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  • Drew  Marc: Chris Webber Pops Off

    Drew & Marc: Chris Webber Pops Off


    Former Fab-Five star Chris Webber popped off on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today, finally addressing the ESPN 30 for 30 in which he did not appear. Drew & Marc listen to C-Webb's take as well as Jimmy King's from earlier today, check it out.

  • Jalen Rose Talks NCAA Hoops

    Jalen Rose Talks NCAA Hoops


    The Fab Five's Jalen Rose dialed into the show to discuss the NCAA Tournament and the championship game between Duke and Wisconsin. From his days in the Final Four to today, the guys cover NCAA basketball... listen here.

  • The Fab Fives Jimmy King

    The Fab Five's Jimmy King


    With the Final Four this weekend, the guys dialed up Jimmy King of the Fab Five to discuss his time with Michigan, 30 for 30's of new and old and get his prediction on this year's tournament... listen right here.

  • Talking U of Ms Newest QB Jake Rudock

    Talking U of M's Newest QB Jake Rudock


    Harbaugh has landed himself another qb! Two-year Iowa starter Jake Rudock has transferred to Ann Arbor, so the guys dialed up Fast & Furious aficionado Adam Jacobi from SB Nation to shed some light on the Wolverines' newest signal caller... listen here.

  • Christian Laettner Joins Drew  Marc

    Christian Laettner Joins Drew & Marc


    ESPN's recent 30 for 30 'I Hate Christian Laettner' was a big hit last week and with March Madness in full force the guys dialed up one of the best college basketball players to ever play the game... listen right here.