brand new short podcast from TheDean!


  • Episode 1: Snapchat Filters

    Episode 1: Snapchat Filters


    Welcome to Episode Uno of TheDean!'s new short podcast: Right, Do You Know What It F*ckin' Is?On this episode: snapchat filters can fuck off, fuck right off, fuck offDOWNLOAD

  • Never-Ending Dream

    Never-Ending Dream


    title track from upcoming album, tribute to Freddy Kreugar and Elm St series :)youtube link: mp3

  • Christmas single

    Christmas single


    This year's christmas single is a bit different to previous ones. TheDean! has tried a new muscial style and created a very bizarre version of Once In  Royal David's City. Enoy! :) DOWNLOADAlso check the archive for previous xmas songs, Good King Wenceslas and We Three

  • Episode 99

    Episode 99


    On this episode, TheDean! gives us a look at his latest music.Please check out recent blog posts for his new album Cock of the Walk, and the Acoustic EP he did with his friend PJ, Sexy Hair. DOWNLOADnote: technical issues have caused a delay in posting this episodeIf iTunes or your other player aren't playing it, go here:

  • Episode 98

    Episode 98


    The Septmember 2013 episode. Features an interview with original Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine to discuss his newest release, and we hear TheDean!'s new song Don't Speak To The Oracle, plus all the usual segments.DOWNLOAD

  • Hanita (full version)

    Hanita (full version)


    It's the single from TheDean!'s Hormone Rush album. A two-part number named after a friend of TheDean!'s - Hanita. Part 1 is a neo-disco number called Discomania, and part 2 is a nostaalgic Boston-style AOR number called Days Gone By; the parts are linked by an organ interlude. DOWNLOADFind the entire album here:

  • Episode 97

    Episode 97


    Here it is, ep 97, featuring an interview with The Whispering Tree, plus, TheDean!'s new album Hormone Rush; what's out his window; what's on in YOUR town; films,games and books, bad advice;Obama;  front page news and more.DOWNLOAD

  • Episode 96

    Episode 96


    Co-hosted by Chris McGuinness (aka Boney The Dog) it's Episode 96 of TTD!S.Featuring the usual segments: lots of media discussion, Wrestlemania, what's out the window, what's on in your town, fornt page news and all that jazz. Plus, we hear a new track from TheDean!. DOWNLOAD

  • Episode 95: The 4 Yeariversary

    Episode 95: The 4 Yeariversary


    HEY-OH! It's The FOUR year episode of TTD!S. WHAM-O!!This extended episode features the usual segments,  a release of TheDean!s latest song, an interview with amazing musician Dan Reardon (and you can hear his music too!), and some special nostalgic shenanigans that shake up the show. DOWNLOAD

  • Episode 94

    Episode 94


    It's the first episode of 2013, welcome!TheDean! goes through the usual segments, and plays his rendition of Blue Moon. No musical guest this time, but we've got one lined up for later.DOWNLOAD

  • Episode 93 - Xmas!

    Episode 93 - Xmas!


    It's The Xmas Special 2012All the usual segments, plus TheDean!'s Christmas tune (Good King Wenceslas), and an interview with the awesome Walking For Pennies!!Enjoy XmasDOWNLOAD

  • Good King Wenceslas

    Good King Wenceslas


    It's His Christmas gift to you, the loyal listener of TTD!S, his new rendition of Good King Wenceslas, which lives it now!And for more, there's always last year's track, We Three Kings (Of Orient Are), which lives hereHopefully there'll be a Christmas Special Episode also soon!! 

  • Episode 92 Supplement

    Episode 92 Supplement


    It's Return of The Prodigal Son by celtic band The Mickey Finns.DOWNLOAD

  • Episode 92

    Episode 92


    Here it is, ep92, we have the usual segments, general bant, and, an interview with musician Eric Erdman.And hear TheDean!'s disco song.  DOWNLOAD