Hosted by dubious twitter identity Former Legend and colourful racing identity SidPunts, Full Credit to the Boys is a Sydney based sports podcast where opinions, dick jokes and school boy humour are at Olympic standards.


  • Drill Down: Wildcard Round

    Drill Down: Wildcard Round


    We drill down on the 5 hottest topics including the Wildcard Round, the best of the sacked coaches and Top 3 sporting flogs. Plus Kevvie Walters lands a nightmare job and we volunteer to dance at the AFL Grand Final.

  • Drill Down with James Bracey

    Drill Down with James Bracey


    We drill down on the 5 hottest topics with Channel 9's James Bracey including conducting a live NRL draft (plus we stitch Sid up), the AFL sign ABBA to do their halftime entertainment and the NRL get AC/DC for their big day.

  • Interview: Pat Richards

    Interview: Pat Richards


    We chat to Tigers royalty Pat Richards about scoring in two Grand Finals on two sides of the world, the brilliance of Benji Marshall, and umpiring Michael Clarke. Plus James Tedesco gets a lifetime of brown paper bags, and Sid makes scurrilous accusations about an Australian legend.

  • Interview: Mal Cochrane

    Interview: Mal Cochrane


    We chat to the great Mal Cochrane about playing a Grand Final concussed, the lunacy and brilliance of Rambo Ronny Gibbs, and getting to know Jared Waerea-Hargreaves every second Tuesday. Plus Sid pushes the Tigers Big 4 to Belmore, and we discuss French arthouse movies. Well, one of them.

  • We Did Our Best

    We Did Our Best


    We wrap up the latest round of the NRL, we hear some classic Grab A Mirrors, PLUS some of the best stories from a few of our favourite guests over the journey.

  • Interview: Duncan McRae

    Interview: Duncan McRae


    We chat to Duncan McRae about watching Wendell score 5 tries, sweet Super League coin and not playing for Porto Rico. Plus the Broncos and Siebs have a staring competition, and Dean Young turns the Dragons around in just 1 week.

  • Interview: Ben Dobbin

    Interview: Ben Dobbin


    We chat to Mr Queensland Ben Dobbin about the ongoing Broncos saga, Mary McGregor finds the key to getting the Dragons to put in a 100% effort and Seibold calls in the gun detectives from Law and Order.

  • Interview: Bram Connolly

    Interview: Bram Connolly


    We chat to Commando and author Bram Connolly about leadership, bravery and which Rambo movie was best. Plus we look at the mess that is the Broncos and the Richmond Tigers start dating each other.

  • Sending Our Love to Nimmitabel

    Sending Our Love to Nimmitabel


    We send our love under a bell, Madge Maguire wants to be a Cowboy and we give our Top 3 most over rated bands of all times. Its controversial!

  • Interview: John Wayne Parr 2020

    Interview: John Wayne Parr 2020


    We chat to the legend that is John Wayne Parr about being tossed in jail in the US, being whacked by a barstool and fighting Choc Mundine. Plus SBW returns to Bondi, and losing continues in Brisbane.

  • Not You

    Not You


    The Cowboys give their coach the Green light, Brisbane aim for mediocrity and we debut some new segments, drill down on some issues and bring back PornHub Comments

  • Interview: Jon Tuxworth 2020

    Interview: Jon Tuxworth 2020


    We chat to journo and Twitter king Jon Tuxworth about interviewing Ricky, the fabled Tux Mock and the grind of being a lifelong Raiders fan. Plus it's Pay day at the Dogs, and the Broncos cant sack 17 coaches. Genius!

  • Interview: Adam Hawse 2020

    Interview: Adam Hawse 2020


    We chat to all round good bloke Adam Hawse about sending fax machines to 'ET' and Brad Clyde, the Eels tattoo he is getting this year and his famous 9 wicket bowling spell. Plus Siebold cant be sacked, and AFL's four new Sydney expansion teams.

  • Interview: Dan Attias 2020

    Interview: Dan Attias 2020


    We chat to boxing writer Dan Attias about Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder III, Mike Tyson's chances of a return to the ring, and the damage Ed Sheeran has done to boxing. PLUS: The Broncos sweating on a second Covid wave, and AFL riding the second Covid wave.

  • Coaches staring at their Final Destination

    Coaches staring at their Final Destination


    We drill down on Coaches in the spotlights, the Broncos in the horrors and Journalism in decline.

  • Interview: Scott Sattler 2020

    Interview: Scott Sattler 2020


    We chat to the great Scott Sattler, the Bulldogs try and rescue their season by getting the Rona, and the Sharks want to swap the beautiful eyes of John Morris for the squinty eyes of Eddie Jones.

  • Interview: Michael Cain 2020

    Interview: Michael Cain 2020


    We chat to one of the best blokes around, Channel Ten's Michael Cain about the immovable force of Peter V'Landys, battling in the media scrum and Massoud v Weidler. Plus Mary McGregor finds an Immunity Idol and the bad luck of Josh Reynolds continues.

  • The Drill Down

    The Drill Down


    The Rugba League is back baby! And AFL isn't even jealous, they're really happy for the NRL. Or Something. Plus we drill down on the hottest 5 topics of the week in league

  • Interviews: Neil Breen and Patrick Skene 2020

    Interviews: Neil Breen and Patrick Skene 2020


    We chat to Neil Breen about the recommencement of the NRL, we talk to Patrick Skene about his great new book: The Big O, and Bronson Xerri winds the clock back to 2014.

  • Interview: Rod Silva 2020

    Interview: Rod Silva 2020


    We chat to the best sidestepper in the game Rocket Rod Silva about being a cop while playing NRL and winning a Grand Final, The AFL place a bonk-ban on their players, plus we review Round 10 of the NRL....2005

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