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  • Gabi Logan - How to Grow Your Travel Writing Income

    Gabi Logan - How to Grow Your Travel Writing Income

    03/11/2018 Duração: 46min

    This goes beyond how to pitch, what editors are looking for, etc. We are going to explore in detail at exactly where travel writing (or general freelance writing if you do more things but would like to transition to just travel) income sources are, how you earn it, how to negotiate with editors, and clients you need to work with to hit your big, fat, crazy income goal.

  • Minorities In Food Writing

    Minorities In Food Writing

    24/07/2018 Duração: 47min

    Minority women writers discuss what it means to be a minority in the food writing space. We discuss adversity and why it is important to have a diverse representation in the food writing field. We speculate on why publishers don't want us to "sit at their table." #food #foodwriter

  • Prince Of Venice Food Truck

    Prince Of Venice Food Truck

    15/03/2018 Duração: 15min

    Food trucks are not a new trend. But a Food Truck started by a Prince? That's something new. Check out the Prince the Venice Food Truck.

  • Mugsy PR - How To Reach Different Demographics

    Mugsy PR - How To Reach Different Demographics

    02/03/2018 Duração: 26min

    The Boca Bacchanal festival in Florida's Boca Raton neighborhood had a big draw with retirees, but the sponsor wanted to reach a younger audience, millennials. Listen to the unique and out of the box strategies their PR company, Mugsy PR used to reach this new demographic. You might pick up a tip or two on how to reach a new audience of influencers.

  • Meet the Blue Apron of desserts

    Meet the Blue Apron of desserts

    20/02/2018 Duração: 19min

    It's Dessert in a Box. This startup, the brainchild of two sisters with no restaurant experience, was built with no investors and is located in NYC. Everything is pre-measured, and all your shopping is done for you. You can order via their website, and choose from 25 baking kits fro easy to advanced. You can order anywhere in the US and plan when your delivery will be and even make it a gift option. Owner Agathe Assouline-Lichten, says, "You can’t build a brand that is going to last, if you don’t listen to your customers that your trust. We listen to those customers. We are a small business so we can change those things that aren't working rather quickly. Customers are very savvy today and they do know what they want.”