Weekly sermons from Salem First Presbyterian Church.


  • The Paradox of the Joyful Sufferer

    The Paradox of the Joyful Sufferer


    1 Peter 4:12-16, 19 (NLT)

  • Richness Redefined

    Richness Redefined


    Genuine wealth is the ability to engage God's desire for human flourishing. Commitment Sunday 2017 2 Corinthians 8:7-15

  • No Spare Parts

    No Spare Parts


    Abundant Joy Overflowing Generosity, Part 3: God has gifted us with all we need to be a dynamic and inclusive community of faith. 1 Corinthians 12:4-13

  • The Gift of Goosebumps

    The Gift of Goosebumps


    Psalm 66:1-12 Genuine worship begins with awe over God's steadfast love and ends with goosebumps that alter our lives.

  • The Contemplative Core

    The Contemplative Core


    Abundant Joy, Overflowing Generosity Part 1 Acts 2:42-47 A key component of holistic Christianity is contemplative prayer - giving of oneself to God.

  • Now What!

    Now What!


    John 20:19-31

  • No Memorial Needed

    No Memorial Needed


    Easter Sunday Due to the Easter message of life overcoming death the only memorial needed is the vital lives of his followers. Matthew 28:1-10

  • The Celebrity Christ

    The Celebrity Christ


    Palm Sunday Jesus was received as a celebrity but his soon coming final act made him the Christ. Luke 19:29-31, 35-40

  • Conversion That Counts

    Conversion That Counts


    An encounter with God's restorative grace transforms every aspect of a disciple's life. Luke 19:1-10

  • A Life of Heart-Felt Praise

    A Life of Heart-Felt Praise


    An encounter with God's limitless graces moves us to emobody a life of gratitude and praise. Luke 17:11-18

  • Do Not Be Afraid

    Do Not Be Afraid


    The gift of discipleship is a life free from anxiety's dehumanizing power. Luke 12:32-34

  • Scapegoaters Anonymous

    Scapegoaters Anonymous


    Guest preacher - author Ken Wilson from Blue Ocean Faith in Ann Arbor Michicgan and Andy Deeb share with us. Message is in connection with the Gospel of Love workshop.

  • I Will Follow, But First...

    I Will Follow, But First...


    Jesus invites us to prioritize our discipleship by following his example of sacrificial obedience. Luke 9:51-62

  • Risk and Abundance

    Risk and Abundance


    Jesus invites us to embrae the hospitality risk and abundance polarity through which God's abundance flows. John 6:1-14

  • Remember Your Baptism

    Remember Your Baptism

  • Making Room | Let Love Be Genuine

    Making Room | Let Love Be Genuine


    Romans 12:9-18 Hospitality is embodied through a genuine love that depeens a relationship in a shallow Me-First world.

  • Making Room | The Gospel of Welcome

    Making Room | The Gospel of Welcome


    John launches Jesus ministry as a gospel of welcome to those who long to experience God. John 1:35-42

  • Why do we Sing?

    Why do we Sing?


    Psalm 98

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Christmas Eve Service


    Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 2016

  • Whats in a Name?

    What's in a Name?


    Jesus' name, though common, signaled God's unique life-altering intrusion into the human experience. Matthew 1:18-25

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