded with all the kinds of comedy & quirky world-view he's famous for. It's called Not Really Sane, Not Really Sorry: Tales of an Itinerant Performer and you better get ahold of Larry if you want a copy - not Amazon or anyone else. You can find Larry on Facebook or you can email Larry. All songs in this program are written & performed by Larry Heagle: Rocket Action Oldsmobile - from Irish Heart The Irish Drinking Song - from Rude, Crude, and Poor Iowa Ditch Weed - from Rude, Crude, and Poor The Big Tomato - from Irish Heart Short Daddy - from Rude, Crude, and Poor 800 Talkin' Blues - from RRude, Crude, and Poor

  • Summer 2019 Gems  Jewels

    Summer 2019 Gems & Jewels


    Remembering the Gems & Jewels of Summer 2019 shows, with Jerry Hui (Voices United) and Jennifer Evans (Just Folk in Boston) and Randall Adams (Wind, Waves, Dreams, & Music) and Regla Garcia-Schmidt (Sweet Angel Warrior) and John McCutcheon In Person! and Joe Iadanza (Long Island's Exceptional Common Man) and Ben Reel (Ireland's Darkness & Light) and Steve Suffet (Old-Fashioned Folk Singer). Featured Music: Regina Caeli & Regina Caeli a 8 - performed by Schola Cantorum, Gregorian chant & written by Francisco Guerrero - Voices United: full Jerry Hui interview I Missed Her - from The Last Cheap Hotel - Just Folk in Boston: full Jennifer Evans interview Oil in the Water - written by Randy's sister, Sandra Odom - Wind, Waves, Dreams, & Music: full Randall Adams interview Creator - by Regla & Alan Smith - Sweet Angel Warrior: full Regla Garcia-Schmidt interview Unaware - John McCutcheon In Person: full interview Common Man - from Common Man - Long Island's Exceptional Common Man: full Jo

  • Pre-Corona Souls - Spring 2019 Retrospective

    Pre-Corona Souls - Spring 2019 Retrospective


    Song of the Soul broadcast retrospective of a simpler, less COVID-19, time, one year ago, in 2019, with Victoria Shoemaker (Bewitching) and Kora Feder (Painting the Sky with Music) and Peter Phippen (Living Music, Sacred Flute) and Ira Levin of The Levins (Harmonizing With Lamed Vavniks, Hafiz, & The Gita) and Sally Rogers (Happy 100th Birthday Pete Seeger) and Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution (Pete Seeger's Last Songs) and Charlie King (Pete Seeger's Last Songs) and Annie Patterson (Pete Seeger's Last Songs). Featured Music: The Witching Hour - from The Witching Hour - Bewitching: full Victoria Shoemaker interview Still We Write - from In Sevens - Painting the Sky with Music: full Kora Feder interview Drawing Down the Moon - from Lavender Calm with Arja Kastinen - Living Music, Sacred Flute: full Peter Phippen interview Dropping Keys - from My Friend Hafiz - Harmonizing With Lamed Vavniks, Hafiz, & The Gita: full Ira Levin interview We'll Pass Them On - written & performed by Sally Rogers - Hap

  • Frog In A New Hampshire Pond: Tom Pirozolli

    Frog In A New Hampshire Pond: Tom Pirozolli


    When Tom Pirozzoli isn't making or playing folk music, you can pretty much find him painting in his New Hampshire studio. Having rambled widely over many continents, Tom has gathered lots of "grist for the mill" in his song writing. His fingers dance the guitar strings, his voice dances the tunes, and his heart dances touching, fun, and insightful lyrics into our lives. Be sure to catch his video of This Is What Love Is Like on Tom's Facebook page. All songs in this program are written & performed by Tom Pirozzoli: The Last Prophet - from Reckon by the Light Words That Tie - from Reckon by the Light, with Willy Porter & Patrick Ross If You Dream - from Reckon by the Light Tibet - from Travels Reckon By The Light - from Reckon by the Light Frog in a Pond - from Reckon by the Light

