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  • EPISODE 2016-14

    EPISODE 2016-14


    PDC Matchplay updates, some outshot esoterica, and a few random tangents. James Kinney joins us again.

  • EPISODE 2016-13

    EPISODE 2016-13


    Catch up week--Premier League, BDO World Trophy, Dubai, Bullshooter, Champinoship Darts Circuit, and the World Cup of Darts. Can analytics help increase the popularity of darts? Can cricket? Can DartConnect? James Kinney joins us to answer these questions and much more.

  • EPISODE 2016-12

    EPISODE 2016-12


    Premier League update: we preview the final week. Plus results from the Dartslive World Stage 1, how to make a perfect dart stroke with popsicle sticks, how a dart game evolves.

  • EPISODE 2016-11

    EPISODE 2016-11


    We update the standings of the Premier League, then discuss the state of darts in the U.S. Semi rant toward the end...

  • EPISODE 2016-10

    EPISODE 2016-10


    We update the Premier League results and the ADO and BDO rankings, throwing 9 darters, and discuss the pros and cons and technique of aiming.

  • EPISODE 2016-09

    EPISODE 2016-09


    We catch up on the Premier League, but mostly tell some stories. Seriously. Stories

  • EPISODE 2016-08

    EPISODE 2016-08


    We preview the Premier League Judgement night, review the just completed German Masters, ponder how Americans treat 501 differently from Cricket, learn what a sophomore is, and much more...

  • EPISODE 2016-07

    EPISODE 2016-07


    Our wrapup of the UK Open, a new marketing idea, results from week 5 of the Premier League, some practice tips and American dart news, and more...

  • EPISODE 2016-06

    EPISODE 2016-06


    News: We catch up on PDC's new TV deal--and two record setting performances, Dartslive brings back of the Grand Final, and the Championship Dart Circuit adds an event in Philly. We also preview week 5 of the Premier League and the UK Open.

  • EPISODE 2016-04

    EPISODE 2016-04


    Results from the ADO Cricket Championship and the Tom Fleetwood Memorial 501 event, we read from our mailbag, talk some Super Bowl L, and offer some practice games for honing your doubles.

  • EPISODE 2016-03

    EPISODE 2016-03


    We preview the ADO Cricket Championship, recap the PDC Q School, and narrow down the field for Dart Talk's Performance of the Year.

  • EPISODE 2016-02

    EPISODE 2016-02


    We recap the Lakeside tournament, get an update on Mark's league dart woes, jabber on about finishing, and more...

  • EPISODE 2015-43

    EPISODE 2015-43


    We recap the all the first round matches of the World Darts Championship and offer our second round picks.

  • EPISODE 2015-42

    EPISODE 2015-42


    Our preview of the 2015/16 William Hill World Darts Championship, including options for online viewing in the States.

  • EPISODE 2015-41

    EPISODE 2015-41


    2015 Newcomer of the Year James Kinney talks about tank turrets, traveling, the Championship Darts Circuit, and his ambitions for 2016

  • EPISODE 2015-40

    EPISODE 2015-40


    A new segment "Mark's World" kinda bombed, but we trudge ahead and talk about the upcoming end of the year awards, our schedule for December, we try to explain how to play cricket in 50 words or less, and examine the problems with the rhythm method.

  • EPISODE 2015-39

    EPISODE 2015-39


    Final wrapup of the Singh Grand Slam of Darts, plus: the value of imitation, building a better stance, changing your darts. and...Will anyone ever average a 12 darter?

  • EPISODE 2015-38

    EPISODE 2015-38


    We mention our issues with Wayne Mardle, the overall disrespect American darts receives, and offer results from the Singh Grand Slam of Darts, the Premier Cup of Darts, and the Ghost on the Coast.

  • EPISODE 2015-37

    EPISODE 2015-37


    Preview of the Grand Slam of darts and an interview with Jennifer Mounts. Plus, why I hate Wayne Mardle.

  • EPISODE 2015-36

    EPISODE 2015-36


    All darts! Mark still stinks at it! Results from the BDO Turkish Open, Dartslive Stage 6, the WDF World Cup. Other letters I can't remember, and more...

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