Standing on the Absolutes of God


  • The Three Untils

    The Three Untils


    Pastor Ricley continues his study from 9/9/20 in Daniel 9 and discusses the 3 “untils” that must occur before the perfection of the church and the Word is made flesh again in Christ’s body of believers.   Scripture:  Luke 21:23-24, Gal 4:14, Gen 15:16, Rom 11:17-26, Jer 31:27-40, 2 John 1:7-11, 1 Cor 4:17-5:13, Lamentations 1:1-4

  • Application



    The Word of God will cover our mind just like an application of paint covers a wall.  God intends for us to make application of what He says in our lives, our marriages, with our kids, in our communities.   Scripture:  2 Peter 1:1-6, Matt 10:5-15

  • The Simplicity of Daniel 9

    The Simplicity of Daniel 9


    Pastor Ron was asked to explain the 70 weeks in Daniel, so he went through Daniel 9 in detail to show how it reveals Christ and The Word becoming flesh in us for the world to see.   Scripture:  Daniel 9

  • The Word Becomes Flesh

    The Word Becomes Flesh


    When we truly believe the Word and do what Jesus teaches, we become a witness for Him.  The Word becomes flesh in us and we can move in the authority He moved in.  We have this truth in an earthen vessel that needs to be broken so the glory can shine through. Scripture: 1 John 2:15-16, Mark 6:14-26

  • There Is A Way

    There Is A Way


    Pastor Ricley takes us through Scripture to show us that God provides a way for us to bring the flesh under dominion, a way to draw closer to Him, a way to walk & live in the Spirit, a way to obedience, a way to deeper faith, a way to do greater things that Jesus did.     Scripture:  Isa 58:1-14, Luke 13:6-17, Isa 43:16, Prov 30:19, Isa 8:16-9:12, Matt 17:14-21, Rom 10:13-19

  • Apostasy



    COVID, fires, social unrest, political upheaval, hurricanes – it’s clear that God is judging this nation.  We’re in a state of apostasy – people know God but refuse to honor Him as God and we’re seeing the result.  Apostasy is changed when people decide to live righteously and believe God.  We owe it to future generations to repent and return to Him.   Scripture:  Judges 2:6-10, Romans 1:14-25, Judges 17:6, Judges 18:1-6, Judges 21:24-25, Ruth 4:9-11

  • Repentance, Wind and Fire

    Repentance, Wind and Fire


    God brought the fire to separate the children of Israel from the armies of Israel at the Red Sea and He brought the wind to dry the land so His people could move forward in Him.  God gives us the Holy Spirit to get between us and the darkness we’ve left behind.  It’s to lead us on in such a relationship with Him that nothing separates us and His Word is carried to all generations in perfect truth.  There is […]

  • The Bride of Christ

    The Bride of Christ


    Pastor Ricley explains the difference between the Bride of Christ and the guests at the wedding feast.  People went into Egypt looking for bread, just like people today go into churches looking for Jesus.  They will either come out leaning on His arm in depth of relationship or they will stay bound in religion.    Scripture:  Rev 17:1-6, Rev 18:4-10, Rev 18:20-21, Rev 19:1-18

  • Arm Yourself

    Arm Yourself


    The Church is in transition from the flesh realm to the spirit realm.  The flesh is not equipped for the battle, our emotions have no place in it.  Our strength, salvation and victory come from being armed in the Spirit.     Scripture:  1 Peter 4:1-6, Luke 11:17-23, Rom 13:11-12, 2 Cor 6:1-18, Mal 3:13-1

  • Religious Knowledge vs Revelation Knowledge

    Religious Knowledge vs Revelation Knowledge


    Pastor Ricley takes us through Scripture to explain the difference between knowledge we gain through religious experience and revelation knowledge that comes from God Himself.   Scripture:  1 Cor 2:1-15, John 3:3-11, Luke 18:18, 1 Cor 1:17-31, Jer 31:15, Matt 2:18