  • Thy Music - India to California

    Thy Music - India to California


    Kirk Mann weaves so much together - passion for the guitar, deeply spiritual lyrics & tunes, a seeking, listening soul, and healing work via Chinese Medicine. Find him on Facebook, on Reverbnation, and via his YouTube channel. All songs in this program are written & performed by Kirk Mann, unless otherwise indicated: Thy Music - from Ghost Dancer, by Hazrat Inayat Khan Johnny - from East Wind Sleep - from East Wind Spring Buds - written by Michael Hedges Roses & Dreams - from Roses & Dreams Shine Like a Lantern - from Shine Like A Lantern

  • Songs for All the Best: Jude Johnstone

    Songs for All the Best: Jude Johnstone


    Jude Johnstone touches hearts & souls with her songs, whether sung by her or by the likes of Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, or so many others. From Maine, to LA to Nashville, Jude has found an enthusiastic reception for her music, and memorable companions on the path. In particular, her songs like Wounded Heart and Unchained powerfully evoke the stirrings of grief, sadness, compassion, and recovery in listeners. All songs in this program are written & performed by Jude Johnstone: Wounded Heart - from Coming of Age, with Jackson Browne Unchained - from Coming of Age, with Bonnie Raitt Never Leave Amsterdam - from A Woman's Work So Easy To Forget - from Living Room Spring In Paris - not yet released Deep Water - from On A Good Day, with Rodney Crowell

  • Deidres Theme

    Deidre's Theme


    Deidre McCalla showed a flair for the limelight even when she was 7, so it was no surprise to find her performing folk music with her high school trio, Friendship, which brought them to the edge of local fame. A university theater degree got overridden by the comparative ease of a life as a performing musician, although Deidre later realized that a couple years at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music would shore up and deepen her musical skills. All songs in this program are written & performed by Deidre McCalla, unless otherwise indicated: Who Knows Where The Time Goes - written by Sandy Denny, performed by Judy Collins Nothing Ventured - written by Daisann McLane, from Deidre McCalla/WFMT Folkstage Live Too Few and Far Between - from With A Little Luck Walk Me Down to the River - from Playing For Keeps Even Now - unreleased

  • California Is Her Country: Rita Hosking

    California Is Her Country: Rita Hosking


    The musical genius gene came to Rita Hosking from her mother, and Rita has passed it faithfully on to her daughter, Kora Feder. Rita grew up in rural Shasta County, California, and caught the music bug as a teen, playing washboard as part of The Farmerettes. With detours to Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology in college, time teaching History to 8th graders, and raising two daughters, Rita came back to her musical passion to release her 1st album in 2005. Self-described as creating country-folk music, Rita has released 7 albums filled with captivating story-telling and place-rooted music. All songs in this program are written & performed by Rita Hosking: The Coyote - from Burn When Miners Sang - from Burn California - from For Real Mama Said - from Frankie and the No-Go Road Sing - from Frankie and the No-Go Road

  • Walking Massachusetts on Rising Roads: Mark Mandeville

    Walking Massachusetts on Rising Roads: Mark Mandeville


    Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards make beautiful, deep, real music, delivered with rich vocals supported & enhanced by a variety of instruments. Locally known for their annual Massachusetts Walking Tour, Mark & Raianne previously performed as 2/3's of The Accident That Led Me To The World, but have long performed a duo. If COVID-19 permits, they will be married this August. All songs in this program are written & performed by Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards, unless otherwise indicated: There Will Come A Day - from Road May Rise Winds of Change - from Road May Rise The Island Gospel - performed by The Accident That Led Me To The World (Mark, Raianne, & Zack Ciras) Grain By Grain - from Grain By Grain Road May Rise - from Road May Rise Who Will Sing For Me - written by The Stanley Brothers

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