Tugs: The Untitled Gaming Show


Billy (Th3rd) and Armando (rand0mzer0) bring gaming news, reviews, and discussion to the MV Zone.


  • TUGS Episode 4 - Pokecast (part1)

    TUGS Episode 4 - "Pokecast (part1)"

    23/08/2008 Duração: 01h34min

    Hosts: Billy (Th3rd) Armando (RandomZero) Ben (Benpas) Topic: Pokemon (1st generation) This episode, we extensively cover the first generation of pokemon games (red/blue/yellow). Covering everything from the start of your journey in Pallet town to the final battle with Gary.

  • TUGS Episode 3 - Ramble-cast

    TUGS Episode 3 - "Ramble-cast"

    11/08/2008 Duração: 01h41min

    T.U.G.S Episode 3 - "Ramblecast" Hosts: Billy (Th3rd) and Armando (rand0mzer0) Runtime: 1 hour and 32 minutes Size: 63 Megabytes Our Pokecast was put to a halt when guest-hosts couldn't make it for the show. Instead we decided to have a ramble-filled podcast with topics ranging from wrestling games to different kinds of cereal. Notable Topics of Discussion: * Wrestling Video Games * Racing/Driving games * Golfing games * Enter the Matrix * PS2 Online (back then) * MMOs (besides

  • TUGS Episode 2 - SNES Attack!

    TUGS Episode 2 - "SNES Attack!"

    09/08/2008 Duração: 02h06min

    Hosts: Billy (Th3rd) and Armando (rand0mzer0) Runtime: 1 hour and 54 minutes Size: 79 Megabytes This seems like TUGS first big episode, first we go over the week’s news and game releases and get into today’s big topic is “Memorable Super Nintendo Games”. We recollect memorable games of the SNES, and discuss why we still remember them to this day. Notable Topics of Discussion: * Nintendo DS Successor By End of Year? * Ghostbusters Game in Limbo * Nintendo Confirmation: Pikmn and Zelda * Soul Calibur IV: First Impressions * Shadow of the Collossus

  • TUGS Episode 1 - E3 Sucks!

    TUGS Episode 1 - "E3 Sucks!"

    08/08/2008 Duração: 01h22min

    OUR FIRST EPISODE OF TUGS (The Untitled Gaming Show)!!!! Well we covered what was a lackluster year of E3 from top to bottom. We also had a impromptu discussion about Video Game Movie Adaptions.