Educational and interesting conversations with others in the bike industry. We cover fitness, fit, trends, how-to's and look at cycling from a woman's perspective.


  • 							 WomanTours - Rides for Women

    WomanTours - Rides for Women


    Have you ever thought about taking a bike tour? Maybe for a weekend or a week or even for a couple of months? Enter WomanTours, the premier bike touring company for women.

  • 							 Steel Really is Real

    Steel Really is Real


    Join me for a delightful and informative discussion with Richard Schwinn about steel. Where it went, where it is and where it's going in bicycle frames.

  • 							 The Voices of Conservation

    The Voices of Conservation


    Listen to the voices of the women behind conservation efforts. From the grassland and beaches of New York to the rice fields of Bolivia, their research is a sentinel on the state of our environment.

  • 							 Over 60 and Going Strong

    Over 60 and Going Strong


    These four over-sixty women who are enjoying riding more than ever will inspire you. The bicycle truly is a friend for life.

  • 							 Breathe Right, Ride Fast!

    Breathe Right, Ride Fast!


    Ian Jackson of Breathplay discussing his paradigm where breathing is turned upside down to become air-pushing instead of air-sucking, to become the driving force behind powerful, efficient pedaling.

  • 							 The Path to Becoming a Normal Eater

    The Path to Becoming a Normal Eater


    Suzanne Girard Eberle, a board-certified sports dietician discusses the path to becoming a normal eater.

  • 							 Its Simple: Comfort = Speed

    It's Simple: Comfort = Speed


    This podcast is with Jan Heine, randonneur and editor of "Bicycle Quarterly". In it, we talk about the connection between comfort and speed on a bicycle.

  • 							 Does Your Bicycle Plane?

    Does Your Bicycle "Plane"?


    Jan Heine, the editor of Bicycle Quarterly, discusses bikes that plane. According to Jan, "These bikes get in sync with our pedal strokes and are easier to pedal long distances."

  • 							 Its Not Your Mothers Wool

    It's Not Your Mother's Wool


    It's not your mother's wool. Or maybe it is.

  • 							 Weight Loss for the Female Cyclist

    Weight Loss for the Female Cyclist


    Graeme Street talks about why your current "healthy nutrition" regime may be keeping you from losing body fat. How you can fix this and why your fueling strategy may be slowing down your rate of weight loss.

  • 							 Women and Thermal Comfort

    Women and Thermal Comfort


    Mark Newton, a physiologist with Gore Bike Wear discusses the ins and outs of regulating body temperature.

  • 							 Keeping Cyclists Safe

    Keeping Cyclists Safe


    Joe Mizereck, the founder of and joins me to talk about his campaign to save cyclists' lives.

  • 							 Eight Years with Fuji Bicycles

    Eight Years with Fuji Bicycles


    Pat Cunnane is the President of Advanced Sports, the parent of Fuji Bicycles. In this podcast, Pat shares the fascinating history of Fuji.

  • 							 The Power of Protein

    The Power of Protein


    Eating enough protein is where a lot of women shortchange themselves. Sports dietitian Suzanne Girard Eberle shares her knowledge about protein intake -- how much you need and where to get it.

  • 							 Off Season Bike Training

    Off Season Bike Training


    My conversation with Graeme Street about improving cycling fitness with off season training.

  • 							 All About the Blab: Jacquie Phelan

    All About the Blab: Jacquie Phelan


    Jacquie Phelan. Who hasn't heard of her? Her palmarès includes everything from NORBA championships, Bicycling (mountain and road) Hall of Fame inductee and founder of the Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society (WOMBATS). On the eve of her 55th birthday, she

  • 							 Cycling Alaska in Winter

    Cycling Alaska in Winter


    Not cold enough for you in the lower 48? Then come to Alaska for some real winter riding.

  • 							 Do I Need a Coach?

    Do I Need a Coach?


    Are you sick of training hard, only to feel flat during an important race or ride? Are you tired of being tired from training?

  • 							 Buying A Bike - The Bike Shop Experience

    Buying A Bike - The Bike Shop Experience


    In the market for a new bike? Join me while I learn about the traditional and non-traditional way to find that perfect ride.

  • 							 Shelley Gautier Goes for the Gold

    Shelley Gautier Goes for the Gold


    Paracyclist Shelley Gautier of Canada is aiming for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. The training is long and arduous, but Shelley has an incredible attitude and amazing spirit and grace. She su

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