If you missed a Sunday or two, if you want to listen again to make sure you got it all, or if you are just curious and want to check out what goes on at Coast Community on a Sunday morning, you are in the right place. Here you can listen to recent messages from Pastor James and other preachers at Coast Community.


  • Stronger: Breastplate of Righteousness

    Stronger: Breastplate of Righteousness


    How to protect your heart.

  • Stronger: Part One

    Stronger: Part One


    How to stand firm in your faith.

  • Gods Amazing Love

    God's Amazing Love


    How God's amazing love can touch your family.

  • Founding Fathers: Jacob

    Founding Fathers: Jacob


    Jacob's life illustrates to us how the grace of God can change everything.

  • Founding Fathers: Isaac

    Founding Fathers: Isaac


    Isaac offers us a demonstration of faithful presence in the world.

  • Founding Fathers: Abraham

    Founding Fathers: Abraham


    Abraham demonstrates what it means for the people of G-d to live a life of] faith and faithfulness.

  • Fathers Day

    Father's Day


    Why and how to nurture loving relationships in community.

  • ISM: Relativism

    ISM: Relativism


    What is the basis by which we can know how we ought to live?

  • ISM: Consumerism

    ISM: Consumerism


    While the world around us is consumed by consumerism, christians are called to live a different life then that.

  • ISM: Nationalism

    ISM: Nationalism


    Christians stand in two kingdoms but their loyalty remains to one.

  • Holy Days: Trinity

    Holy Days: Trinity


    What does it mean to do something 'in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit'?

  • Holy Days: Pentecost

    Holy Days: Pentecost


    The Spirit gives the church mission and power.

  • Holy Days: Ascension

    Holy Days: Ascension


    An end and a beginning of Jesus's ministry.

  • Impact - Faith That Matters Part 5

    Impact - Faith That Matters Part 5


    How are we to offer ourselves as a resource for God's mission in the world?

  • Impact - Faith That Matters Part 4

    Impact - Faith That Matters Part 4


    How to discern when we are following God's way or standing in God's way.

  • Impact - Faith That Matters Part 3

    Impact - Faith That Matters Part 3


    What system results are you getting in your life of faith?

  • Impact - Faith That Matters Part 2

    Impact - Faith That Matters Part 2


    A seemingly 'minor' character plays a major part in the story of the early church.

  • Impact - Faith That Matters Part 1

    Impact - Faith That Matters Part 1


    Christian faith should have influence in our lives and the world.

  • He Is Risen!

    He Is Risen!


    Jesus's resurrection was the turning point of human history.

  • Cruciform: Generosity

    Cruciform: Generosity


    The cross calls us to give all we can.

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