Centre For Global Research


In order to disseminate research and engage in public discussion on contemporary issues related to globalisation and social change, the Centre for Global Research initiates and supports a wide range of public forums, conferences, seminars and festivals. Our aim is to provide an intellectually challenging but accessible and collegial environment for discussion and debate. The CGR records many of the these events and presents them here on iTunes U.


  • Social Resilience, Lessons from the Global South

    21/12/2017 Duração: 01h37min
  • Ignorance is not Bliss | A Global Frictions Lecture

    10/12/2017 Duração: 01h20min
  • Focus on Language and Interculturality

    16/11/2017 Duração: 01h36min
  • Counting Violence A Global Frictions Seminar

    23/10/2017 Duração: 01h25min
  • Is the Humanitarian Field a Complete Disaster?

    11/09/2017 Duração: 01h29min
  • Global Studies Book Launch, Sen. Penny Wong

    21/08/2017 Duração: 47min
  • 21st Century Breakdown

    27/07/2017 Duração: 01h29min
  • Globalisation Under Fire

    18/07/2017 Duração: 01h26min
  • Global Frictions - Social Cohesion April 2017

    16/05/2017 Duração: 5234h00s
  • Governance and Political Equilibrium in Timor-Leste: A Seminar with Rui Graça Feijó

    05/12/2016 Duração: 5774h00s
  • Truth and the Missing in Post-conflict Societies

    02/11/2016 Duração: 5525h00s
  • Presidential Politics 2016 - The Race to the White House

    31/10/2016 Duração: 4968h00s
  • Doing Statebuilding Better

    10/10/2016 Duração: 5262h00s
  • Questions of Space and Place in the Pacific

    10/10/2016 Duração: 5471h00s
  • A Forum to Discuss a Treaty with Indigenous People

    01/08/2016 Duração: 5712h00s
  • Can Culture Be Developed?

    01/08/2016 Duração: 3875h00s
  • The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Highly Skilled Diasporas

    29/06/2016 Duração: 5527h00s
  • Justice after Genocide - From Nuremberg to The Hague

    13/05/2016 Duração: 7030h00s
  • Language Crimes - Global Frictions

    29/04/2016 Duração: 5067h00s
  • Melbourne’s Climate Change Challenges

    07/04/2016 Duração: 5559h00s
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